Model VAL105 Digital Alarm Clock With Bedshaker Jack, Night Light

Model VAL105 Digital Alarm Clock With Bedshaker Jack, Night Light
Model VAL105 Digital Alarm Clock With Bedshaker Jack,
Night Light, Variable Volume, Variable Tone.
The Vibralarm Digital alarm Clock allows the user to set Variable
Loudness and Variable Tone for the audible alarm. The Output
Jack on Vibralarm allows you also to wake up to vibration by
connecting our Vibes 12 Volt Bedshaker (Bedshaker purchased
Vibralarm is manufactured by GLOBAL ASSISTIVE DEVICES
INC. for people with special needs for wake up. You can select
the tone and loudness for the audible alarm that meets your
personal requirements or situation. With the auxiliary jack
provided, you can add the low voltage “Vibes” Bedshaker and
place it under your pillow or mattress to awaken by vibration.
With the selection controls you can choose to have a constant or
pulse vibration. You can select to have the vibration with or
without audible sound. If you want a silent alarm that will not
disturb others, the audible alarm can be set to “OFF”.
The green LED display provides enhanced reading of the time.
Vibralarm has a built in night light.
For International use, the Vibralarm is available in both 120 volt
and 240 volt models to accommodate different Electrical
requirements. The built in “Auto Detect” Circuit for 50/60 Hz will
automatically detect the correct frequency and operate the clock
in the correct mode for keeping accurate time.
BEFORE using your unit, take a few minutes to read the following
instructions. The understanding of the features of your new wake
up device will allow you ease in setting and ensure effective use.
A plug in 9VAC 750mA Power Supply powers the clock. The
power supply is available in 120 Volt or 240 Volt. North America
uses the 120 volt power supply. For other countries, use the
correct Voltage for your area. At the back of the clock you will find
a small jack (opening). Insert the small single plug of the Power
Supply into the jack marked AC INPUT. Connect the other end of
the Power Supply into an AC wall outlet near your bedside. 12:00
will flash on the clock display. When you set the time, the display
will stop flashing.
SETTING THE TIME To set the correct minute of the hour, press
and hold the TIME button. While you hold down the TIME button,
press the MINUTE button until it advances to the correct minute.
Release buttons when correct minute shows on the clock display.
N.B. The PM INDICATOR LIGHT is a glowing green dot at the
top left of the clock display. When the clock is reading PM time,
the light will be "on". The light will be off when the clock is
The ALARM SET button is labeled ALARM.
To set the hour you wish to wake up, press and hold the ALARM
button. While you hold down the ALARM button, press the HOUR
button until it advances to the correct hour you want for wake up.
Release the button when desired alarm hour shows on the clock
N.B. Use the PM INDICATOR LIGHT to ensure that the setting
for alarm is correct.
Example: PM INDICATOR LIGHT is OFF for AM time wake up.
To set the correct minutes past the hours you want for wake up,
press and hold the ALARM button at the same time as you press
the MINUTE button. When the minutes advance to the desired
time, release the buttons.
Set the ALARM SELECTOR (4-position switch located on the
side of the clock) to the desired mode(s). AUDIBLE can be set to
OFF or ON. When AUDIBLE is set for ON, a green indicator light
will show on the bottom left of the display. VIBRATE position will
activate the auxiliary jack and cause the connected Vibes
Bedshaker to vibrate when the alarm is activated. When the
Vibrate position is ON, an indicator light will show on the bottom
right of the display. When set to ALL, audible & vibration are
activated and the nightlight will also flash. Both alarm indicator
lights will show on the bottom of the display.
To stop the ALARM after it is activated, press the button on top of
the clock marked AL OFF. The alarm setting will remain for the
same time, for the next day.
If you wish to awaken at the same time each day, there is no
need to adjust or reset the alarm time. Just ensure that the Alarm
selector switch is in the desired ON position before going to
sleep. (Audible, Vibrate or ALL)
To stop the ALARM from being activated at the preset time, such
as days off or weekends, slide the Alarm Selector switch to the
OFF position. The Alarm Indicator light(s) will turn off.
Whenever you wish to check what time the Alarm is set for, press
and hold the ALARM button. The Clock Display will then show the
alarm time that has been set. Check that it is set properly for AM
or PM time by using the PM indicator light to confirm time of day
you want to be awakened.
