Take control of your content
Take control of your content
Wazee Digital Core
Enabling Complete Control
Feature Highlights
Access Levels and Feature Sets
Content On-boarding
Workflow Orchestration
Baseline Automated Metadata Services
Content Discovery
Content Preview
Content Management
Content Delivery
Platform Integration
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Controlled Vocabulary
Managed YouTube Publishing
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Wazee Digital Core
Using our cloud-native platform, gain control, visibility and
insight into all of your digital assets, ensuring your valuable
content reaches its rightful audience.
Addressing New Business Needs
The way in which our customers monetize their content is rapidly changing. The move to a
subscription economy and the adoption of cloud-based SaaS solutions is also well underway.
Naturally, content owners and rights holders are turning to vendors like Wazee Digital,
whose cloud-native solutions are specifically designed to help better manage and monetize
their video. More and more, the industry looks to solutions that enables the delivery of new
business models to generate new revenue. Wazee Digital sits at the heart of this equation.
Introducing Wazee Digital Core
Core is an Enterprise SaaS media management and delivery platform that was built cloudnative. It is a business agnostic solution that enables our customers to monetize their content.
Today we have over 10 million video assets under secure management for diverse
organizations such as major studios, governmental departments, broadcasters, sports
federations, news archives and a wide range of other content owners and rights holders.
Core sits at the heart of everything we do, using its powerful media management toolset to
drive multiple monetization models for any organization that owns video.
Core manages all the complex tasks of video content acquisition, effective workflow,
universal access, metadata management and automated delivery to any affiliate or any screen.
It integrates powerful multiscreen video logistics with workflow intelligence to give you
maximum operational efficiencies and control. Core offers secure cloud services and storage
that scales with the size of your content library.
Enabling Complete Control
Easy On-boarding
Secure and Scalable Storage
Fast-track on-boarding for users and
content; including fully integrated Amazon
Web Services storage and transformation
workflows, plus unlimited securely
controlled user access for you and your
end customers.
Full integration with cloud storage
solutions such as Amazon S3 Standard and
Infrequent Access means that Core is able
to offer a more reliable, scalable and
secure storage and back-up solution than
traditional on-premises alternatives.
Streamlined Automated Workflows
Centralized Media Management
Core’s workflow orchestration layer and
media transfer engine allows us to
streamline and optimize every step in the
content management process; from
metadata management to content
transcode and delivery. In a typical month,
Core processes over 15,000 hours of
video including 750,000 transcodes.
Core simplifies media management. Driven
by access controls, users can upload,
preview, manage, share, clip, download and
deliver content from one centralized B2B
platform interface. Analytical tracking tools
are also available for content status during
usage right through to licensing sales
Global User Collaboration
Seamless Delivery
Core’s managed project bins provide the
ability to organize and share assets and
virtual bin clips with other Core users.
Project bins allow you to group and save
assets or clips in a collection and use a
range of functions to drive collaboration,
including content sharing, screening,
annotation and sorting.
Once content is ready for distribution,
Core automates download or scheduled
delivery processes through an integrated
Aspera high-speed file transfer solution.
Core is also fully integrated with Akamai’s
Content Delivery Network to provide
global content streaming and distribution.
Third Party Integration
Core’s REST API allows for secure access
to your content and metadata, enabling
key functions such as Search and View. In
addition, upcoming platform developments
allow for enhanced API-enabled services
consistent across all of our products. As
well as enabling third party integration,
our new REST API set is aligned with a
common front-end code that allows us to
quickly build branded customer UIs.
Cloud-native Deployment
Wazee Digital is a leading provider of
cloud-based video management and
licensing services. Core, our cloud-native
media management solution, powers all
Wazee Digital products and services. Core
is provided as a cloud-native media
management solution that is charged for
on a monthly SaaS basis.
Feature Highlights Access Levels and Feature Sets
Simply control your own Core users by registering new accounts, setting
feature permissions and managing secure access rights from a single UI.
Administrative control over user accounts and permissions can be configured to suit your
specified level of control. Core provides you with the ability to securely manage all content
and toolsets. Administrational management interfaces are intuitive and broken out into
permission categories where checkboxes easily provide or remove system access.
Key Features
Search and view all
Download all content
Search and view all
Edit all metadata
Access assigned
workflow states
Manage assigned
workflow states
View user and
organization data
Edit user and
organization data
Core Access Levels
Basic with
Feature Highlights Content On-boarding
Core has multiple options for ingesting and verifying digital content including,
automated single / batch upload with file verification and Auto QC.
