Function generator - Lucas

Function generator - Lucas
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Function generator
Lucas Nülle GmbH
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Robust, educational and industrial measuring equipment for electrical laboratories and educational facilities.
Function generator
Function generator
List of articles:
Product name
1 Multi Power Supply 4x DC, 2x AC, 3-phase, function generator
Multifunctional, compact power supply including function generator
and three-phase source, suitable for any basic or advanced
experiments in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics and
digital electronics. It can be operated as desktop device or mounted
in an experiment frame. The power supply has protective isolation
and provides safety extra-low voltage in compliance with EN 61010. A
standard 230-V plug is enough to connect it up. All outputs have selfresetting circuit breakers to cut off the power safely in the event of a
current overload. The equipment is maintenance-free and especially
suited for use by beginners. Modern power supply technology allows
for low power consumption and reduced power loss.
Stabilised fixed voltages, +15 V, -15 V, both 1 A
Stabilised fixed voltage, +5 V, 1 A
Stabilised fixed voltage for vehicles, 12 V, 1 A
Stabilised adjustable voltage, 0 ... 30 V, 1 A with adjustable
current limitation
AC voltages, 12V, 24V, both 200 mA, 50 Hz
Three-phase generator with 3 phases and N
Amplitude 3 x 7/12 V
Output current max. 3 x 200 mA,
Frequency 1 Hz or 50 Hz
Function generator
0.1 Hz ... 1 MHz in 5 ranges
Output signals: sine-wave, triangle, square-wave,
Output voltage: -10 V ... 0 ... 10 V
Output with attenuator: 10:1
Output current max.: 200 mA
Short-circuit-proof or with self-resetting circuit breakers on all
6 Buttons for various functions
17 LEDs for use as status signal lights
2 LCD displays with blue illumination
Display of DC voltage, current and current limitation
Display of AC voltage and frequency
USB port so that voltage sources can be controlled by
Illuminated mains switch
Experiment board with console housing
Dimensions: 297 mm x 228 mm x 100 mm
Weight: 3.5 kg
Lucas Nülle GmbH
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2 Sweep Function generator 40mHz - 20MHz with frequency counter
These DDS function generators are of the high performance indexes
with numerous function characteristics which are necessary for the
fast completion of measuring. The simple and clear front panel
design and the LED display interface of number and indicator light
are convenient for the users to operate and observe. Moreover, the
extended optional functions enhance the system characteristics.
High frequency accuracy: up to 10-5
High frequency resolution: 40 mHz
High waveform accuracy: 16 types of waveforms can be
Independent output for two channels
Frequency- and amplitude sweeping
Frequency, period, amplitude virtual - or peak-peak value
USB interface
Crystal oscillator reference, high frequency and resolution
Intregrated frequency counter up to 100 MHz and 7 W power
Safety: EN 61010-1; CAT II
Accessories: power cable, USB interface cable, software for
Windows, BNC cable, spare fuse and operation manual
Technical data:
Frequency range
: 40 mHz - 20 MHz
Output waveforms
: 16 waveforms such as sine, square,
triangle, etc.
Harmonic distortion : -40 dBc
Total distortion
Square waveform
: < 35 ns rise/fall time
Duty cycle
: 1 - 99 %
Frequency resolution : 40 mHz
Amplitude range
: 0 – 20 Vpp
Amplitude offset
: + 10 V
Amplitude resolution : 2 mVpp
Operation voltage
: 100 – 204 V AC, 50/60 Hz, switching
mode power supply
Dimensions (WxHxD) : 254 x 100 x 340 mm
: 3 kg
Lucas Nülle GmbH
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