D9142 Auxiliary Power Supplies
Fire Alarm Systems | D9142 Auxiliary Power Supplies
D9142 Auxiliary Power Supplies
The D9142F Auxiliary Power Supply is UL Listed, for
use in commercial fire alarm system applications. It
provides up to 4 A of power for charging batteries and
powering auxiliary or indicating devices.
The D9142F is provided either in its own red enclosure
(louvered for ventilation) or without the enclosure. A
green AC LED and a red Trouble LED are visible
through the enclosure door.
The enclosure also has room to install two 12 V, 7 Ah
batteries. Battery supervision is provided for both
Power is supplied to the system through a D1601
Transformer. This specialized transformer provides
power to both the D9142F and to the control panel.
The D9142F supervises all critical circuits of the power
supply. It has several installation and service outputs
for troubleshooting. Five different trouble conditions
can be recognized and optionally communicated to a
central station. These trouble conditions are also
annunciated by on-board and off-board LED indicators.
A summary trouble relay can be programmed to give a
general trouble indication.
Up to 4 A of power for charging batteries and
powering auxiliary or indicating devices
Supervises batteries for low or missing conditions
LED indicators for AC power and Trouble status
Summary Trouble Relay
Switched output control
Auxiliary Devices
These devices are 4 A, 24 VDC power supplies with a
current-limited output for powering devices like smoke
detectors, bells, horns, strobes, or other 24 V devices.
Power-limited and non-power-limited wiring inside
the enclosure should be kept separate. Maintain
at least 0.25 in. (0.64 cm) spacing between all
field wiring and the AC and Battery harnesses. Be
sure to observe correct polarity when connecting
devices. For a list of compatible devices, see the
D9142F Compatibility List .
Battery Supervision
The power supply supervises the batteries for both
missing and low battery conditions.
Over-Current Protection
A 120 VAC fuse is located on the lower right-hand
corner of the power supply, above the 120 VAC
terminals. This fuse protects the D9142F and D1601
from damage due to power surges or overloads. The
fuse is a type 3 AG, 4 A, 250 VDC slow blow fuse (P/
N: 57‑01338‑004).
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Summary Trouble Relay
The Summary Trouble Relay is used as a common
trouble indicator. Set the DIP switches to activate the
relay for one or more of the following trouble
AC Power Failure
On-Board AC Fuse Failure
Power Output Fault
Battery Test Failure
Battery Trouble: Low, Missing or Shorted
These trouble conditions can be individually identified
to the central station or grouped to activate the
Summary Trouble Relay.
Switched Output Control
A remote device can switch the power output on or off
with a 12 VDC trigger voltage or a dry contact closure.
Use this feature to remove power from devices or to
apply power to notification devices that require power
during a fire alarm such as horns, strobes and bells.
When used for notification appliances, the power
supply must be installed within 20 ft (6 m) of the
control unit and the trigger wire must be in conduit.
System Power
The power supply provides power to and receives low
voltage AC power back from the D1601 Transformer.
The power supply can also provide 16.5 VAC, 40 VA to
power the control panel. If the power supply is used to
power the control panel, mount the D8109L Enclosure
next to the control panel's enclosure and run the wire
through conduit.
Certifications and approvals
finally the time it takes to recharge the batteries. For
calculating standby power requirements, see the
D9142F Operation and Installation Guide.
Compatible Products
It is compatible with all Bosch Security System control
panels but only use it with a UL-Listed control panel
for fire alarm applications. For devices compatible
with the power supply, refer to the D9142F
Compatibility List).
Enclosure Information
The D8109L is a louvered version of the standard
D8109, UL‑Listed fire enclosure. It is supplied with the
standard D101F lock and key set. The D8109L is
designed to house the D9142M, the D1601
Transformer and the batteries. Standard sized
knockouts are provided for conduit connections.
