Quick reference guide

Quick reference guide
Hand Control Functions
1 Secondary Panel
2 Lift Belts
3 Direction Levers
1 Up Button
2 Down Button
3 USB and Charge Port
The covers for the USB input
and the charging input (3)
must be closed for the hand
control’s water protection
(IPX5) to be valid.
Charging the Lift
Flashing Red - Charge lift immediately!
1 Status Indicator Light
2 Power On/Off
3 Raise Lift
4 Lower Lift
5 Emergency Lowering
Status Indicator Lights
Flashing Green
On/Ready for Use
Full Battery
Constant Red
Safety Catch Engaged
Flashing Yellow
On/Ready for Use
Charge Battery Warning
Constant Yellow
Lift Charging
Functions Blocked
Flashing Red
On/Ready for Use
Low Battery
Flashing Green/Yellow
Service Warning
Perform Inspection
Constant Green
Lift in Use
Lift Loaded
Flashing Red/Yellow
Service Passed
Battery Low
General Care
Emergency Stop Activation
Press down on red button to
Emergency De-Activation
Turn red button clockwise.
Important! The emergency lowering button must
only be used in emergency situations.
Suspending the lift
Place the lift on a suitable
surface and feed out belt by
gently pulling out belt while
at the same time pressing the
“Down” button on either the hand
control or secondary panel.
Hook lift belt onto distance strap so that it is held firmly in
position (easiest to hook from above at an angle as shown).
Ensure the lift belt is firmly in place before use.
4 Telescoping Hanger Bar
5 Emergency Stop
6 Hand Control
Secondary Panel Functions
Using the lift
1 Connect charger plug to
2 Connect plug to charger and
insert plug into wall to charge.
The charger must only be
connected to an earthed socket.
Note: If the emergency
stop is activated, the lift will
not charge!
Important! The lift can only be used with a Human
Care charger and must be disconnected to use the lift.
Models: 55070
Human Care HC AB. All Rights Reserved.
Room to room transfers
Activate desired belt by turning
directional lever. If lever faces
towards the leg hook, the belt
nearest to the leg hook is active.
If it faces towards the hanger bar,
the belt closest to the bar is active.
Important! Do not turn the lever unless both belts
are connected to their respective rail rollers. The
lever must always point to the connected belt.
Attach head sling loops to carry
bar first, then leg straps to leg
hooks. Ensure the straps are
secured beneath the safety pin.
Charge lift every
Wipe down with
slightly dampened
drying cloth.
Disinfect with
DuPont TM Virkon®.
Never use strong
detergents on lift.
d water.
Do not immerse in
Activate emergency
stop when not in use.
Important! Do not use strap to transport!
Lift must always be stored or moved in
horizontal position. Rest on cart to move.
Annual Inspection - The lift must be inspected at least once
per year by a qualified technician certified by Human Care.
Monthly Inspection - Check lift belts for damage or wear.
Feed entire length to ensure proper functioning.
Daily Inspection - Always inspect the lift for visible signs of
damage before use. Ensure the lift is correctly mounted on
the distance strap or rail roller. Always check slings and belts
for signs of wear before use. Do not use if wear evident.
If the indicator light is not on, check the following:
- Mains switch is on
- Batteries do not require charging
- Emergency stop button is not pushed in (deactivate
by turning clockwise)
If the indicator light is flashing, check the following:
- Check the hand control button functions up / down
when depressed (replace if necessary)
- When pressing up, the lift is not already in its
maximum upper position
- When pressing down, the lift is not already in its
maximum lower position
If the indicator light is constant red:
- The lift motor is overheated - allow to cool
- The lift is overloaded - lower using emergency
lowering button
Proper lifting techniques
Do not use the telescoping bar
to move the patient and the
lift. Do not hold onto the hooks
while performing a lift. Once the
patient is comfortably secured
in sling, raise lift, hold sling and
position/move patient.
ROOMER S 220kg
If the indicator light is constant yellow:
- Charging in progress
If the lift belt does not feed out properly:
- Pull the belt upwards at the same time as you depress
the Down button on the hand control / lift panel
If the indicator changes to flashing red:
- The batteries need charging, patient may be lifted a
few more times
99588-Quick Reference Guide-Roomer S-Rev 02 (05 2017)
Important! This overhead lift has been designed
and tested for indoor use with one patient at a time.
This product must not be immersed in water.
Read all instructions for full product information!
Important! This quick reference guide does
not replace the user manual which can be
downloaded at www.humancaregroup.com.
Read all instructions before use!
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