KalaXY 1650

KalaXY 1650
KalaXY 1650
• This automatic XY trimmer will bring about significant
savings in your print finishing department. Cutting prints is
certainly one of the most labour intensive, time consuming
tasks in your work shop.
Reasonably priced, the KalaXY 1650 will eliminate the
bottleneck caused during this process by automatically cutting
rolls of graphics into sheets in a fraction of time used by the
traditional manual method.
• It perfectly compliments digital cutting systems by increasing
machine time for producing contour cuts instead of XY cuts.
KalaXY 1650
- Cutting marks (single or double lines)
can be generated with most RIP
softwares available on the market.
- Automatic trimming at set length
can be programmed without
Cross (X) cutting can be achieved
automatically by reading the marks
or by the defined programmed distance.
Longitudinal (Y) blades are positioned manually
Manual X cutting angle correction: the X cutting edge
can be corrected manually to match the exact cutting
marks on the print. after feeding it, or if the print roll
is not fully straight rewound.
Exclusive stop mark :
- KalaXY will stop automatically upon reading a specific stop mark included in the
print file. This mark can be generated exclusively with Caldera RIP software
or inserted manually.
- When reading this mark, the material unwind stops, allowing to manually set the
(Y) blade position to different print sizes on the same roll.
Perfect for cutting many types of media, such as paper, vinyl, photo paper, laminated
substrates, encapsulated paper with thermal films up to 250 microns on both sides
(20 mil), light and thick PVC banner material, polycarbonate… and more.
The KalaXY comes standard with the same 3” aluminum feeding shaft as those of
our popular 65” Kala Laminators. This allows to transfer a roll of laminated prints from
the laminator to the trimmer without any tools, saving time and money.
Also included are 3 longitudinal cutting heads
(2 single blades and a 1 double blade). Additional single or double
blade cutting heads are available as an option without any limitation
Technical Specifications :
• Maximum thickness of material : 1mm - 40 mil
• Maximum working width : 1650mm - 65’’
• Maximum diameter of media roll : 250 mm - 10’’
• Accuracy : +/- 1 mm on the total length
• Touchscreen control panel with english,spanish, german, french,
polish program
• Self-sharpening blades
• Weight : 150 kg - 330 lbs
• Operating speed : up to 18m/mn - 60 ft/mn
• Cross cutting speed : up to 120 m/mn - 390 ft/mn
• Overall dimensions LxWxH : 255 x 62 x 120 cm - 100’’ x 25’’ x 47’’
• Electrical requirements : 110 V/1200 W - 230 V/600 W
We reserve the right to modify our models and equipment, as well as technical features without prior notice - KALA SAS - RÉVÉLATIONS 02 99 83 88 11 - BG1050
KalaXY offers several cutting
modes, easy to program from its
Touchscreen control panel.
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