Fully Integrated with the Cloud
Core is fully integrated with Amazon Web Services to provide a range of automatic
discovery, ingest and transformation services as source content is uploaded onto the
platform. Once, ingested, content is securely stored and accessed via Amazon S3 Standard
and Infrequent Access cloud storage solutions.
Wazee Digital Production Comps
Enhanced Ingest Services
Core’s on-boarding process also offers other enhanced ingest service options, including:
• Multi-rendition creation of master assets, e.g. browse proxies, thumbnails and speed views
• Metadata ingest from a wide variety sources along with the following services:
• Automated metadata schema and hierarchy management
• Transcript synchronization, phonetic keyword scanning and facial recognition
• REST API services for integrating the automated import and export of metadata
Feature Highlights Workflow Orchestration
Core provides workflow logic to manage the distribution and prioritization of
metadata tasks such as review and curation. For media transcode and delivery
tasks, Core provides the toolset to specify the input, output, delivery
destination and when the workflow should start.
ToM and MoM
Core orchestrates key workflow processes through its web applications Transcode-o-Matic
(ToM) and Move-o-Matic (MoM). ToM orchestrates rendition creation and the fulfilment of
deliverables. Once a request is presented, ToM marshals the necessary source files, sends
instructions to the appropriate transcoding agents, delivers the target files and notifies the
user of the job’s completion. MoM is Core’s custom file transfer agent, of which multiple
instances are supported in ToM’s infrastructure.
Core provides a best-of-breed suite of content transformation and packaging tools which,
when woven together, allow you to prepare and deliver content to any channel. Our arsenal
includes transcoding technologies from Amazon Web Services, Telestream, Brightcove and
more. New capabilities based on customers requirements are regularly added.
Workflow Dashboard
Core’s workflow dashboard displays all
processes managed in pre-configured
workflow states. Administrators can
create and manage new workflow states
utilising Core’s infrastructure, e.g. ingest
workflows, storage management,
metadata management, transcode /
transformation, delivery, etc.
Feature Highlights BAMS
One of the richest sources of metadata is inside the content itself. That is why
Wazee Digital has some of the most advanced automated metadata capture
capabilities on the market. With our Baseline Automated Metadata services
(BAMS), we can extract every relevant metadata detail from your content.
Current Solutions
Core currently uses integrated instances of Nexidia and Google (pittpatt) solutions on
ingest to perform all BAMS processing including Transcript Synchronization, Phonetic
Keyword Scanning and Face Recognition, that are all performed during ingest. All captured
and extracted metadata is added to an asset’s timeline for multiple downstream purposes.
Formerly Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition
Roadmap Considerations
Wazee Digital is currently working to migrate all ingest processes into the cloud. Part of this
process is to evaluate the software that we currently use to perform BAMS processes.
Looking to the future, we are currently evaluating many of the leading solutions available on
the market, including IBM (Watson Developer Cloud), Google Cloud Platform (Cloud Vision
API) and Google Mobile Vision. Best of breed SaaS solutions will be fully integrated and will
form part of the enhanced future offerings.
Watson Developer Cloud
Feature Highlights Content Discovery
Core has an advanced search engine that provides results at frame level from
over 82 core metadata fields before offering multi-layer filtering options.
Advanced, Intuitive Approach to Search
Wazee Digital takes an advanced, intuitive approach to search and applies time-tested and
highly adaptive algorithms to rank results by keyword and keyword affinity. In addition to
initial keyword searches against more than 82 fields of frame-level metadata, powerful
advanced search capabilities allow for more control, including Boolean logic. A robust set of
configurable filters allow you to quickly hone in on content characteristics that matter.
Delivered through an easy-to-use interface, finding assets and clips has never been more
intuitive and accurate.
Well Displayed Results
Search results can be displayed as Grid, Text or List view options. The Grid view is the most
graphical display showing a full asset thumbnail with limited asset details. The Text view
allows for more space for asset details whilst The List also includes other assets associated
to the primary asset’s hierarchy. Simple actions like placing content into a project bin, viewing
hidden asset details, download, etc. are performed via function icons below the thumbnail.
Feature Highlights Content Preview
Core has both Simple and Advanced video players with a range of functionality
to both preview and manipulate your content in a frame accurate manner.
The Simple Player
Core’s standard Adobe Flash video
player is ideal for basic previewing
and non-frame accurate virtual clip
creation, which can be added to a
collaborative project bin and shared
with other Core users.
