Office document and EDP shredders EBA 5141C4 / 5141C / EBA

Office document and EDP shredders EBA 5141C4 / 5141C / EBA
Office document and EDP shredders
EBA 5141C4 / 5141C / EBA 5141CC / EBA 5141CCC
This high-performance office shredder is top class and offers innovative technology with a choice of
different shred sizes to accommodate different security levels.
• Automatic oiler injects oil onto the cutting shafts during shredding for
consistently high shred performance.
• Large insertion width of 405mm (16”) for convenient shredding of different
sized paper.
• High-quality cutting shafts made from specially hardened steel. Models
5141C and 5141C4 have paperclip proof cutting heads, which are suitable
for safe shredding of CDs and DVDs.
• Models 5141C and 5141C4 come with a LIFETIME guarantee on the solid
cutting shafts (under conditions of fair wear and tear). Models 5141CC and
5141CCC: guarantee 1 year.
• ZERO ENERGY CONSUMPTION: after 30 minutes in stand-by, the shredder
automatically shuts down, saving energy.
• Powerful 1600 Watt (2.1 HP) single phase motor for continuous operation.
• 165L shred bin.
Paystation is a leading Canadian Payments Technology Company and has been a solution provided for financial institutions, government
and businesses for over 55 years with offices and representatives across Canada. We have been providing businesses and the Canadian
government with a wide variety of shredders and disintegrators to meet the most stringent destruction requirements for over three
decades. • 905.364.0700 •1.800.268.1440 •
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