LiftstarTM Pneumatic ManRider Winch

LiftstarTM Pneumatic ManRider Winch
Liftstar Pneumatic ManRider Winch
150 kg (330 lbs) Capacity
Model: LS2-150RLP-L-E
The LS2-150RLP-L-E pneumatic
ManRiding winch is specially designed
for safe and reliable personnel lifting
operations by means of a safety harness
on offshore rigs and platforms in a
heavy duty and critical offshore working
It is designed to meet the latest NPD and
European Machinery Directives and is
type approved by DNV.
It is delivered with the CE mark and an EC
declaration of conformity.
Standard Features:
• Compact modular construction : Save space on the drill floors — Easy inspection and maintenance.
• Design factor 10:1 on main load bearing parts.
• Gear type air motor : Simple rotary motor with two moving parts ony (rotors) — Rotors made from composite material — Ability to
accept contaminated air — High starting torque — Good spotting capability.
• High efficiency planetary gear box : Totally enclosed within the drum for better space saving — Planetary type for better
• Internal automatic multi-disc brake : Fully enclosed for better protection and better corrosion resistance.
• External automatic band brake (directly acting onto the drum for total safety) : Activated by fail safe
automatic brake cylinder (spring applied) — The band brake is manufactured from stainless steel for superior corrosion protection.
Note: In case of power failure, both the band brake and the disc brake will automatically apply.
• Overload protection device : Automatically stops the winch from lifting in case of overload exceeding 130% SWL,
both brakes are applied automatically.
• Main power emergency stop device : Allows the operator to quickly and safely stop the winch in case
of an emergency situation.
• Slack wire detector : Automatically stops the winch from paying out in case of slack wire — Designed
for vertical rope entry — Composite rollers and stainless steel guides offer maximum protection
against wear and corrosion — “Window” type design to avoid wire rope from getting out of the roller.
• Top and Bottom limit switches : Automatically stops the winch when the travel
exceeds the pre-determined working distance — Simple adjustment method requires
only a screwdriver.
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Standard Features (continued)
• Assisting spooling device : Presses the wire rope onto the drum to
improve winding, specially at no load condition — Composite rollers on
galvanized steel guides for maximum wear and corrosion resistance.
• Total drum guarding system : Operator is fully protected from
moving parts — Rigged stainless steel construction — Meets stringent
European standard EN953 for machine guarding.
• Helical grooved drum : Ensure better rope spooling than plain
drum — Allows greater fleet angle up to 2° — Specially designed for
10 mm wire rope — Standard under wound configuration.
• Wedge style cable anchor : Simplifies wire rope change-out
and installation.
• Local lever throttle control : Precise spotting control with
infinitely variable speed — "Press and shift" throttle lever prevents
accidental throttle movements — Throttle handle is located on the right hand
side of the winch (operator standing behind the winch).
• Pre-equipped Emergency lifting and lowering device :
Allows both lifting and lowering of the ManRider in case of main power
failure — Includes a 3 way / 2 position valve with a secondary air inlet
(3/4 inch BSP) which must be connected on site to a nitrogen bottle.
Note : Pressurised nitrogen bottle is not supplied.
• Lifting lugs : Easily accessible lifting points — Accommodate slings or hooks.
• Filter, regulator & lubricator : FRL package mounted directly on the operator side of the winch.
• Marine paint for corrosion protection.
• Design temperature TD = -20°C.
• Suitable for Zone 1 and 2 as per ATEX directive 94/9/EC.
• FEM Classification 4m.
• Pilot pendent control version available on request.
• 3rd party certification by DNV.
• Offshore paint with sandblasting.
Specifications at 90 psi (6.2 bar)
Rated capacity
Lifting speed (at rated load)
Free air consumption
Working pressure range
Recommended rope diameter
Working rope capacity
Storage rope capacity
Overall dimensions (L x W x H)
Estimated weight (without wire rope)
150 kg
0 to 30 m/min.
0 to 2.2 m3/min.
5 to 7 bar
10 mm
54 m on 2 layers
154 m on 5 layers
779 x 697 x 585 mm
210 kg about
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