chronograph manual - AMSTERDAM VINTAGE WATCHES

chronograph manual - AMSTERDAM VINTAGE WATCHES
Using a chronograph:
Your watch has 2 pushers. The top one, pusher A is usually used to start and stop the chronograph.
The bottom pusher, pusher B, is used to reset the chronograph.
The chronograph can be used as a stopwatch, for example to measure lap times.
Note: never push both pushers simultaneously.
The secondshand of the chronograph is the long central hand on your watch. A watch with a
chronograph usually has a small seconds hand in a separate subdial, for the time function of your
watch. Please do not keep the chronograph running all the time, as this takes a lot of power reserve
from the mechanism.
Usually a chronograph has 2 or 3 subdials / counters. One is used to show the seconds, this hand is
always moving as it shows the seconds of the time, not the seconds elapsed when using the
chronograph. The other two subdials are used to show the elapsed minutes and hours when using
the chronograph. When the chronograph is not being used the hand of these subdials should be
centered pointing towards 12 o’clock.
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