Starmon mini

Starmon mini
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Starmon mini
Underwater Temperature Recorder
Founded in Iceland in 1985, Star-Oddi has become recognized
as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of technology for
research and industrial use.
Since 1993, Star-Oddi has been developing and manufacturing
miniature data loggers with various sensors.
Star-Oddi operates in the global marketplace. Star-Oddi’s
mission is to offer excellent quality, reliability and well designed,
unique products.
Vatnagardar 14 104 Reykjavik Iceland
Tel: +354 533 6060 Fax: +354 533 6069
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The Starmon mini records water
temperature at a user defined interval
and stores the data in its internal
memory. The recorder is supported
by the Communication Cable and
the SeaStar software. Every Starmon
recorder is calibrated in a stable, high
accuracy temperature bath and has
its individual calibration constants
stored in its memory. Every Starmon
recorder is delivered with a calibration
certificate. Starmon mini is available in
plastic (400m depth range) or titanium
(11,000m depth range) housing.
Using Starmon mini is simple and
easy. The end cap of the housing
is removed and the recorder is
connected to a PC computer with
the Communication Cable, either to
a 9 pin RS232C serial port or USB.
The user can connect to the recorder
through the SeaStar software and
define the sampling interval and start
time of recordings.
After the recorder has
been started, cable is
unplugged, end cap
is screwed firmly on and recorder
is ready for deployment. After the
measuring period, data is uploaded
from the recorder into a PC computer
using the Communication Cable and
SeaStar software. In SeaStar the
data is shown in graphic and tabular
form along with date and time of each
measurement. Data can be imported
into other data processing software.
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The Starmon mini is designed for
use in oceans, rivers and lakes and
has a reputation of being a reliable
instrument in demanding environments.
Starmon mini is mainly used for
researches within the fields of marine
biology, oceanography, hydrology,
aquaculture, oil & gas, geology,
geothermal and boreholes.
A stainless steel housing can be
provided for the Starmon mini. The
housing can be used to protect the
recorder from harsh conditions or to
better attach the recorder to moorings,
deployment lines and other underwater
gear. Star-Oddi also offers a battery
replacement kit.
Size (diameter x length)
25mm x 130mm
Housing material
Plastic or titanium
Survival depth
Plastic: 400m, titanium: 11,000m
Plastic housing: 80g
Titanic housing: 170g
Battery life
10 years*
Memory type
Non-volatile EEPROM
Memory capacity/size of one
524,100 bytes/temperature 1.5 bytes
Memory extension option
787,500 bytes or 1,048,500 bytes
Memory management
User programmed intervals
Temperature range
-2°C to +40°C (28°F to 104°F)
Outside ranges available upon request
Temperature resolution
0.013°C (0.023°F)
Temperature accuracy
Better than +/-0.05°C (0.09°F)
Temperature response time
Plastic: Time constant (63%) is 18 sec. and
final value reached in 3 min.**
Titanium: Time constant (63%) is 6 sec. and
final value reached in 1 min.**
Data retention
25 years
Real time clock
Accuracy +/-1 min/month
Sampling interval
From 1 second up to 90 hours
Number of different sampling
1 or 2
RS-232C 9 pin serial or USB
Attachment hole
2.8mm (in diameter)
* For a sampling interval of 10 minutes
**For a 40°C (104°F) temperature step response in stirred liquid
SeaStar software
Research vessel
Specifications may change without notice
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