47946 line charger mounting kit - Chore-Time

47946 line charger mounting kit - Chore-Time
The 47946 Line Charger Mounting Kit should be used when it is desired to mount a line charger directly to the
nipple watering line. When this method is used one line charger per nipple line is required.
Install the anti-roost system according to the instructions in the nipple-watering manual. The #46280 channel
brackets must be used instead of the #35480 support channel keys when using the anti-roost system with the
line charger. The water line support channel must be well grounded for the line charger to be effective. Be sure
there is no metal contact between the anti-roost line and the suspension system components or the nipple pipe
support channel. This will cause the charger to short out. Do not allow continuous arcing (i.e. loose anti-roost
cable) between the anti-roost cable and ground as this may damage the line charger.
Use only the voltage listed on the line charger to operate it. Chore-Time recommends wiring the Line Chargers
into a separate electrical circuit that can be switched off at the door. Always turn off the line chargers when
working in the house or on the watering lines. This eliminates the possibility of electrical shock and helps to
prevent the birds from becoming wild and flighty.
The Line Charger attaches to the side of the nipple line as follows:
Position the Line Charger below the appropriate receptacle and making sure the bottom of the bracket is
resting against the angled rib of the channel, use the #47945 bracket as a guide and drill two 13/64” holes in
the vertical rib of the channel.
Attach the #47945 bracket to the vertical rib of the channel using the two #10-24 screws and lock nuts
included in the #47946 mounting kit.
The #29317 (110vac) or the #29341 (220vac) Line Charger is then installed in the mounting bracket slots
and the two tabs are bent down (do not over-bend) over the top to secure it.
Connect the charger cable to the anti-roost line using the #1826 cable clamp from the parts.
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