to avoid food getting stuck in your doggie, pump the

to avoid food getting stuck in your doggie, pump the
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Adult supervision required.
Play the first few rounds with an adult to ensure that the
directions are being followed correctly so the doggie works
• 1 dog with leash and pump
• 1 bone
• 1 die (apply stickers before first use)
• 4 shovels
• 2 packets of ‘dog food’
• 1 food bowl
• 1 cleaning tool
• 1 set of instructions
Object of the Game:
Feed and walk your doggie. When he makes a mess you
clean it up. Be the first player to get 3 pieces of dog doo
on your shovel to win!
Set Up:
All players wash their hands before beginning. Place the
dog in the center of the playing area. Each player chooses
the color shovel they want to use.
Feeding the Dog:
Take the ‘dog food’ out of
the food packet. Determine
the correct amount of food
to feed your doggie by using
the food bowl (as shown). Using your finger, carefully
push the food deep into the doggie’s mouth. Next, push
his yellow dog bone all the way into his mouth. Leave the
bone in while playing.
Ages 4+
2 to 4 players
Playing the Game:
The youngest player starts the game and rolls the die. The
symbol that appears on top of the die indicates which
action the player must take. See illustrations below:
Squeeze leash 1 time
Squeeze leash 2 times
Squeeze leash 3 times
Lose your turn
Exchange your shovel with
a player of your choice
IMPORTANT: To avoid food getting
stuck in your doggie, pump the leash
recommend younger players use both
Once the action is completed, the turn is over and the
next player on the left rolls the die.
When the doggie goes doo, the player who squeezed the
leash picks up the mess and places it on their shovel. This
player also feeds the dog for the next round (see ‘Feeding
the dog’).
After playing a game, all the ‘dog food’ is collected by the
winner and stored in the sealed packet so it can be used
for the next game.
You can only pick up the dog’s doo when it has fallen on
the table. If it is hanging outside the end of the dog, just
tap him on the back until it drops.
Helpful Hints & Clean Up Tips:
If your doggie has stomach problems and isn’t going doo
try these tips:
• Feed the doggie one more time using the correct
amount of food (see ‘Feeding the Dog’). Then, pump the
leash QUICKLY and FIRMLY, and the doo should come
• Check that the leash tube is firmly fastened to both the
doggie and the pump.
• Check that the red bands on the yellow bone
are firmly in place, and that the bone is secured all the
way in the doggie’s mouth.
• If your doggie’s food is still stuck, use the cleaning tool
to push it through:
1.) Remove the yellow bone.
2.) Insert the cleaning tool into the doggies mouth
starting with the circular end.
3.) Hold the doggie down with one hand and use the
other hand to push the cleaning tool all the way
through the doggie until the doo falls out.
4.) Pull the cleaning tool back through the doggie and
remove from his mouth.
Doggie Doo Food:
Always close the ‘dog food’ packet tightly after each
use to prevent it from drying out.
Do not expose to sunlight or heat and keep dirt free.
Only one packet of ‘dog food’ is required to play
the game. We recommend that you only open the
complimentary second packet if the ‘food’ from the
first packet becomes unusable or lost.
The ‘dog food’ is safe and non-toxic. However it is
not suitable for consumption and may cause eye
Washing your hands before playing will keep the ‘dog
food’ in good condition.
If the ‘dog food’ gets stuck to carpet or fabric, simply
let it dry and rub it off.
If your ‘dog food’ becomes dry or sticky, you can
order more at:
855-258-8214 (toll free)
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Winning the Game:
The game ends when a player has collected 3 pieces of
the dog’s doo on their shovel. This player wins the game!
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