Super Fact Sheet

Super Fact Sheet
Lithium Charger
OptiMateTM lithium, the first OptiMate to protect your LiFePO4 battery
in a way no other charger did before!
The new OptiMate lithium will protect your investment and guarantee
your Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4 / LFP) battery will perform as
advertised for a very long time. With 5 Amps of charge current
available OptiMate lithium unique multi step ampmaticTM program
recharges and balances cells within the battery quickly and efficiently.
OptiMate lithium’s maintenance program delivers current to the
vehicle circuitry, protecting and keeping the battery at 100% charge.
OptiMate lithium – Battery Performance Guaranteed!
How it works
1. Pre-qualification test: OptiMate Lithium displays the condition of
the battery before charging and measures environment temperature.
The ampmaticTMcharge program is selected according to
temperature and battery condition.
Applications for Lithium Charger
SLI / Starter batteries
2. Low Volts recovery: The safeTo protection mode controls
charging during this sensitive battery SAVE stage, to ensure that an
over discharged battery will be correctly and safely recovered. Tests
are conducted through-out the SAVE program to determine if the
battery has successfully recovered and can advance to BULK
Traction batteries
3. Bulk charge: the ampmaticTM processor actively adjusts charge
current to match battery capacity and condition, achieving a complete
charge in the shortest time. Progress is tracked against the ideal
charge curve for LiFePO4 batteries.
4. Short-circuited / dead cell check: Charge progress is tracked
against the ideal LiFePO4 charge curve, internal damage will be
detected and unnecessary charging is prevented of a battery that
cannot be recovered.
5. Absorption and equalisation: for 10 minutes the current is
delivered in pulses with voltage controlled between 14,0 and 14,3V,
aiding cell voltage equalisation and improving the battery's overall
power delivery.
6. Charge verification: the voltage is limited at 13,6V while the
ampmaticTM processor monitors the current absorbed by the battery.
If this reveals a less than optimal charge, the program reverts to
absorption for a further 10 minutes.
7. Voltage retention test: is conducted for 30 minutes during which
no charge current is delivered, with 5 possible test results indicating
the battery's general state of health. A green (voltage > 12,7V) result
extends the test up to 12 hours, to check for excessive self discharge
or higher than expected power loss through the vehicle’s electrical
8. Charge maintenance: The 12 hour MAINTENANCE CHARGE
CYCLE consists of 30 minute float charge periods at a voltage of
13,6V followed by and alternating with a 30 minute ‘rest’ (no charge
current) periods. During the float charge period current is delivered
only if the battery has lost charge due to connected vehicle circuitry. A
refresh cycle may be performed if the charge level has dropped
The voltage retention test and maintenance charge cycle will repeat
24 hours after the start of the very first test and continue to repeat for
as long as the charger remains connected.
The alternating charge and ‘rest’ maintenance program protects the
battery against over discharge by connected vehicle circuitry, making
it ideal for indefinite and 100% safe long term maintenance charging.
Technical specifications Lithium Charger
Powered by TCPDF (
Recommended for
All super B batteries
Programme control
ampmaticTM microprocessor
Input current max.
0,55A @ 230V
Typical annual energy cost
< €1 (continuous maintenance)
Reverse drain current
less than 0,001A
Output current (bulk charge)
0,4A – 5,0A
Automatic desulphation
multistage (high voltage, turbo and pulsed mode)
Charge time limit
24 hours (maintenance time: unlimited)
Maintain / test cycles
30 min/30 min (alternating hourly)
Charge retention test
Range: 10,1 - 13,3V. GOOD (green) = battery
voltage > 13,3V
199 x 71 x 61mm
Enclosure classification
easy direct wall mounting
Input cable length
Output cable length
Included Accessories
SAE-71 fused eyelet set, weather protected
Included Accessories
SAE-74 clamps set for bench charging
Operation temperature range
-40°C / +40°C
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