VIPRO® White Board
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VIPRO White Board
For a modern and attractive presentation platform.
The VIPRO® White Board is manufactured
using a special etched structured surface
developed for front projection with a combination
of specialist foils in the interlayer.
The VIPRO® White Board is supplied with the ability
to use magnets to pin documents to the surface and by
using a white board marker pen the presentation just
wipes off the surface.
The VIPRO® White Board can also be custom made to enable
different types of interactive presentation. It can be supplied with
an optical touch frame with Various touch points for use as a large
We can also supply with an eBeam system that captures your hand
written presentation to a computer for use later.
The VIPRO® White board is delivered with a TÜV approved mounting set.
This spaces the board 12mm off the wall so creating a ‘free-floating’ screen.
The standard size for the VIPRO® White Board is 90” picture at 16:9 giving
a board size of 2000 x 1100*
The VIPRO® White Board is supplied with a starter kit of 8 magnets.
* Other dimensions are available on request
J’CSL –1280 –05/14
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