rotax 912 iS

rotax 912 iS
The facts say it all!
the new
rotax 912 iS
Based on continuous research and testing, BRP´s
Rotax 912 engine series has been improved even
further. To reach this stage of evolution the change
from a carburetor system to a modern injection
system, which is standard in the automotive
industry, in combination with a digital enginecontrol
unit (ECU) were necessary to reach our goals.
The 912 iS sets new standards
in terms of economic and sustainable ownership.
The ECU ensures the appropriate fuel air mixture
at every altitude which results in reduced fuel
consumption, lower operating costs and fewer
IO 233 Lsa
The new 912 iS engine follows Rotax`s aircraft
engines core values: outstanding performance
combined with the best power to weight ratio in
its class.
Pilots will also appreciate the easier pre flight check
and starting procedures offering them enhanced
flight experience. Removing the need for servicing
and sychronizing the carburetors every 200 hrs.
and the elimination of the carburetor icing are major
benefits for the user.
Based on the ECU the relevant engine parameters
can be displayed on a digital instrument board.
An electronic diagnostic system gives insight in
the engine management and enables mechanics to
make fast engine checks. To ensure the possibility
to run multi useable digital displays or even
entertainment systems the electrical power output
of the engine was raised to 430 watt.
brp´S new rotax 912 iS ENGINE
is a serious improvement in the field of modern
aviation engines in terms of reduction in fuel
consumption and emissions. These characteristics
combined with even easier operation and stateof-the-art engine management systems make the
engine ideal for all kinds of modern and innovative
light airplanes.
Rotax Aircraft Engines
912 iS/iSc | 100 hp
- 4-stroke liquid-/air-cooled engine with opposed
- Dry sump forced lubrication with separate oil
tank, automatic adjustment by hydraulic valve
- Redundant electronic fuel injection
- Engine management system
- Electric starter
- Propeller speed reduction unit
- Air intake system
engine Data 912 iS1 / iSc 2
Engine with propeller speed reduction unit
i = 2.43 with overload clutch
Exhaust system
Air guide hood
External alternator
Fuel pumps assy.
Engine mount
engine Facts
Based on the proven concept of the Rotax 912 S/
ULS engine the new 912 iS engine offers all well
known advantages of the Rotax 4-stroke engine series
complemented by additional features, e.g. engine
management system. The complete package presents
the latest technology in the aircraft engine industry
and will enhance the flying and ownership experience
of pilots.
The Rotax 912 iS engine offers a TBO (time between
overhauls) of 2.000 hrs.
73.5 kW
100 hp
5800 1/min.
121 Nm
89 ft. lb.
5800 1/min.
max rpm*
5800 1/min.
* Limited for max. 5 min.
84.0 mm
3.31 in
61.0 mm
1352 cm3
82.6 cu in
2.4 in
min. MON 85 RON 95*
min. AKI 91*
* leaded, unleaded, AVGAS 100LL or E10
1) iS = non-certified
2) iSc = certified acc. to CS-E
available after receipt of type certificate
Picture: 912 iS with options
The world is our Playground
Nothing is more valuable than
your playtime. That is why
BRP is dedicated to continually
finding new and better ways
to help you enjoy your
favorite power sports.
From snow to water to
both on- and off-road fun,
our passion for adventure
fuels the innovations that
result in the ultimate power sports
experience for our customers.
We value the land and water we
play on and are committed to
protecting it. Our desire to thrill
is paired with an emphasis
placing personal safety
above all else. So that
each outing can be the
most enjoyable, memorable
possible. Because your free time
should always be your best time.
1) Based on cruise power setting at 5.000 rpm at 5.000 ft MSL and comparable fuel consumption according to the following
sources (Feb. 2012):,,, Costs of fuel: Mogas EUR 1,60 / liter and Avgas
EUR 2,408 / liter - airport Wels 1. Feb. 2012
2) Based on cruise power setting at 5.000 rpm at 5.000 ft MSL and comparable fuel consumption according to the following
sources (Feb. 2012):,,
3) Source (Continental Motors): Installation and Operation Manual O-200-D Series, publication August 2011. Table 2-1.
Source (Lycoming):
Note: ROTAX UL aircraft engines do not comply with federal safety regulations for standard aircraft.
This engine is for use in experimental and ultralight uncertified aircraft only and only in circumstances in which an engine
failure will not compromise safety. Before operating the engine read operator‘s manual. Information is available from your local
authorized ROTAX -distributor.
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Recreational Products Inc. or its affiliates. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Printed in Austria.
BRP-Powertrain GmbH & Co KG reserves the right at any time to discontinue or change specifications, prices, designs,
features, models or equipment without incurring obligation. Engine performance may vary depending on, among other
things, general conditions, ambient temperature and altitude. These technical data and the information contained therein are
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