Only use the D8109L Enclosure with the D9142M,
D9142LC, or D9142EXP Power Supplies. This
enclosure is designed to allow the air circulation
needed to keep the power supply cool. The enclosure
requires 0.5 in. (1.3 cm) clearance on all sides.
Mounting Considerations
Typically, the power supply is installed adjacent to the
control panel. To attach the enclosure to the wall, use
mounting hardware that is capable of supporting
55 lbs (25 kg) of equipment. You might need to mount
a plywood sheet to the wall in order to support the
weight of the power supply and batteries.
Parts included
UTRZ: Power Supply Units (UL1481)
D9142F only
D9142M Power Supply with Mounting Skirt
D8109L Louvered Enclosure
see our website
D1601 Transformer
Hardware packs for each of the above components
Installation/configuration notes
Battery Requirements
The power supply uses two sealed lead acid batteries
connected in series to provide a 24 V of standby
power. Two batteries must be used. The power supply
does not provide standby power with only one battery
You must use sealed lead acid batteries: The
power supply is designed to charge only sealed
lead acid batteries. Using any other type of
battery might cause damage to the power supply
or the batteries.
Selecting the correct batteries for the system depends
on the total continuous current draw of all devices, the
amount of standby time required, the amount of
intermittent current draw (in alarm) needed, and
Literature packs for each of the above components
D9142LC Power Supply Board
D9142LC Power Supply Board
D9102 Mounting Skirt
Control Panel Power Wiring Harness (yellow)
Communicator Wiring Harness (five conductor)
Dual Battery Wiring Harness and Ground Connector
Power and Trouble LED Assembly
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Hardware pack
D9142LC 24 V Power Supply (less case)
Literature pack
UL Listed auxiliary power supply board for use in
Commercial Fire Alarm System applications.
Technical specifications
Battery Characteristics
Order number D9142LC
D126 Standby Battery (12 V, 7 Ah)
Load Shed Restoral:
23.1 VDC to 24.7 VDC
Load Shed Threshold:
18.9 VDC to 20.5 VDC
Low Battery Restoral:
24.2 VDC to 26.5 vDC
Order number D126
Low Battery Threshold:
22.0 VDC to 24.1 VDC
D1224 Battery (12 V, 26‑28 Ah)
Environmental Considerations
Relative Humidity:
85% at +86°F (+30°C) non-condensing
Temperature (operating):
+32°F to +122°F (0°C to +50°C)
Mechanical Properties
Cardinal red (powder coat)
Dimensions (HxWxD):
16.25 in. x 16.25 in. x 3.5 in.
(41.3 cm x 41.3 cm x 8.9 cm)
16 gauge (1.5 mm) cold rolled steel
Charging Current:
2.0 A maximum
Communication Header:
Open-collector output current sink, 5 mA
DC Output:
18.9 VDC to 28.0 VDC
Summary Trouble Relay:
Form C, rated for 2 A at 12 VDC or
24 VDC
Power Requirements
120 VAC, 60 Hz 360 VA
4.0 A
Ordering information
D9142F 24 VDC Auxiliary Power Supply
UL Listed auxiliary power supply for use in Commercial
Fire Alarm System applications. Comes with D9142M
Power Supply with Mounting Skirt (and wiring
harnesses), red enclosure, and D1601 Transformer.
Order number D9142F
D9142M Power Supply with Mounting Skirt
UL Listed auxiliary power supply for use in Commercial
Fire Alarm System applications. Comes with power
supply board, mounting skirt, LED assembly, and three
wiring harnesses.
Order number D9142M
A rechargeable sealed lead‑acid power supply used as
a secondary power supply or in auxiliary or ancillary
A 12 V sealed lead‑acid battery for standby and
auxiliary power with two bolt‑fastened terminals.
Includes hardware for attaching battery leads or spade
Order number D1224
D1238 Battery (12 V, 38 Ah)
A 12 V sealed lead-acid battery for standby and
auxiliary power with two bolt‑fastened terminals.
Includes hardware for attaching battery leads or spade
Order number D1238
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