PaceSaver® Fusion ™ PaceSaver® Fusion - Leisure-Lift

PaceSaver® Fusion ™ PaceSaver® Fusion - Leisure-Lift
Color Choices
PaceSaver® Fusion­™
Ocean Blue
Overall Length
Overall Width
Rear Drive Unit
Base & Tiller
Seat Section
Maximum Speed
Fusion™ 350
23.5” / 22”
Ground Clearance
Turning Radius
Tire Size
Seat Dimensions
Back Rest Height
Seat Height (From Floorpan)
Electronic Brakes
(Regenerative & Dynamic with “Posi-Lock” Disk Brake)
Drive Type
Motor Size
Incline Stability
Rated Structural Capacity
Fusion™ 250
Midnight Black
49.5 lbs. / 47.5 lbs
33 lbs.
24.5 lbs.
27 lbs.
3.5 lbs.
5 mph / 4.3 mph
350 lb. rider-up to 20 miles
/ 250 lb. rider-up to 25 miles
Candy Apple Red
Extraordinary Indoor
Velvet Seats
3” x 9” / 2.5” x 9”
3” x 9” / 2.5” x 9”
Exceptional Outdoor
20”std. or 16”opt.
16.75” to 17.75”
Awesome All Day
Plush Vinyl Seats
1 1/4 HP Motor / 1HP
12o (22% grade)
350 lbs. / 250 lbs.
Specifications tested to US Ansi/Resna procedures. Incline stability rating by
US Ansi/Resna 8.3. Information current at time of publication. We reserve
the right to change specifications without public notice. Speed and range
may vary with rider weight, battery condition and terrain.
Lifetime Limited Warranty on main frame.
Five Year Limited Warranty on transaxle.
Two Year Limited Warranty on components.
Battery Warranty by battery supplier.
See Owners Manual for complete warranty details.
Your Professional Local PaceSaver® Dealer
Comfortable Seating
Attractive Styling
& Options
Real Transportability
Top Reliability
• On-Board Charger
• Cane Holder
• Left Hand Controls
• Lap Belt
• Rearview Mirror
• Cane Seating
• Flat-Free Tires
Long Term Value
Candy Apple Red
Please see the Accessories & Options brochure for a complete listing.
PaceSaver ®
PaceSaver® is a registered trademark and
Plus IIITM is a trademark of Leisure-Lift, Inc.
© 2005 Leisure-Lift, Inc. All rights reserved.
Scooters! Celebrating 22 years of legendary performance.
Leisure-Lift, Inc.
1800 Merriam Lane
Kansas City, KS 66106
If you plan to have only one mobility vehicle, its got to be FusionTM!
Luxurious, Comfortable Seating
Fusion’s full size orthopedic seats provide superior comfort and body support. The seat’s 5”
thick wrap around design conforms to your shape minimizing pressure to provide luxurious,
long term comfort and support. Fusion’s full size seating,
combined with longer leg and foot room, provides superior all
day comfort in an extraordinary, maneuverable scooter. Soft touch,
easy access, infinitely adjustable tiller provides relaxed shoulder
comfort. Optional Admiral Seat adds finger tip 35 recline and
automotive style coil spring suspension to soak up outdoor bumps.
Soft pressure reducing velvet material lets air pass through adding
to long term comfort by reducing heat buildup. Specially selected
for softness to reduce pressure points, our leather-like vinyl provides
for easy transfers and moisture protection.
Our History
In 1967 Bill & Zella Burke started developing and manufacturing quality health care products.
The company that Mr. & Mrs. Burke started employed thirty people, twenty were seniors
or disabled and the Burkes received national awards for hiring veterans. Now in our 3rd
generation, we continue Mr. Burke’s dedication to building reliable, long lasting products and
supporting America.
