The groundbreaking multi function measuring system

The groundbreaking multi function measuring system
RION Portable Multi-function Measuring System
The groundbreaking multi function measuring system from RION
Compact design, easy and intuitive operation
Wireless connections
Use it anytime anywhere!
Analysis result display examples
FFT analysis
RIONOTE enables you to perform FFT analysis on multiple channels simultaneously.
The results are shown in clear graphs on the large color screen, in real time, or from
stored data when using the recall function. A marker allows you to scroll through the
data, and enables the readout of the level of a frequency of interest.
is combining the newest t
quality, ease of use and economical sense.
which can be configured to up to 16 chann
anywhere wireless. The Main Control Unit is
program of your choice. All on a large colo
both programs and hardware for this mea
Transfer function
The transfer function represents the relation between an input signal and output
signal in the frequency domain, allowing the determination of amplitude and phase.
In this mathematical calculation category, the RIONOTE supports coherence function
and cross spectrum processing.
Waveform recording
By using the waveform recording program, it is possible to display and record the time
waveform of the incoming signal(s). Available recording time depends on the number
of input channels and the selected frequency range. The figure below shows a time
waveform displayed on the screen of the Main Control Unit.
Main Control Unit and Amplifier
Supports direct connection of microphones and
piezoelectric accelerometers.
Sensor amplifier slides into the
underside of the Main Control Unit
RIONOTE System Configuration
Waveform post processing
After completing waveform recording (as explained above), the stored waveforms
can be displayed on the Main Control Unit's large screen, and played back by using
the earphone jack output. Moreover, various secondary post processing functions
for the waveform data are available in the Main Control Unit, including FFT analysis
as shown in the screen example below.
BNC-BNC Coaxial Cable
EC-90 Series
1/2 inch
electret condenser
Preamplifier NH-22
BNC Adapter
Accelerometer cable
VP-51 Series
With amplifier
Tacho pulse inpu
General purpose
Voice memo
input connector
Charge Converter
Monitor output
Accelerometer Cable
PV-08A/85/90H etc. VP-51 series
Accelerometer Cable
VP-51 series
BNC Adapter
Charge converter
PV-08A/85/90H etc. VP-42
*Connection cable requirements differ.
Sound level
Rotation, distortion,
temperature, etc.
BP-30 (spare)
technology with the traditional virtues of RION;
. RIONOTE consists of a Main Control Unit SA-A1
nels and allowing you to perform measurements
s easy and intuitive to operate, with the dedicated
or touch screen. RION will continuously develop
asuring system of the future.
Octave band analysis
Real time analysis of noise or vibration levels for evaluation and
designing countermeasures is usually performed by means of octave
band analysis (using either octave bands or 1/3 octave bands). The
below screen sample of the RIONOTE displays octave analysis results
in 4 channels as a graph and numeric values at the same time.
RIONOTE intuitive user interface
Lets the user select the required program for the respective purpose:
SX-A1FT (FFT analysis), SX-A1RT (octave band analysis), or
SX-A1WR (waveform recording). The right side of the screen provides
access to various settings.
RIONOTE also enables the use of a wireless dock or wireless sensor amplifiers
to avoid the cost and hassle of cables. A plurality of wireless docks and wireless
sensor amplifiers can be used simultaneously, up to 16 channels, to store the
measured data in the Main Control Unit as well as in the memory of wireless dock
or wireless sensor amplifiers.
Wireless Dock (and Amplifier)
Wireless Sensor Amplifier
Separate type wireless dock and amplifier
(2 channel or 4 channel configuration)
Integrated type wireless dock and
amplifier (single channel configuration)
Analysis program
4 channel Amplifier
(Input 4 channel +
Rotation pulse input)
ut /
e DC input
2 channel Amplifier
(Input 2 channel +
Rotation pulse input)
AC adapter
Octave band analysis
USB (mini B)
USB (Type A)
FFT analysis
SD card
(Max. 32 GB)
Waveform recording
Waveform Analysis Software
Wireless Dock
Wireless Sensor
(1 channel)
*Up to 4 units can be used simultaneously
RIONOTE calibration screen
Serves for calibration of microphones or accelerometers connected
to the SA-A1.
