S2 NetVR 500 - Gate Security
S2 NetVR 500
Key Features
The S2 NetVR® 500 video server network appliance is a hybrid NVR
ƒƒ IP video server 19” rack mount (2U)
ƒƒ Supports 16 channel or 32 channel analog camera inputs
ƒƒ Supports up to 64 IP cameras per server
ƒƒ 8 IP camera licenses included
ƒƒ Supports up to 16 TB of internal video storage
ƒƒ Dual NIC support standard
ƒƒ Fast SSD for OS and application software
ƒƒ Integrates with S2 NetBox and Enterprise controllers
ƒƒ 100% Web user interface
ƒƒ Multiple user clients supported with no extra license cost
ƒƒ S2 NetVR mobile app support for iPhone and iPad
ƒƒ Forensic Desktop functions locate, save and export video
ƒƒ Widget Desktop support for customized monitoring displays
ƒƒ Support for most common IP cameras and video encoders
that supports 16 or 32 analog video cameras, plus up to 64 IP cameras.
NetVR 500 provides users of analog cameras with a powerful and flexible
solution that leverages their analog technology investment.
S2 NetVR 500 is available in 8, 12 and 16 TB storage configurations,
providing video data retention typically in the 30 – 90 day range.
Dual Gigabit NICs come standard with the NetVR 500. The unit has a 2U
19” rack-mount enclosure, and includes a rail kit for ease of installation.
The S2 NetVR 500 offers advanced video forensics and tight integration
of access control and video monitoring. Video is linked to events and
can be quickly reviewed with a single mouse click directly from the
activity log.
Real-time video surveillance is integrated into the Monitoring Desktop
and Widget Desktop of the associated S2 NetBox® or S2 Enterprise®
controller through a common web browser. The home page can
display a single camera or multi-camera views. For larger installations,
multiple NetVRs can be tied to a single controller.
The S2 Forensic Desktop: easily locate video of interest as it moves across
multiple camera views; quickly target relevant video before and after an event occurs.
Schematic only. Not a network diagram.
Workstation Requirements
Minimum Client Requirements
Analog camera inputs Analog frame rate (NTSC) Analog frame rate (PAL) Analog Resolution (NTSC) Analog Resolution (PAL) IP Camera Streams Compression 16/32 non-looping
Up to D1 (720 x 480)
Up to D1 (720 x 576)
Includes 8 IP Licenses (up to 64)
MJPEG, H.264
Windows XP, 7
Version 8, 9
Dual Core i5
1600 x 1200
Version 4.0.60310
Part Numbers
Platform Video Storage Maximum Drive Bays HDD Type Available Video Storage
SSD Storage (OS and application)
Processor RAM
Video Capture Card, PCIe
NIC, Gigabit
Chassis Form factor Dimensions (H x W x D) Power Supply Type
Input Voltage
Operating System Internet Explorer Processor RAM Hard Drive Screen Resolution Silverlight Up to 16TB (JBOD)
Supports up to 4 (3.5” fixed internal)
Enterprise 7200 rpm 3.5 Inch
8, 12, 16 TB Configuration
Intel Core i3-3220
4 GB DDR3 (2 x 2 GB)
Stretch VRC7016LX / Stretch VRC7032
Ubuntu Linux 10.04. LTS
2U, 19” Rack Mount Rail Kit Included
3.5in x 18.97in x 19.93in
8.9cm x 48.2cm x 50.6cm
Single PS
120 / 240 VAC (auto-sensing)
2 Years (hardware)
1 Year (software)
S2 Security products are installed in over 65 countries worldwide.
Visit our website at s2sys.com or contact us at sales@s2sys.com
IP Camera License Bundles
Single IP Camera License
4 IP Camera Licenses
8 IP Camera Licenses
16 IP Camera Licenses
32 IP Camera Licenses
S2 Security Corporation
Corporate Headquarters
One Speen Street
Framingham, MA 01701 USA
Tel: +1 508. 663.2500
Fax: +1 508. 663.2512
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