Flushing the Steering System

Flushing the Steering System
Flushing the Steering System
Fine particles can enter the hydraulic system
because of mechanical stress on the steering
components. As a consequence, we recommend flushing the entire hydraulic system
when replacing the power steering pump.
A few vehicle manufacturers have installed
a drain bolt in the area of the steering gear.
The disadvantage is that it is not possible to
drain all the hydraulic fluid here. A residual
quantity always remains in the system.
! Hydraulic fluid may not enter the
soil. Disposal must take place via the
supplier of the materials or a special refuse collection point.
If possible put the front of the vehicle up on blocks so that the front wheels are free. This means that the resistance is lower when steering. It prevents the hydraulic fluid foaming, from allowing
air into the hydraulic system.
It is essential to comply with the vehicle
manufacturer‘s installation instructions
and only to use the hydraulic fluids approved for the respective vehicle.
The specification is to be found in the
owner‘s manual for the vehicle.
2. Open the cover of the reservoir.
Remove the return line. Collect the emerging hydraulic fluid in a suitable
container to avoid pollution of the environment.
Start the engine. Move the steering to
the left and the right. Collect the old
hydraulic fluid in the container, ensure
that the reservoir is constantly topped up.
Turn off the engine after flushing twice. Detach the reservoir and clean thoroughly with brake cleaner. In addition,
the filter in the reservoir must be cleaned or replaced.
6. Fit reservoir and return hose. Ensure
that the hose is correctly seated.
7. Fill reservoir, start engine.
8. Bleed system. Turn steering 20 times
to left and right.
9. Close reservoir and check that the level
is correct and not below the minimum
10.Lower vehicle.
11. Test run.
Appropriate spare parts can be
found in our on-line catalogue at
or at www.RepXpert.com.
Issued 11.2007
LuK 0002
(replaces 11.2005)
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