The Volume Dial allows you to select the alarm loudness you
require or prefer. (Alarm selector must be in Audible or ALL
position for audible alarm to work)
The Tone Dial allows you to select the frequency/tone of sound
that is most effective for your needs.
To set the correct hour of the day, press and hold the TIME
button. While you hold down the TIME button, press the HOUR
button until it advances to the correct hour of the day. Release
buttons when correct hour shows on the clock display.
Your clock is equipped with an AUXILIARY JACK that allows you
to connect a Bedshaker, Vibes Model VSS12 (purchased
This auxiliary jack is located on the side of the clock near the
back and is labeled VIBRATOR. Simply insert the mini plug of the
Bedshaker into this jack. To use the Bedshaker, place it under
your pillow or between your box spring and mattress. You can
select either a pulse or constant vibration by adjusting the switch
on the side of the clock. When the alarm is activated, the
Bedshaker will also be activated. When the alarm is turned off,
the vibration will stop.
After the alarm is activated, press the SNOOZE button. This will
stop alarm activity (sound, Bedshaker or light). In approximately
9 minutes the alarm(s) will start again automatically. You can
press the SNOOZE button to repeat this off/on again cycle as
many times as you wish, up to one hour.
Your clock is equipped with a BATTERY BACK UP system. This
system will keep the clock time running and the alarm settings
maintained IN THE EVENT OF A POWER FAILURE. The clock
display is not illuminated when the clock is running on battery.
The correct time will show on the display when the clock is
returned to electrical power (providing the battery has adequate
power). A prolonged power failure can drain the battery's power.
If your clock's display flashes when electrical power is returned,
replace the battery and reset the clock time.
Installing/Replacing the Back-up Battery:
The battery compartment is located on the bottom of the clock.
To remove the cover, slide the tab and lift up to remove.
Connect a 9 volt battery to the terminals. Alkaline recommended.
(Battery not included)
Position battery in the compartment. Replace the cover.
Night Light
The night-light is located on the top of the clock. Pressing down
on the clear circular button will turn the light on and off.
Your Vibralarm clock has been carefully designed and
manufactured to provide you with accuracy and dependability.
The following suggestions will help you care for your clock so that
you can enjoy the maximum from it.
 Keep the clock dry. If it gets wet, wipe it dry immediately.
Liquids can contain minerals that corrode the electronic circuits.
 Use only a fresh battery of the recommended size and type.
Always remove an old or weak battery. It can leak chemicals
that can damage electronic circuits.
 Handle the clock gently and carefully. Dropping it can damage
the circuit boards and case and can cause it to work improperly.
 Use and store the clock only in normal temperature
environments. Extreme temperatures can shorten the life of
electronic devices and distort or melt plastic parts.
 Keep the clock away from dust and dirt, which can cause
premature wear of parts.
 Wipe the clock with a dampened cloth occasionally to keep it
looking new. Do not use harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents, or
strong detergents to clean the clock.
 Modifying or tampering with your clock's internal components
can cause a malfunction and will invalidate the clock's warranty.
Qualified service personnel should service the unit. The user
should not attempt to service the unit.
All servicing should be referred to:
1121 East Commercial Boulevard,
Oakland Park FL USA 33334
 Your Vibralarm is warranted to be free from defects in material
or workmanship for One Year from the date of purchase.
 This warranty does not apply to any unit that has been subject
to misuse, negligence or accident or has been opened or
serviced by anyone other than an authorized Service Depot of
Global Assistive Devices, Inc.
 At its option, GLOBAL ASSISTIVE DEVICES, INC. may select
to replace the entire unit, rather than repair it.
 During the warranty period, return the clock, with dated proof of
purchase, in a secure package, insured and with shipping
charges prepaid. C.O.D. packages will not be accepted.
Include a note describing the service required and your return
street address. No PO Box Numbers Please. Include $9.95
(check, money order, Visa, MasterCard or American Express)
Contact us for a quote for shipping and handling charges
outside of the US.
GLOBAL does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any
inconvenience or for any non-functioning of the unit. When an
accessory that is not manufactured by GLOBAL is used with this
product, GLOBAL will not accept any liability for the performance
of malfunction of the connected product.
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