Gadget Setup

Gadget Setup
ETC® Setup Guide
Gadget USB to DMX/RDM Interface
Gadget provides a connection from a PC to your lighting system’s DMX/RDM devices. Gadget provides
DMX control level output, configuration, and monitoring for RDM devices including fixtures, dimmers,
and more. You can also upgrade software for most DMX-based ETC products using UpdaterAtor or
Net3 Concert software.
Supp orted USB Oper ating Systems
Gadget is supported on computers running the following operating systems.
• Windows® XP (32-bit only)
• Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
• Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Supp orted DMX Ou tput
When used as a DMX output device, Gadget supports software configurable DMX/RDM speeds: max,
fast (default), medium, and slow.
C o n n e c t i on s
Before plugging in Gadget, install a software package that supports Gadget to ensure
the drivers are loaded on the PC.
When installing on a Windows XP computer, you will be prompted to install drivers
manually when connection Gadget for the first time. You must follow the Installation
Wizard to connect Gadget correctly.
To Connect Gadget to a PC and the DMX/RDM network
Step 1:
Install the Gadget device driver on your computer (download available from the ETC
Step 2: Connect the USB-A cable end to your computer.
Step 3: Connect the USB-B cable end to Gadget.
Step 4: Connect a standard DMX cable from Gadget’s DMX Output to your DMX/RDM fixtures or
An indicator LED is located next to the USB connection. The LED indicates the connection status
between Gadget and your computer. The LED illuminates red when power is applied and blinks to
indicate activity.
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Gad ge t USB t o DMX/RDM I nt er f ac e
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ETC Setup Guide
Gadget USB to DMX/RDM Interface
The following table shows the pinout for the DMX connection.
DMX512 pinout for five-pin XLR female
Common (Shield)
Data –
Data +
not connected
not connected
Computer with Net3 Concert
or UpdaterAtor
USB cable
DMX/RDM network
G ad ge t U S B t o D M X /R D M I nt er f ace
To DMX/RDM device
To DMX/RDM device
To DMX/RDM device
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