■ Ordering Information
RIONOTE Wireless Sensor Amplifier, SA-A1WL1
Product name
Product number
1 channel (Microdot connector)
Signal transfer to platform
RIONOTE 2 channel FFT Analyzer
RIONOTE 4 channel FFT Analyzer
RIONOTE 2 channel Octave Analyzer
Distance of wireless transfer
RIONOTE 4 channel Octave Analyzer
USB2.0 (miniB, data output to PC and power supply)
RIONOTE 2 channel Frequency Analyzer (FFT and Octave)
Internal memory (2 GB)
RIONOTE 4 channel Frequency Analyzer (FFT and Octave)
Power supply
Li-Ion battery, AC adapter
RIONOTE Program for FFT Analysis
Dimensions, Weight
Approx. 21 (H) × 54 (W) × 84 (D) mm, Approx. 100 g (incl.battery)
RIONOTE Program for 1/3 Octave Analysis
WLAN (IEEE802.11a/b/g/n, 2.4/5 GHz), Zigbee (IEEE802.15.4, 2.4 GHz)
about 50 m*
* Depending on usage conditions
SX-A1FT, RIONOTE Program for FFT Analysis
Product name
Product number
General real-time analysis processing
Wireless Dock
SA-A1WD (Under Development)
Processing outline
FFT analysis (non-continuous frames when used in real time)
Wireless Sensor Amplifier
SA-A1WL1 (Under Development)
Number of channels
Max. 4 channels
Trigger Trigger modes
Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery (spare)
32 GB SD Card
Trigger source
2 GB SD Card
Trigger position
Voice Memo Microphone
Free, Single, Repeat
Waveform, External, Rotation speed
ー (N: number of analysis points)
Arithmetic functions
Time domain waveform for 1 frame, Power spectrum, Cross spectrum,
Transfer function, Coherence
Monitor Earphone
Shoulder Belt
Window functions
Rectangular, Hanning, Flat-top, Exponential, Force
LCD Protector
Analysis frequencies
20 kHz, 10 kHz, 5 kHz, 2 kHz, 1 kHz, 500 Hz, 200 Hz, 100 Hz
CCLD 4 mA Modification (factory option)
Number of analysis points
256, 512, 1 024, 2 048, 4 096, 8 192, 16 384
Averaging and other
Linear, Exponential, Max Hold
■ Specifications
RIONOTE Main Control Unit SA-A1, RIONOTE 4 channel / 2 channel Amplifier SA-A1B4/B2
processing functions
Number of averaging runs 1 to 1 024
General post-analysis processing
Input section
Number of channels
4 (2), BNC connectors
Max. input voltage
±13 V
Number of channels
FFT analysis of WAVE files recorded with WR function
Max. 4 channels
2 mA 24 V (4 mA Factory option)
Arithmetic functions
Time waveform for 1 frame, Power spectrum, Cross spectrum,
Frequency Range
DC to 20 kHz or 0.25 Hz to 20 kHz
Window functions
Rectangular, Hanning, Flat-top, Exponential, Force
Input range
-40 dB to 20 dB, 20-dB steps, 0 dB ref. Vrms = 1 V
Number of analysis points
1 024, 2 048, 4 096, 8 192, 16 384, 32 768
Transfer function, Coherence, Partial overall
Amplifier section
Residual noise
At range full-scale: -85 dB or less (0 dB range, AP level)
Overlap ratio
0 %, 25 %, 50 %, 75 %
Dynamic range
100 dB or better (0 dB range, fs = 51.2 kHz, 400 line FFT noise level)
Averaging and other
Linear, Exponential, Max Hold
Phase difference
±1 deg. or less (1 Hz to 20 kHz, same input range)
processing functions
Number of averaging runs
between channels
1 to 1 024
A/D converter section
SX-A1RT, RIONOTE Program for 1/3 Octave Analysis
A/D converter
24 bit, delta-sigma type, simultaneous sampling
Sampling frequencies
51.2 kHz, 25.6 kHz, 12.8 kHz, 5.12 kHz, 2.56 kHz,1.28 kHz, 512 Hz, 256 Hz
Standard compliance
JIS C1513 Class 1, JIS C1514 Class1,
IEC 61260:1995 Class1, ANSI S1.11-2004 Class1
10.1 inch TFT color LCD, 1 280 x 800 pixels, transmissive type
Touch panel
Band filter center frequencies and number of bands
