user instruction manual sapphire static low-air-loss

user instruction manual sapphire static low-air-loss
Read Entire Manual Before Operating Device
Revised – April 2006
PLEASE NOTE: It is important that the user read the entire manual before
operating this device.
If you have questions or need assistance with this product, call the company from whom it was
purchased, or contact Sunflower Medical L.L.C. at
Table of Contents
User Assistance
General Warnings and Precautions
Purposes of the Device
Description of the Device
Unpacking/Parts Breakdown
Operating Instructions
Mattress and Blower Unit Cleaning
Frequently Ordered Parts
Return/Exchange Goods Policy
Warranty Provisions
Technical Description of the Equipment:
The two principle components of the Sunflower Medical Sapphire Static Low-Air-Loss Mattress
System are a specialized air inflatable bladder (Air Mattress) and an electrically powered, Air
Blower/Control Unit.
WARNING: DO NOT use this device if the power cord is cut, frayed or loosely
connected to the device.
WARNING: Make sure power cord is plugged into a properly grounded A/C 110V
CAUTION: DO NOT use around an open flame.
CAUTION: The housing of the master control unit should only be opened by qualified
technical personnel. Before opening the housing, make sure the unit is turned off and
unplugged from its power source.
CAUTION: Electric Powered Mechanism. Electrical Hazard may occur if device is
plugged into inadequate electrical outlet. To avoid electrical shock hazard, make sure
unit is plugged into a grounded A/C 110 Volt outlet.
The purpose of the Sapphire Static Low-Air-Loss Mattress System is to provide therapeutic
benefit to patients at risk or suffering from pressure ulcers.
The active component that has contact with the patient is a specialized, multi-cell air mattress
sized to fit a standard medical bed frame. The air mattress serves to replace the original mattress
and is equipped with 4 air hoses with connectors that mate with the Air Blower/Control Unit.
The Control Unit is a self contained, totally enclosed module that hangs by retractable hooks on
the bed frame at the foot of the bed or sits on the floor under the bed.
It is provided with a hospital grade electrical cord and a control panel that has a turn dial for
pressure adjustment. Inside the Control Unit is a variable output blower that allows the air
mattress to operate in static mode. There is also a printed circuit board, which provides the
electrical controls. The control Unit has one user replaceable fuse near the AC Power Cord
Entry. This fuse is rated 125 Volts, 5 Amps.
The Sapphire Static Low-Air-Loss Mattress Replacement System consists of a control unit,
power cord, a Low Air Loss Mattress and a waterproof, vapor permeable, easy-to-clean cover.
Air Blower/Control Unit
Power Cord (Hospital Grade)
True Low Air Loss Mattress Replacement
Mattress Cover
Air Blower/Control Unit and
Power Cord
True Low Air Loss
Mattress and Cover
Tools Required: NONE
Unpacking instructions: Remove the products from the packing material and examine for
shipping damage. If damage is detected in shipping, contact the freight company and file a
damage complaint immediately.
Directions for Mattress Placement: Replace the existing bed mattress with True Low Air Loss
Mattress. Secure Air Mattress to the bed frame with straps provided.
Warning or Safety Instructions relating to setup:
WARNING: Make sure the power cord is plugged into a properly
grounded A/C 110 Volt outlet.
Sapphire Static Low-Air-Loss
Operating Instructions:
1) Remove standard mattress from the bed.
2) Replace standard mattress with the Sapphire Comfort Turn mattress.
(Be sure air tubing is at the foot end of the bed.)
3) Strap air support mattress to bed frame on all four corners.
4) Place control unit on the footboard of the bed using the two
retractable hooks located on the back of the unit. (If no footboard is
available, put blower on the floor away from traffic.) To avoid blocking the air intake,
DO NOT lay control unit on its back.
5) Attach the air tubing to the blower unit, being sure it snaps in tight.
(Be sure air tubing is not kinked and is unobstructed.)
6) Plug unit into grounded A/C 110 volt outlet.
Air Tubing
7) Turn master power switch, located on the side of the unit, “on”.
8) Turn the dial to the desired number for a soft or firm
9) Place the patient on the bed after inflation to insure the air cells do not become twisted or
10) For quick deflation or for CPR use:
a. Turn power off
b. Twist CPR plug to open it
c. Remove the hoses from the control unit.
Notice: The mattress is equipped with a 2-inch foam pad in the mattress base for patient support
and transport.
For Inquires Call 1-888-321-3382
A. It is recommended that gloves and protective clothing be worn at all times during
cleaning and disinfecting
B. Hypercarbonate and phenol based solutions should not be used.
During Operation:
For normal soil, wipe down cover and interior sacs with a standard cleaning
disinfectant and wipe off excess moisture with a towel.
