Result Calculator

Result Calculator
Result Calculator
International User Guide
BCE or higher
BRICON nv : Europark Oost 15C, 9100 Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
Tel: +32 3 777 3974
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UK Distributor for Bricon : Mark Palmer
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Calculator function in the Bricon Club Editor
The results calculator in the Bricon Club Editor (BCE) makes it is possible to read race data automatically from
Bricon clocks in order to calculate race results. It is also possible to enter the data from other clocks manually.
Attention - Data must be entered correctly to ensure a true calculation of the result.
To use the calculator your application requires an
activation code. Go to the options tab within BCE and
make a note of the serial number (1) indicated within
the calculation module.
The serial number is unique to each computer, so it
should be generated on the computer that is intended
to be used for calculating the race results.
To request the activation code email the serial number
to stating your club name and
indicating that you require the activation code.
To activate the calculation module enter the activation
code (2). After entering the activation code, the Bricon
Club Editor must be restarted. You will then see a new
tab appear entitled “Calculator” within the BCE.
A Computer with the Bricon Club Editor (BCE) [version or higher], the Bricon Club-Master (BCM) and
its power supply. Connect the BCM to the BCE using the USB cable supplied. Turn on the BCE then power on
the BCM. Communication will be made between the BCM and BCE. Click on the Calculator tab in the BCE.
NB : The read out print of each clock must be taken prior to commencing using the Bricon result calculator.
Do not delete the race information from the clock before carrying out the results calculation process.
The Icons
Add calculation
Delete selected calculation
Print selected calculation
Print settings
Read out ETS
Manual input
Add read out
View xml file
Remove read out
Add Calculation
To start click on the „Add Calculation‟ icon, and then within the details tab fill in the following fields.
The name of the club.
The club ID (to match the Club ID on the Bricon Club-Master).
Select the race point from the list.
Not applicable in the UK.
Here you can input how many pigeons you wish to be shown on the result.
e.g. 10% (= 10% of the basketed pigeons) or 10 without % (= the first 10).
You also have the option to print the first pigeon recorded by each fancier.
Enter the date and time of the race liberation.
Optional remarks (to appear on the print out)
NB : The total number of fanciers and pigeons in the race will be read automatically from the clocks.
Read out ETS for calculation
Click on the „Read Race Data‟ icon.
Fill in the club ID, the race ID (the first four letters
of the racepoint name) and the date of the race.
A „Used FileName‟ is generated from these inputs.
NB: In settings it is possible to select the
destination directory for the read out file.
Click on „Read out‟ and when requested connect
the Bricon ETS clock to the Bricon Club-Master.
The race data is automatically read from the Bricon
ETS clock and is transferred to the computer.
When the request for the race distance for the
competitor is made - remove the Bricon ETS clock
and then enter the competitors‟ flying distance.
The data for the competitor is then saved within
the xml file for the race.
Click on „Read Out‟ and when requested connect
the next Bricon ETS clock and repeat the process.
In „Previous Read
Outs‟ you can view
each of the previous
read outs taken
(with the quick view).
It is also possible to
delete a file.
In „Options‟
you can
select the
on your
for the read
out file.
Add Read Out
Clicking on the „Add Read Out‟ icon will open
the „Select a read out to add‟ list.
From the list you can select which read out files
you require to be included in the calculation.
More than one xml file may be selected.
Manual xml files may also be added.
NB: The race data within the selected file
may be viewed with the Quick View icon.
It is possible to remove a selected file from
the result calculation with the delete icon.
Manual input
The race data of a competitor using a non-Bricon clock can also be included in the race calculation by a
manual input of the information.
Select an existing read out file or
input the Club ID, Race ID and the
date to create a new xml file.
Input the number of pigeons
basketed by the fancier, select the
name of the fancier and enter the
flying distance in miles and yards.
Enter the data for the time set and
strike out. For each bird recorded
enter the ring number and colour
plus the time/date of the clocking.
For the quick input of data
Use tab to switch between fields.
Use the arrows (left and right) to switch within the fields (hours to minutes).
Use the arrows (up and down) to change the value or type in the new value (for date and time).
Use the enter button to add the input.
Click on „Add‟ to add the race calculations to the selected xml file.
View XML file
The information within the selected xml file can
be viewed by clicking on the quick view icon.
A „View Data‟ box appears revealing all of the
data that is held within the xml file.
If any changes are necessary the amendments
can be saved by clicking on the ‟Save As‟ icon.
Calculation of result
After the required read out xml files have been added to the list using the „Add ReadOut‟ icon then
the „Results‟ tab can be clicked to view the calculated result.
Print settings
By clicking on the “Print setting” icon you can select optional
columns to appear on the result print-out.
NB: It is recommended within the UK, that the two columns
indicated opposite are selected.
To Print the Result
Select a calculation and click on the print icon.
Follow the instructions to obtained the required print out.
Two day races
When a race extends into a second day,
the „Two day race‟ box should be ticked
and the hours of darkness should be
added prior to the result calculation.
A variety of optional special championships can be calculated by clicking on the „Championships‟ icon
after having made a result calculation.
Title print out
Select the race calculations for the championships
Select (with a tick in the box) the queries that you want to see on the print out
Query 1 : Prices / fancier
Query 2 : Ace Pigeon
Query 3 : Super ace
Query 4 : Championship
Query 5 : Best pigeons
Query 6 : Olympiade
Query 1 : Prizes / fancier
This Query shows the total basketed
pigeons/fancier and the prize counts/fancier
In max row count it is possible to select how
many fanciers you print. (the fastest fancier
is always listed first).
Query 2 : Ace Pigeon
Query 3 : Super Ace
Query 4 : Championship
Query 5 : Best Pigeons
Query 6 : Olympiade
Declaration of conformity
Directive 1999//5/EC (R&TTE)
Europark Oost 15 C
9100 Sint-Niklaas
We declare the product mentioned below on which this declaration is related to that on
own justification, in agreement is with the essential requirements and with other relevant
provisions of the R&TTE directive (1999/5/EC).
Article :
Loft Antenna
BRICON 1V (14cm), 2V (28cm), 4V (50cm), 6V (70cm).
Type :
Reader for transponders (125kHz)
In agreement are with §3 of R&TTE- the directive.
Health and security §3 (1) a:
Applied standards:
EN 60950:1992+A1+A2:1993+A3:1997+A11:1997
EMC §3(1)b:
Applied standards:
EN 301 489-3/07.200
Radio frequency spectrum §3 (2)
Applied standards:
EN 300 330-2 V1.1/7.2000
Technical file is available at the offices of the manufacturer.
BRICON nv, Europark Oost 15C, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium.
Place and date of issue: Sint-Niklaas, 13-12-2005.
Manufacturer / Authorised representative
Ivan Baetens
Francis Nolmans
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