Cold Laminators From Daige Products

Cold Laminators From Daige Products
Cold Laminators from Daige Products
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Quickmount Mounting Press - Cold Laminators from Daige Products
QUIKMOUNT makes laminating fast and easy
Quickmount is an affordable cold laminator/finishing system
Provides many features found in more
expensive laminators.
Eliminates the hassles and expense of
Faster than squeegeeing by hand.
Easy to use.
Costs thousands of dollars less than
comparable laminators.
Rugged Steel and aluminum
construction with heavy-duty motor.
Optional Footswitch.
How to Use Quickmount:
Comes with aluminum collars and
hubs for holding your laminate rolls
place. Belt driven take-up reel
automatically rolls up liner.
You can change laminate rolls in
than a minute.
Insert your board and use the two
knobs to set height and pressure of
top roller.
Cold Laminators from Daige Products
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Separate the white liner from
laminate. Tape the liner to the core
on the take up reel.
Place the print on your reusable
carrier board and run through the
rollers. (The carrier board takes up
excess laminate and provides
support for the print.)
After the print exits out the back, cut
off the laminate, peel the print off the
board and trim. You now have a
perfectly laminated print
Cold Laminates
Daige carries a full line of cold laminates in three finishes: gloss, luster or
matte. Gloss is normally used when you need to add glossiness to your
finished print. Luster, the most popular finish, is used indoors to eliminate
glare and provides a very natural look. Matte is used when you want to
tone down the finish. Available in 25”, 38”, 51” and 54” widths.
Quikmount rolls down prints to boards for fast, easy mounting.
It also applies double sided adhesives to boards by placing a roll of
on the shaft instead of laminate
Cold Laminators from Daige Products
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Quickmount Features
Non-stick silicone rubber on both
Heavy-duty motor
Two knobs for setting top roller height
Large roller cores for even pressure
Automatic take-up reel.
Rugged steel and aluminum casing
Optional footswitch for hands-free
motor control
Roller Widths
Board Thickness
25", 38", and 55"
up to 1/2" board
8 seconds per foot (or71/2 ft. per
Outside dimensions
Roller Diameters
Roller Coverings
110 or 220 volts, 50/60 Hz
16" W x 30" L
16" W x 43" L
16" W x 60" L
25" & 38" width - 2 1/2" and 55" = 3"
Non-Stick Silicone
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