Engine Mounts for EJ Series Engines
 Engine Mounts for EJ Series Engines 2012-­‐08-­‐21 Thank you for purchasing this PERRIN product for your car! Installation of this product should only be performed by persons experienced with installation of aftermarket performance parts and proper operation of high performance vehicles. If vehicle needs to be raised off the ground for installation, the installer must use proper jacks, jack-­‐stands and/or a professional vehicle hoist for safety of the installer and to protect property. If the vehicle is lifted improperly, serious injury or death may occur! Please read through all instructions before performing any portion of installation. If you have any questions, please contact our tech department prior to starting installation. We can be reached in any of the following methods: Email Tech@PERRINperformance.com Instant Chat off the main page of www.PERRINperformance.com Or simply call our tech team at 503-­‐693-­‐1702 GENERAL MODIFICATION NOTE Modifications to any vehicle can change the handling and performance. As with any vehicle extreme care must be used to prevent loss of control or roll-­‐over during sharp turns or abrupt maneuvers. Always wear seat belts, and drive safely, recognizing that reduced speeds and specialized driving techniques may be required. Failure to drive a vehicle safely may result in serious injury or death. Do not drive a vehicle unless you are familiar with its unique handling characteristics and are confident of your ability to maintain control under all driving conditions. Some modifications (and combinations of modifications) are not recommended and may not be permitted in your state or country. Consult the owner’s manual, service manual, instructions accompanying these products, and local laws before purchasing and installing these modifications. You are responsible for the legality and safety of the vehicle you modify using these components. SPECIAL NOTES: •
The use of a factory service manual is highly recommended for installation. These can be purchased online at http://techinfo.subaru.com. Expect added NVH during all driving situations esspecially at Idle. Some NVH can be reduced by raising the stock Idle RPM. Roughly 100-­‐200 RPM more than stock is a good starting point. This must be done using an ECU reflash device like an AccessPORT. If using an AccessPORT, this parameter can be adjusted by going to Tune/Adjustments/ Idle. A threaded type adjustable jack stand placed under the engine, is required to safely install these mounts. These are generally too tall to use typical car jack stands with, which means this install needs to be done on professional type hoist. Failure to use an adjustable jack stand while lifting engine can result in a vary dangerous situation. We highly recommend taking these to a shop to install do to having to raise engine and the potentially unsafe working condition from working in a small area. Included Parts with PERRIN Engine Mount Kit: •
(1) PERRIN Left Engine Mount (1) PERRIN Right Engine Mount (2) 7/16” Washers (2) 7/16-­‐18x3/4” bolts (1) Anti-­‐seize grease packet Installation Instructions 1.
Raise car off ground using professional hoist or jack and jack stands. Remove lower splash guard from car. This step will vary from year to year. Remove intake system from car. This step will vary greatly depending on intake installed. If Top Mounted Intercooler is installed, remove interooler to expose Pitch Stop Mount. If Front Mount Intercooler is installed, remove engine bay boost tubes. NOTE:This still will vary depending on intercooler setup. Locate pitch stop mount and remove forward 14mm bolt and nut. Loosen (2) 14mm nuts securing engine (engine mounts) to engine crossmemeber. NOTE: Some aftermarket front swaybars may need to be unbolted to gain clearance to reach these nuts. In most cases removing the left and right bushing, and center plate/jack point will work. 8. Remove bolts securing downpipe to catback exhaust (this step may vary do to different exhaust systems). 9.
If aftermarket transmission mount is installed, remove lower connection at tranny crossmember. This is done to ensure no damage occurs to tranny mount while engine is raised up. 10. Engine should now be free to raise up. Place threaded adjustable jack stand under oil pan and make sure that a block of wood is used between oil pan and stand to help protect pan from getting damaged. Raise engine up roughly 2.5”. 11. Locate and remove (4) 14mm bolts securing OEM engine mounts to block. The forward bolts are easy to access, but rear bolts are located in a small, cramped area. Using a combination of 3/8 drive rachet, 14mm socket, and 14mm wrech will help remove the rear bolts. 12. Before installing PERRIN Mounts to engine, test supplied 7/16” bolts through slots in subframe. If bolts are tight fitting, remove some material from the slots using a file or a die grind/dremal type tool. 13.
Locate PERRIN Engine Mount marked LEFT and install this to the left side of engine using OEM bolts removed earlier. NOTE: Make sure and align mount so the “Front and Arrow” are pointed toward front of car. Tighten bolts to 25.8ft-­‐lbs. NOTE: Take care to not cross thread or overtighten these bolts or removal of engine may be necessary to fix. Locate PERRIN Engine Mount marked RIGHT and install this to the left side of engine using OEM bolts removed earlier. NOTE: Make sure and align mount so the “Front and Arrow” are pointed toward front of car. Tighten bolts to 25.8ft-­‐lbs. NOTE: Take care to not cross thread or overtighten these bolts or removal of engine may be necessary to fix. Drop engine down slowly making sure to line up threaded holes in PERRIN Engine mounts with slots in engine cross member. NOTE: If threaded holes do not line up with slots in subframe, place jack under oil pan and lift up sligthly to reduce weight on mounts. Then use a prybar to move engine left to right or front to back. Install supplied 7/16” bolts into engine mount making sure to use a small amount of included Anti-­‐seize on the threads. Tighten bolts to 65ft-­‐lbs. Tighten/reinstall all the follow items you may have loosened or removed in earlier steps: a.
Connection on subframe where transmission mount bolts to. If this mount doesn’t line up use a pry bar to help move engine around. b. 14mm nut and bolt securing pitch stop mount to transmission. c.
Top mount intercooler or boost tubes from front mounted intercooler. d. Catback Exhaust system e.
Intake system. f.
Lower splash guard. Start engine and take car for test drive. Initially you will notice additional noises and or vibrations in the car. This perfectly normal after installation. Periodically inspect mounts to ensure no damage has occurred to them from extreme conditions like drag racing or road racing. Questions, Comments and Suggestions Contact: Tech@PERRINperformance.com Visit Our Website for Instant Chat Options at www.PERRINperformance.com Call Our Tech Team at 503-­‐693-­‐1702 
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