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Entry and attandance
The Control Box allows you to easily control access to your construction site
The Control Box can be fitted to any existing door using either a maglock or electronic lock to provide access
control. If you buy a turnstile or logistics gate from us the control box will be included in the package.
You can control the access rights of every individual on your construction site through the cloud based
service Infobric Ease. Staff can use either industry standard smart cards, such as CSCS, or biometric
signature to gain access.
The Control Box provides you with more than just time and attendance
Using the control box allows you to monitor and control presence across the whole site, set up restricted
access to staff in certain zones or areas. For example, only qualified personnel are granted access to high
voltage plant rooms, or you can restrict access from demolition zones or other high risk areas. From arrival
through the site turnstile in the morning, entering and exiting offices the whole site can be monitored and
controlled from our cloud service Infobric Ease.
How it works
Setting up the Control Box is both simple and fast. The
control box can be connected to any electric turnstile,
logistics gate or door in combination with an electronic lock
(wiring diagrams provided). The unit can be delivered with
two card readers or if you prefer an entry reader and push
button exit.
The unit connects wirelessly via roaming mobile network
to the cloud service Infobric Ease, so there’s no need for
a router, network wiring or a local database on site. This
saves the site both time and money and the risk of downtime compared to a local or hard wired system is greatly
reduced. The control box comes with a modem and SIM
card built in.
The control box has been designed specifically to withstand
the harsh environment of the construction site and can- be
used indoors or outdoors (in any weather). It can be moved
around site easily to control other doors or gates and can
be redeployed on site after site, making it a sound capital
Easy administration through the cloud service Infobric Ease
Log on to Infobric Ease from your PC, tablet or smart
phone. Connect the control box to your work site and
set up an access schedule for the specific door, gate or
turnstile. Add your staff via a desktop USB reader or search
and move individuals and companies from your previous
Infobric controlled construction sites. Infobric Ease also
provides your site management with a suite of reports
exported directly into Excel with a click of a button.
Rent or buy?
Choose the solution that’s right for your construction site,
we have a network of partners that will rent you gates and
turnstiles with the control box already fitted they can also
fit our access control solution to your existing doors and
gates. You can also buy the control box or ready-made
access solutions directly from us. Mobile data, updates
and support are all included in the weekly software fee. For
more information about our services and partners visit our
website –
INPUT VOLTAGE - 90 to 264 Volts
DIMENSIONS - 235 x 151 x 60 mm
WEIGHT - 850 g
OPERATING TEMP - Max +55⁰C Min -40⁰C (Indoor/Outdoor)
SCREEN - 3.5” Colour TFT LCD Display
- HSDPA/UMTS/3G on 900/2100 MHz
- GPRS/EDGE/2G on 900/1800 MHz
- ETHERNET on 10/100 Mbit/s
- Full roaming in all countries except Estonia
- 10,000 user profiles
- EN 55022:2010 CLASS A
- EN 301 489-3 V1.4.1
If you have any questions or would like to order a
Control Box, you are welcome to contact us.
Phone: 07939304476
Phone: 07508888270
Rent a control box from one of our partner:
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