BA-010050-A0 Oxygen Analyzer Electronics.indd

BA-010050-A0 Oxygen Analyzer Electronics.indd
Model A-10050-A0
Microprocessor- based
Oxygen Analyzer
• Universal probe application.
• Standard NEMA 4X cabinet.
• Automatic, semi-automatic & manual calibration
• Combustion efficiency calculation (option).
• RS485 modbus RTU communications with
selectable baud rates.
• Rugged industrial design.
• Menu-driven setup.
• Multiple alarm outputs.
• Probe diagnostics.
• Highly visible two-line alphanumeric display.
• Retrofit for earlier electronics.
• Monitors probe conditions.
Hays Cleveland is a pioneer in the application of
zirconium oxide (ZrO2) oxygen analyzers to flue gas
analysis. The Model A-10050-A0 is Hays Cleveland's
new state of the art oxygen analyzer electronics
suitable for use with any Hays Cleveland oxygen
analyzer probe.
Used in conjunction with a probe, the analyzer
electronics displays and transmits the oxygen signal
for recording and control functions. The electronics
also includes basic functions to maintain the cell at
its optimum temperature and monitor probe life. If a
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flue gas temperature input is provided, the A10050-A0
Electronics can compute combustion efficiency for the
boiler firing one of numerous different fuels.
The following current Hays Cleveland Oxygen
Analyzer Probes are compatible with the A10050-A0
Electronics unit. For additional information on Hays
Cleveland Oxygen Analyzers, please refer to the bulletins referenced.
• Model A-08562 MINI-O2™ Oxygen Analyzer
Probe, field-repairable, used in gas, oil, and solid
fuel firetube industrial boiler applications. See Bulletin BA08562A0.
• Model A-10018 OXY-MIZER™ Oxygen Analyzer
Probe, field-repairable, the industrial standard for
large fire tube boilers and water tube boilers burning
any type of fuel. See Bulletin BA10018A0.
• Model A-10007 OXYPROBE™ Oxygen Analyzer
Probe, field-repairable, used in severe duty applications such as power generation, incineration and
rotary kilns. See Bulletin BA10007B0.
See Bulletin BD06120 for flue gas temperature
sensor/transmitter as input for combustion efficiency
Bulletin BA10050A0.01
for Model A10050-A0 Oxygen Analyzer Electronics
Electrical Power Requirement:
120 VAC, +/-10%, 50/60 Hz, 374 VA maximum.
Start Up: 170 VA, 30 minutes.
Operating: 40 to 100 VA, continuous.
• Electronics (Indicating Transmitter): 1A.
• Temperature control: 4A.
Ambient Temperature: 32 to 131F (0 to 55C).
Relative Humidity: 0-90% non-condensing.
Enclosure: NEMA 4X; fiberglass; surface-mounting, with semi-flush panel
cutout. Mounting bezel available.
Shipping Weight: <10 pounds (7 lbs. net).
Display: vacuum fluorescent.
Selectable displays (standard):
• % oxygen
• sensor DC mV & status
• operating temperature and status
• alarm status
• calibration status
Additional displays with efficiency options:
• flue gas temperature
• combustion air temperature
• % combustion efficiency
Temperature Control for Models A08561 & A08562 probes:
• Temperature Sensor: Type K (chromel/alumel) thermocouple
• Output to Heater: 120 VAC, ½ wave.
• 750C nominal operating temperature
• Open T/C shut off protection.
Temperature Control for Models A10007, A10018 & A10021 probes:
• Temperature Sensor: 100Ω platinum RTD.
• Output to Heater: 55 VAC.
• 820C nominal operating temperature
• Open & shorted RTD shut off protection.
Analog Inputs:
Two 4-20 mADC into 100Ω (internal):
• Flue Gas Temperature
• Combustion Air Temperature
Analog Outputs:
Two 4-20 mADC into 750 ohms maximum. Ground isolated. User assigned and ranged. Assignable failure modes.
• Excess Oxygen, 0 to 1 through 0 to 25%.
• Analyzer sensor, 0 through 300 mV DC.
• Combustion Efficiency, 0 to 100% through 50 to 100%.
• Flue Gas Temperature, same scaling as input signal.
Discreet Inputs:
All: 120 Vac input.
Auto-Cal: initiate automatic calibration sequence from external switch.
Fuel 1 & Fuel 2: selections for combustion efficiency computations.
Alarm 1 & Alarm 2 Reset: remote reset of latching alarms.
Alarms & Relay Outputs:
• All: SPDT, NEMA Form C dry contacts. 10 A AC, resistive.
• Alarm 1 & Alarm 2: assignable for high or low O2, analyzer sensor
DC mV, efficiency or flue gas temperature. Selectable for manual reset
(latching) with local or remote reset, or auto reset (non-latching).
• Sensor Failure: heater, thermocouple, RTD or sensor impedance.
• Calibration Air: & Calibration Test Gas: used with solenoid operated
calibration valves for automatic calibration.
• Calibration in Progress: alert controls or other devices when calibrating.
• Communications: Modbus RTU. 9,600 or 19,200 baud rate, selectable.
The following auxiliaries are available for use with the electronics:
• Semi-Automatic Calibration uses a manual flow (calibration) panel and
calibration gases consisting of dry instrument air and 4.5% nominal O2
in N2 (cylinder).
• Automatic Calibration uses a solenoid-operated flow (calibration) panel
and calibration gases consisting of dry instrument air and 4.5% nominal
O2 in N2 (cylinder). Automatic calibration can be initiated automatically
via the real time clock, operator interface, and remote switch input.
• Flue Gas Temperature & Combustion Efficiency use a transmitter or
Hays Cleveland’s Model D-06120 for computing combustion efficiency.
• Combustion Air Temperature Transmitter provides automatic correction
to the combustion efficiency computation.
- A0
Model Code: A-10050-A0-___
A-10050-A0 Analyzer Electronics
Current Model Designation:
A: Electronics Mounting & Probe Configuration
Semi-flush panel mount, NEMA 4X: electronics configured for use
with A-10007, A-10018 or A-10021 analyzer probe.
Semi-flush panel mount, NEMA 4X: electronics configured for use
with A-08560 or A-08562 analyzer probe.
Surface-mount, NEMA 4X: electronics configured for use with
A-10007, A-10018 or A-10021 analyzer probe.
Surface-mount, NEMA 4X: electronics configured for use with
A-08560 or A-08562 analyzer probe.
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