The Advanced Player
Core’s HTML5 video player has
enhanced features and controls for
tasks such as frame accurate virtual
clip creation. It allows Core users to
accurately define timeline metadata
along the asset’s timeline for multiple
downstream purposes.
Functions such as a timeline
scrubbing bar, frame by frame
advance / reverse controls, mark in /
out definition, source timecode
display, full screen viewing and player
control are accessed via the UI or
using your keyboard.
Player Roadmap
We are currently implementing an
upgrade to the HTML5 JWPlayer
which will allow for simple
configuration, fast loading, adaptive
streaming, extensive player features
and a powerful API.
Feature Highlights Content Management
Core allows users to easily upload and organize assets, search for and update
metadata, create virtual clips and review and approve your content.
Collaborative Project Bins
Core’s collaborative project bins enable users to group and manage full assets or virtual bin
clips and provide a range of management and workflow functions for selected groups of
content. A sample of functions that can be applied to a project bin includes:
Easily share an entire project bin’s content with other Core users
Set a project bin’s permissions and control the access to its content
Sort the content within a project bin and view it via an integrated screening room
Actively monitor project bins for any changes made
Make batch changes to the metadata associated with the project bin’s content
Download browse proxies directly from a project bin
Provide secure external access to a project bin’s content via a shared Direct Access Link
Create partial assets from virtual clips held within a project bin
Feature Highlights Content Delivery
Core provides self-serve download and delivery options via an Aspera FASP
transfer protocol as standard, but also has the ability to integrate with other
delivery methods via its robust REST API, which allows for integration access,
front-end UIs and publishing.
Managed Delivery
Different asset renditions can be made available to different Core users and can be grouped
for either download or delivery. Core allows for managed content fulfilment defined by
delivery date and pre-set destinations. Content accessibility can be restricted within Core by
users or by set publication windows in-line with pre-defined commercial agreements.
Frame accurate clips (partial master assets) can be made via the browse proxy previewed in
Core’s video player; with the resulting new clips being ingested back into Core or made
available to the user for delivery.
Associated metadata can also be easily exported from Core in delimited or XML formats.
Akamai CDN
Core utilizes Akamai’s Content Delivery Network to provide effective global access, web
object and stream availability and delivery. Akamai’s CDN provides for various supported
delivery services (HTML5, RTMPE and Mobile Device), including secure streaming offerings
such as tokenization, encryption and asset delivery filtering based upon authorization rules.
Feature Highlights Platform Integration
Core’s REST API enables the ability to search and view large volumes of
content managed in Core and take advantage of key functionality. It is used
today to power some of our largest customer’s front-end portals.
Multiple Integrations
Currently Core supports multiple integrations within our own technology infrastructure
plus many external data and system integrations with the likes of customer databases, B2B
and B2C online portals, CMS / DRM / MAM / DAM systems, Major Studio content delivery
portals and cloud based services and storage solutions like Amazon Web Services.
Powerful UI Support
Core’s REST API allows for secure
access to your content and
metadata, enabling key functions
such as Search and View.
In addition, upcoming platform
developments allow for enhanced
API-enabled services consistent
across all of our products.
As well as enabling third party
integration, our new REST API set
is aligned with a common frontend code that allows us to quickly
build branded customer user
Examples of customer front-end portals powered by Core
Latest Updates Controlled Vocabulary
Definition: an organized arrangement of words and phrases used
to index content and/or to optimize search, navigation & discovery
Core’s new Controlled Vocabulary capability benefits all users; especially those whose assets
rely on specialized classification and description. Users can import and use a custom
Thesauri within Core to better tag, search and discover content within an industry-specific
metadata domain.
Key Benefits
Controlled Vocabulary helps to maintain
term structure and consistency across a
database for keywords; allowing for
more efficient search and retrieval in
industry-specific applications. It reduces
duplicate terms and misspellings, guards
against data-entry errors, and simplifies
search and retrieval - resulting in a
more efficient workflow.
Core allows users to import a custom Thesaurus (or Thesauri) with specific synonyms
relevant to their content. It helps to maintain a library’s defined terminology to ensure
consistent key-wording and tagging and provide suggestions to allow users to discover the
content they are seeking on front-end websites. Other features such as ‘term assist’ and
‘search type ahead’, which provides suggested terms can also be utilized.