Laundering Mattress:
1. Disconnect the power and deflate the interior sacs.
2. Disassemble cover, interior sacs, connecting hoses and base. Place them in
different laundering baskets.
3. Spray disinfectants and wipe down interior sacs. Air-dry sacs. DO NOT expose
to heat.
4. Spray disinfectants and wipe down foam cover.
5. Place cover and base in washing machine.
6. Use standard hospital disinfectant/detergent.
7. Set washing cycles as recommended below: Regular Cycle
a) Pre-soak with disinfectant/detergent with diluted bleach in cold water (10
b) Main wash for 15 minutes (Time depending on soil level).
c) Rinse Cycle: 5 minutes minimum.
d) Spin/Drain Cycle: 5 minutes minimum.
e) Air-dry or place in dryer at very low or no heat.
8. After the cover, interior sacs, and base are dry, store them in a sterilized bag and
seal for next use.
Notice: DO NOT use water temperatures greater than 100°F (40°C).
A. It is recommended that gloves and protective clothing be worn at all times during
cleaning and disinfecting
B. Hypercarbonate and phenol based solutions should not be used.
C. Make sure unit is turned “off” and unplugged before cleaning.
For normal soil, wipe down with a standard cleaning spray and wipe off excess moisture
with a towel. Spray with a disinfectant and let it stand for a few minutes before wiping down.
Check corners and creases for soil build-up. Look to see if any external parts are damaged or
need replacing such as: hooks, foot pads and filter. Replacement parts can be purchased. See last
page for parts listing.
Foam air filter on the back of the control unit must be cleaned periodically with warm soap and
water. Replacement of the foam filter is recommended every 6
Deflate mattress using the CPR valve until all air is exhausted
completely. With the cover on, roll the mattress starting at the foot
section. Secure with straps and keep mattress in a clean dry area
away from heat or flames.
The filter is easily removed and
reinserted through the gap in the
back housing.
If mattress is not inflating:
Make certain none of the hoses are punctured, kinked or disconnected.
Check for proper connections from the hoses to the pump. Make sure they are secure.
Check or clean intake filters.
Be sure CPR valve is closed.
If there is power loss:
Check the ON/OFF switch.
Check to be sure that unit is plugged in.
Check the fuse located just under the power cord plug on the blower unit.
Frequently Ordered Parts
The following is a list of parts that are frequently ordered for self replacement and
repairs. To aid you in ordering parts, please use the provided product numbers given below for
each part. The replacement of some parts not listed here may require sending in the unit to the
manufacturer for repairs.
Product #
Black Connector –
Connects from mattress
to blower unit side panel.
Allows air movement to
inflate mattress.
Product #
Product #
Product #
Filters – Removes dust
and other particles from
the air as it is pulled into
the blower unit.
Male CPC (Chrome) –
Attached to blower unit
side panel. Connects to
Female CPC to remove
exhaust air from unit to
Power Cords
(removable and fixed) –
Grounded power cord for
providing power to the
blower unit.
Product #
Female CPC – Connects
from mattress to Male
CPC on blower unit.
Removes exhaust air
from unit to mattress.
Hooks – Collapsible
hooks that allow the unit
to be hung on bed frame.
Product #
Brackets – Attach the
hooks to the bottom case
of the unit.
Product #
Return/Exchange Goods Policy:
o Return of Goods: 18% Return Charge for a Restocking Fee for returned goods when
customer makes a wrong order of items, still in original Packing. A Return Authorization
Number (RAN) Form(s) will need to be filled out and processed through the Sunflower
Medical LLC Customer Service Department. Once RAN is issued, customer must return
all items placed on the RAN within five working days from the date of the RAN to
Sunflower Medical LLC. Without an Authorized RAN, all items will be returned to the
customer at the customer’s expense.
o Repairs or Replacements are offered for defective items. Also a RAN action must be
completed before any repairs or replacements can be completed.
o Sunflower Medical LLC: Replacement for wrong Items shipped, RAN form must also be
completed, and then items will be replaced or repaired at no cost.
Warranty: Sunflower Medical LLC; Warrants that all products provided under this agreement are
free from defects in material and workmanship, for the following stated warranty period from the
date of delivery.
Sunflower Medical LLC guarantees all purchased equipment to be free from defects in material
and workmanship as follows: Control Unit – One (1) year; Mattress – Two (2) years on air cell
welds; One (1) year on Bottom Cover, Manifold & Foam Base; Top Cover – Ninety (90) Days.
All parts found defective within that period shall be repaired and/or replace, with the cost of
repair and/or replacement, to be borne by Sunflower Medical LLC. The warranty is not valid and
repairs and/or replacement will not be made free of charge, if the product has been misused or
damaged by accident.
Sunflower Medical LLC reserves the right to make this determination based upon the condition
of product upon time of receipt.
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