sounder -closes "alarm control"
O Remote Panel for Control and Supervision
O Automatic Extinguishing Control Unit
O Input Modules - Single and Multi Channel
O Output Modules for Device Activation
O Telephone Dialer and Annunciator
O Remote Signaling Indicator
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RM-4005 Remote Panel
Enables control and supervision of the analog addressable control panel from
remote location and key positions. The panel includes a clear, backlit 4 lines
by 40 characters LCD display, keyboard, internal buzzer, an alarm output, trouble
output, and an interface relay that reduces the need for additional output
interface module.
Up to 16 RM-4005 can be connected (by RS-485) to each control panel.
ADR-833 Automatic Extinguishing Control Unit
Supervised by an analog addressable control panel, the
ADR-833 is a multi input output relays control unit that
supervises, controls and activates automatic extinguishing
PTT te nn systems.
The ADR-833 occupies only one address although it has several
inputs and outputs.
Break-Glass Call Points
mM TPB - 10R Conventional Manual Fire Alarm Call Point — Indoor (red)
Bm TPB - 800ASR Analog Addressable Manual Fire Alarm Call Point — Indoor (red)
mM TPB -10Y Conventional Manual Extinguishing Call Point — Indoor (yellow)
mM TPB - 800ASY Analog Addressable Manual Extinguishing
Call Point - Indoor (yellow)
TFL-1N / TFL-1NA Remote Signaling Indicator
Enables auxiliary indication for smoke detectors that are located
in closed (i.e., not visible) spaces, such as above false ceilings,
closed rooms, etc.
Bm TFL - 1N is used in conventional systems.
Bm TFL - INA is used in analog addressable control systems.
The TFS-214/214S Sounder Strobes are intended for use as indoor sounder/strobes
and can be configured by an onboard switch for 32 standard sounds.
Bm The TFS-214 is a combined sounder/strobe
um The TFS-214S has separate inputs for the sounder and the strobe
TIP-224/TIP-224A Conventional/Analog Addressable Indoor
Alarm Notification Sounder
m The TIP-224A is used as an addressable sounder on analog
addressable systems, saving the need for an output module.
u The TIP-224 is connected to the Notification Appliance Circuit
D (NAC) of conventional and analog addressable systems.
ADR-812 Two-Channel Input Module
Interfaces two supervised non-addressable input device interfaces (IDC) with
an analog addressable system. These devices can be conventional smoke,
heat, beam, or gas detectors, and water flow switches.
The ADR-812 occupies one- or two consecutive addresses.
ADR-818 Eight-Channel Input Module
Interfaces 8 supervised non-addressable input lines to be connected to
smoke detectors and water flow switches.
The ADR-818 occupies eight consecutive addresses.
ADR-823 Three-Channel Input/Output Control Module
Three-channel input /output analog control module that incluodes two output
circuits (NAC — Notification Appliance Circuit) and a single input circuit
(IDC - Initiating Device Circuit). For use in situations where there is a need for
multiple output and input modules to carry out supervisory, alarm, and automatic
extinguishing functions.
The ADR - 823 occupies one- two-, or three consecutive addresses.
ADR-828 Eight-Channel Output Module
Enables the activation of 8 unsupervised outputs for auxiliary indicators
only. used in synoptic panels, indication lights, direction signs,
relays etc.
The ADR-828 occupies eight consecutive addresses.
The NET-3000 provides fire alarm control panel monitoring over LAN, WAN, or Internet,
using a standard web browser and distributes alarm and trouble events via a built-
in web server, e-mail notifications and SMS paging.
LI-3000 Line Isolation Module
Provides the SLC loop with advanced capability of protection from fault
conditions such as short- and open circuit, enabling continuous operation
of the loop by isolating the faulty section from the rest of the loop.
The LI-3000 enables wiring the SLC loop in a closed loop (Class A) as well
as branching T-shaped (Class B) wiring configuration. As many as
20 LI-3000 modules can be installed in each SLC loop.
LON-3000 Network Communication Module
Allows the networking of as many as 32 ADR-3000 control panels, expanding the
capacity of the ADR-3000 beyond 508 addresses. Each control panel can respond to
alarm and trouble events that occurred in other control panels.
GIM-232 Galvanic Isolation Module for RS-232 Interface
The GIM-232 Galvanic Isolation Module allows connection of grounded
serial devices such as a PC or a serial printer to the ADR-3000 without
ground fault disturbance.
TPS-34A External Power Supply
An external power supply that includes a 24 Vdc 4A power supply,
battery charger, and a control circuit that monitors the TPS-34A and
reports status and trouble information to the control panel.
EPI-3000 Electromagnetic and Surge Protection Interface Module
The EPI-3000 isolates the SLC loops and 24 Vdc outputs from electromagnetic -
interference. One EPI-3000 module will isolate all four loops, and both
24 Vdc outputs of a single control panel.
TDM-500i Telephone Dialer and Annunciator N
Used with fire alarm or other security systems for dialing and transmitting a pre- ="
recorded verbal message to emergency services. 4
PROG-4000 Analog Addressable Detector and Accessory Programmer
The PROG-4000 Analog Addressable Detector and Accessory Programmer
is a tool for programming and testing all of Telefire's analog addressable в
devices. These tests include verification of features and conditions of
the tested device such as normal operation, alarm, various trouble
conditions, etc.
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