Scooter History
In 1984 we patented the first successful rear-wheel drive scooter that separated for transport,
the pioneering PaceSaver®. For over 20 years we have designed and manufactured long
lasting, ultra stable, performance scooters. For 20 years the entire industry has made scooters
for three basic categories. First, the indoor scooter - highly maneuverable, with a small
turning radius but much less stable, for very limited indoor use. Most indoor scooters tip easily, especially outdoors in
yards or on ramps. Second, the outdoor scooter - much more stable and powerful but difficult for indoor use because
of the big turning radius. Many outdoor scooter users had to leave their scooter in the garage or kitchen because they are
too big for indoor use. Third, the indoor/outdoor compromise scooter that tries to balance the design requirements
of two opposing environments. Unfortunately, the indoor/outdoor scooter could not excel in both environments and
many users were forced to buy two scooters to meet their needs until now. Fusion’s patent pending design achieved the
industry’s 20 year goal of fusing together extraordinary indoor maneuverability with exceptional outdoor stability and
awesome all day power into one revolutionary performance vehicle, the Fusion™.
Real Transportability
Fusion™ features our quick and easy single pull pin separation. Fusion™ separates into 3
sections to fit in most cars, vans or SUV’s, or you can use our Magnum Lift.
Attractive Styling With Exclusive MirrorGlaze™ Lasting Beauty
Rich depth of color reflective finish is molded “Through & Through” the body so color won’t
chip, peel or fade. With “Scratch Guard” easy maintenance, simply wipe with a damp cloth or
wax. With the deep clear coat hardened acrylic layer, there is no ugly touch up with paint.
Fusion™ - The Total Environment Vehicle
We call Fusion™ the Total Environment Vehicle because it is the world’s most versatile mobility
vehicle providing unparalleled performance for your use in your total environment.
Extraordinary Indoor Maneuverability
Fusion™ is designed for tight spaces. With a 29.5” turning radius, Fusion™ is more maneuverable
than many power wheelchairs and up to 30% more maneuverable than typical (much less
stable) travel scooters. You can easily turn from narrow hallways into small bathroom doorways.
Fusion™ can turn completely around in a small kitchen or elevator.
Exceptional Outdoor Capability
Fusion’s patent pending Max-Trax™ design maximizes traction and
stability to take you where you want to go. Fusion’s Max-Trax™
combines two unique concepts. Max-Trax™ increases the percentage
of traction on the drive wheel as the rider’s weight increases so you
can go outback on sand, grass or gravel. Additionally, Fusion’s Maxo
Trax™ stability compensation system can climb long 12 inclines as
well as 3” curbs with a 350 lb. rider. This is the industry’s best incline
stability rating (RESNA 8.3 test), 50% better than many scooters.
Awesome All Day Power
Fusion™ uses 2 full size U1 33 to 35 amp. hr. batteries for a range of up to 20 miles at a speed
of 5 mph to provide all day range. Take trips to the doctor, church or the shopping mall. U.S.
made super powerful, 110 amp. controller takes a 350 lb. user up long 12 inclines. All day
power with U.S. made high torque, 4 pole motor. Heavy duty transaxle with 3 brake system can
take a 350 lb. person up and down our tortuous 140 yd. 7 - 9 test hill 20 times. That’s almost
20 times the number of trips a typical travel scooter can do with their rated weight rider.
Fusion™ is American Made
For almost 40 years we have built quality mobility products known for long term value. We stock over 5,000 parts built
by Americans in 44 states. Our stock of millions of dollars worth of parts in Kansas City allows us to ship over 90% of
our replacement parts within a day. We help get you moving fast even if your unit is decades old. With our Engineering,
Production and Service departments only a few yards apart, we provide the most accurate, up to date information to
service your product. When you buy a U.S. made medical scooter, you are assured of the highest quality because only
plants in the U.S. are regularly inspected by the F.D.A.
Fusion™ Features
mRevolutionary combination of maneuverability, performance and comfort.
mGreat styling - rich, long lasting color and mag wheels.
mEasy to use controls with safety throttle shielding.
mEasy access to charger port, light and basket.
mExtra long foot pass through for transfer and extra leg room for comfort.
mHeight adjustable, 360 locking swivel seat with removable flip up, width/height adjustable arm rests for fitted comfort.
mMaximum comfort seating high back (standard). Optional middle back or push button 35 recline Admiral seat.
mSeparates easily for transport.
mState-of-the-art U.S. controller for confident, smooth driving with automatic self diagnostic status indicator. Battery
saver and power boost functions.
mController and connections are enclosed and isolated from tire spray. Controller has moisture and Push-Too-Fast
disengage runaway protection.
mSuper fast, carry-along, world wide use 4 amp. charger or optional fast charge, onboard, worldwide use 1.7 amp
mMuch longer warranties.
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