Hangar 9™ Sure Cycle™
Hangar 9 Sure Cycle
Battery Performance Analyzer
Thank you for purchasing the Hangar 9 Sure Cycle Battery Performance Analyzer. The Sure Cycle will
charge, discharge, and give an accurate capacity rating of your receiver and transmitter packs simultaneously
or independently. The Sure Cycle works with both Ni-Cd and NiMH packs and makes testing and maintaining
the condition of your batteries a sure thing.
It’s important to periodically cycle your batteries to maintain their performance. The Sure Cycle allows you
to easily cycle and test your batteries. It is recommended to cycle the battery at least once per month
during the off season to preserve their performance and to annually check and record the capacity. When
the capacity is less than 80% of the claimed capacity of the battery, it’s recommended to replace the pack.
The Sure Cycle can also be used to determine the amount of energy that’s used per flight. Start with a
freshly charged pack, then fly several (four) normal flights counting each flight. Then discharge the pack on
the Sure Cycle and record the remaining capacity in the battery. Subtract the remaining capacity from the
actual capacity of the battery, then divide by the number of flights. This number is the actual average capacity
that you used each flight. This is helpful in determining the number of times it’s safe to fly.
Formula for Actual Capacity used per flight: Total Capacity – Remaining Capacity
Number of Flights
Total Battery Capacity
Remaining Capacity
– 700mAh
400mAh Actual Average Capacity
Actual Average Capacity
Number of Flights
= 100mAh used per flight
Sure Cycle Features:
• Cycles Ni-Cd and NiMH receiver and transmitter packs simultaneously or independently
• Automatically charges after discharge is complete
• Includes receiver plug that works with all major brands of radios
• Includes transmitter plug that works with most major brands of radios
• Selectable receiver charge rate of 50mA or 150mA
• Transmitter charge rate of 100mA
• LCD screen displays capacity, voltage, and charge time
• LEDs indicate charging or discharging
• Transmitter and receiver discharge rates of 400mA
• AC-powered
• Simple push-button operation
• 2-year warranty
Supplying Power to the Sure Cycle
The Sure Cycle is powered by plugging it into a standard AC wall outlet (110V).
LCD Display
The Sure Cycle is equipped with an LCD screen that displays capacity, voltage, and charge time. Use the
Display switch to select whether you want to read information from the transmitter or receiver pack, then
push the Display Mode button to choose the time, capacity, or voltage.
Note: When charging, you can select the charge time or voltage.
When discharging, you can select voltage or capacity.
Charging Receiver Packs
• Select 4-cell or 5-cell to match your pack.
• Select a charge rate of 50mA or 150mA. Batteries with a 500mAh rating or below should be
charged using the 50mA position, while larger capacity batteries should be charged at 150mA.
• Plug the receiver pack into a receiver plug adapter. The LED should light, indicating that the
battery is charging.
Charging Transmitter Packs
• Using the TX switch, select the correct Polarity of the radio: STD or JR.
• Plug the transmitter plug adapter into the charge jack of the radio. The LED should light, indicating that
the transmitter is charging.
Diode: If your transmitter contains a diode, the Sure Cycle™ will not charge or discharge the
battery pack through the charge jack unless you jump the diode. You can also remove the
battery pack from the transmitter and charge it outside of the transmitter if you choose.
Some radio systems, such as the Futaba 9Z series, have the diode built into the battery pack.
In radio systems such as this, it will be necessary to jump the diode in the battery pack.
Note: The Sure Cycle™ automatically begins charging when plugged into 110V wall outlet and
connected to a receiver and/or transmitter battery pack.
Discharging Receiver Packs
• Select 4-cell or 5-cell to match your pack.
• Plug the receiver pack into receiver plug adapter.
• Push the RX button until the LED discharge light is on, indicating that the RX pack is discharging.
• When the discharging is done, press Display Mode to display the capacity.
Discharging Transmitter Packs
• Select the correct Polarity of the radio: STD or JR
• Plug the transmitter plug adapter into the charge jack of the radio.
• Push the TX button until the LED discharge light is on, indicating that the TX pack is discharging.
• When discharging is done, press the select button to display the capacity.
Note: After battery packs have been fully discharged (4-cell reaches 4.2V, 5-cell
reaches 5.2V, and 8-cell reaches 8.4V), the Sure Cycle will switch from the discharge
mode and begin to charge.
Safety Precautions
• Never operate this near water or any other liquid that could possibly spill and enter cycler.
• Never set the Sure Cycle on any soft or flammable surface when in use.
• The faceplate of the cycler can become warm during use. Always exercise care and common
sense when operating this product..
Warranty and Repair Service
Your Sure Cycle is guaranteed against workmanship and manufacturing defects for a period of 2 years from
the original date of purchase. This warranty is limited to the original purchaser of this product and is not
transferable. Warranty repair will not cover units that have been modified, misused, or serviced by an
unauthorized service center
If your Sure Cycle needs repaired, ship it in its original box (freight prepaid) to:
Horizon Service Center
Attn: Hangar 9 Service
4105 Fieldstone Rd
Champaign, IL 61822
Include your complete name and address information inside the carton, as well as clearly writing it on the
outer label/return address area. Include a brief summary of the difficulty. Date your correspondence and be
sure that your name and address appear on this enclosure. Also, please include a phone number where you
can be reached during the business day. To speak to a service technician, call (217)355-9511.
Warranty Repairs
To receive warranty service, you must include your original dated sales receipt, verifying proof-of-purchase
date. Providing that warranty conditions have been met, your charger will be repaired free of charge.
Non-Warranty Repairs
Should your repair cost exceed 50% of the retail purchase cost, you will be provided with an
estimate advising you of your options. Any return freight for non-warranty repairs will be billed to
the consumer. For non-warranty repairs, please advise us of the credit card that you prefer to use. Horizon
Service Center accepts Visa or MasterCard. Include your card number and expiration date. Horizon Service
Center can also ship C.O.D. (certified check only for an additional $6.50).
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