Multi-touch (2 points), projected capacitive type
Input/output section
USB A x 1, mini B x 1
Octave bands
0.5 to 16 000 Hz, 16 bands Max. 3 channels 1/3 octave bands
0.4 to 20 000 Hz, 48 bands Max. 4 channels
Earphone jack
Yes Stereo mini jack, φ3.5
Instantaneous value data
Time weighted level Lp, Time averaged level Leq, Time weighted
SD card slot
Yes (SDHC support, max. 32 GB)
(every 100 ms)
maximum level Lmax
Processing value data
Tacho pulse input
Time averaged level Leq, Sound exposure level LE,
Time weighted maximum level Lmax, Time weighted minimum level Lmin,
Number of channels
1, BNC connector
Input voltage range
0 to 12 V
Time percentile level LN (5, 10, 50, 90, 95, 33.3), max. 5 values
Store function
Time weighting
F (Fast) 125 ms, 630 ms, S (Slow) 1 s, 10 s
Measurement rotation 5 000 pulse/s
speed range
Frequency weighting
A/D converter
10 bit successive approximation type
Sampling frequency
Approx. 10 Hz
Trigger modes
Free, Single, Repeat
Trigger source
AP level, Band level, External signal, Time
External trigger
Open collector supported, internal pull-up 3.3 V
Power supply
Li-Ion battery (battery life approx. 4 hours, depending on usage conditions), AC adapter
Dimensions, Weight
40 (H) x 275 (W) x 188 (D) mm
Number of recording
SA-A1: 1 200 g (incl. 280 g battery, SA-A1B4 mounted)
Equivalent to IPX4
Frequency range Water-resistant rating
A, C, Z
General purpose
SX-A1WR, RIONOTE Program for Waveform recording (Installed in SA-A1 main unit)
1 to 4 channels + rotation or General purpose DC
20 kHz, 10 kHz, 5 kHz, 1 kHz, 500 Hz, 100 Hz
Operating temperature range -10 °C to +50 °C using AC adapter, max. 90 % RH (no condensation)
16 bit/24 bit
Supplied accessories
Free, Single, Repeat
Rechargeable Li-Ion battery, BP-30 x 1, AC adapter NE-20P x 1
Trigger modes
Trigger source
RIONOTE Wireless Dock, SA-A1WD (and Amplifier SA-A1B4/B2)
Voice memo marker function
Waveform, Time, External, Rotation speed
4 or 2 channels (Amplifier SA-A1B4/B2 needed)
Monitor output (playback)
Allows listening to recorded data (51.2 kHz, 25.6 kHz, 12.8 kHz only)
Signal transfer to LAN port
Ethernet 100 base-TX
Recorded data
WAVE format
main platform
Distance of wireless transfer
WLAN (IEEE802.11a/b/g/n, 2.4/5 GHz), ZigBee (IEEE802.15.4, 2.4 GHz)
about 50 m*
SD card (SDHC support, max 32 GB)
Power supply
8 IEC R6 (sizeAA) batteries(alkaline or nickel-hydride), AC adapter
Dimensions, Weight
Approx. 42 (H) × 193 (W) × 95 (D) mm, Approx. 500 g (incl. battery)
Water-resistant rating
IP grade IPX4 equivalent (same as main unit)
* Depending
* Windows
Precautions regarding waterproofing
Before use, verify that the connector cover on the side of the unit is firmly closed.
To maintain the water-resistant rating, the internal packing of the enclosure must
be replaced every two years (at cost).
on usage conditions
is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
subject to change without notice.
ISO 14001 RION CO., LTD.
ISO 9 0 0 1 RION CO., LTD.
* Specifications
Distributed by:
3-20-41, Higashimotomachi, Kokubunji, Tokyo 185-8533, Japan
Tel: +81-42-359-7888 Fax: +81-42-359-7442
This product is environment-friendly. It does not include toxic chemicals on our policy.
This product is certified to an International Protection rating of IPX4 (resistant to splashing water).
This leaflet is printed with environmentally friendly UV ink on recycled paper.
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