The US Department of Defence Use Case
The DoD is using Controlled Vocabulary for their powerful ‘Images of Freedom’ website; a
largescale, searchable public repository of military audio, video and stills that is powered by
Core. The DoD will be using Synaptica taxonomy software to create their Controlled
Vocabulary which will incorporate keywords used for their library’s content and the other
terminology used in the majority of their metadata schema fields.
Latest Updates Managed YouTube Publishing
Start or enhance your social media presence using a single
platform to manage the end-to-end syndication process.
How it Works
Core’s YouTube digital-endpoint publishing capability is designed to help users who either
already publish content to YouTube or want to establish their social media presence using a
single platform to manage the end-to-end syndication and management process.
Previously, users had to download content from Core and sign in to YouTube to publish it.
Now you can publish and manage your YouTube content with a few clicks directly from the
Core platform. Users can choose either automated workflows or discrete asset selection
and publishing. Direct and efficient publishing results in more revenue opportunities, social
presence and enhanced brand recognition.
Other Services Powered by Core
Wazee Digital is the only company who can offer the
efficiencies and cost savings of cloud content management
and revenue generation while licensing that very same
Maximized Monetization
Documentarians, film and television producers, sports broadcasters, top brand marketers,
and agencies all look to us for incredible footage, killer research and unmatched clearance
expertise that saves time and minimizes risk. For well over a decade Wazee Digital has
represented the rights of more than 400 media partners (aka contributors) across Sports,
News, Studio, Major Brands and Independent categories. We also sell copyrights and
clearances to TV, and filmmakers, major brands and agencies. Wazee Digital offers maximized
monetization of content through our Commerce website and also by leveraging established
distribution partnerships for increased reach, customers, projects and territories.
Key Services
Key Innovations
Rights and clearances
Footage assurance
Pre-approved content
Project management
Footage consulting
Commerce website
Branded websites
Sub-distribution sales
Core powers multiple complex media business models and
underpins many of our customers branded front-end portals.
These portals range from footage licensing, news subscription,
long-form delivery, format sales, full catalog screening and sales and
metadata driven consumer vaults. Our new CrUX architecture will
radically enhance the way our customers on-board their content
to a proven, scalable infrastructure and manage end-to-end upload
to monetization workflows via Core and new purpose-built, whitelabel branded user experiences for the licensing & sale of content.
Other Services Powered by Core
Wazee Digital sits at the heart of major live events providing
a unique set of Momentization services.
What is Momentization?
The sports (and other live event) industry generates the world’s most compelling moments
every day for global audiences. These moments are witnessed by millions of viewers on a
grand scale across broadcast and digital mediums alike. These moments live forever and offer
a unique value to sports and entertainment properties and their rights holders. From
ingesting and tagging content to locating and distributing highlights with ease, our customers
look to us to amplify and monetize every moment of their valuable content.
Key Services
Highlights Production and Publishing
Near-live social media and digital app publishing of key moments to supplement
broadcast coverage of a live event. Production workflow, VO and GFX packages.
Interview and Highlights Newswire
Interviews, tagged moments and post-event reactions syndicated in broadcast
quality via our Digital Media Hub to all pre-approved digital end-points.
Content Capture, Management and Access
Multi-broadcast feed capture, clip creation and tagging, post event storage and
archive, near-live publication & retrieval of archive content during future events.
Live Event Sponsor Activation
Rights holder representation for pre-approved access to compelling current year
footage for use in near-live global broadcast and digital sponsorship campaigns.
Dynamic Ingest and Licensing Services
Ensuring the history of a live event is preserved & made accessible via Core for
rights holders, broadcast partners and sponsors plus our own licensing team.
Take control of your content
For all Sales and Business Development queries, including:
Denver (Headquarters)
US (East Coast)
US (West Coast)
Contact us on: platformsales@wazeedigital.com
For all other queries, including:
Licensing Services
Platform Services (Support)
Press Inquiries
Visit our contact page here: www.wazeedigital.com/contact
Wazee Digital enables rights holders to monetize and enrich their valuable content. Wazee
Digital’s scalable solutions provide complete control over content so that assets reach their
rightful audiences around the globe. It is the only asset management solution built from the
ground up to run natively in the cloud, and the only one to make live moments available
immediately for global publishing, syndication, advertising, and sponsorship. With more than
10 years of experience in digital content licensing, rights, and clearances, Wazee Digital has
long-standing relationships with significant rights holders in the film, TV, sports, and
advertising industries - all of whom rely on Wazee Digital for managing content that fuels
their business. For more information, visit our website: www.wazeedigital.com and the
Core Knowledge Base: core.help.wazeedigital.com.
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