Rotor Memory Blender 2
Rotor Memory Blender 2
The high performance programmable commercial silent blender.
•12 programmable cycles for automatic processing
•6 fixed speeds in manual mode
•very quiet, place saving, solid and elegant
•polished stainless steel
•easy cleaning
A Swiss quality
product which sets
a higher standard
Rotor Memory Blender 2
Spoil your clients and guests with mixed
cocktails, frozen drinks, smoothies, ice
coffees, shakes and other trendy drinks.
The Rotor Memory Blender 2 is built for the daily use right in
front of the customer: in bars, restaurants, coffee-shops, tearooms, or hotels.
2 litre jars made of stainless steel or polycarbonate
The 2 litre jars are made of stainless steel or dish washer safe,
unbreakable polycarbonate. All jars have a stainless steel
bottom, which is removable for easy cleaning. The cutting head
has 2 sealed stainless steel bearings and 4 shock absorbers to
prevent noise. The parts can be replaced.
Powerful and efficient
The Memory Blender 2 is a compact programmable commercial
blender, driven by a high power ventilator cooled motor. The
high-quality construction and the electronically controlled
speed cycles guarantee a maximum on performance. The “High
Power” blades crush ice cubes within a few seconds.
before crushing
after 2 seconds crushing
Stainless steel 2 l, very robust,
for highest demands on hygiene,
stainless steel handle.
Polycarbonate 2 l, light,
handy, transparent, with scale,
“High Power” cutting head,
for intense and fast processing,
crushes also ice cubes.
Art. Nr. 1121.306
Optional whipping head, stirs
without cutting. For crèmes,
shakes, cocktails, etc.
Art. Nr. 1121.305
Electronic control with “Memory” function
The microprocessor based controller features 6 push buttons
with 12 optimized pre-programmed cycles which are suitable for
most applications. Using the built-in “Memory” function, these
cycles can be replaced with individual programs with different
time and speed settings.
Optional cutting head
“Bar-Blender”, for gentle
mixing and very fine pureeing.
Art. Nr. 1125.130
High quality design, silent and easy to clean
The motor housing is made of polished stainless steel. The top
of the machine made of high-grade plastic material is noiseabsorbing. The entire sound enclosure is removable without
any tools.
Even the speed of the “Pulse” function can be changed. It’s
possible to disable the “Memory” function, to prevent unwanted
overwriting. The blender can also be operated in a manual
mode with 6 fixed speeds. The easy to understand LEDs show
the state of the controller.
The programmable Rotor Memory Blender 2
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Technical data
Rotor Memory Blender 2
Jar 2 l / PC
Jar 2 l / Inox
Article number
Power supply
230 V / 50 Hz
Max. power
~1600 W peak / 1000 W continuous
2000-15 000 rpm, programmable
Net weight (kg)
L x W (mm)
265 x 225 / 410 x 225 open
max. Ø 233
max. Ø 225
Height (mm)
505 / 610 open
Swiss Made
The Rotor Memory Blender 2 is made completely in our factory in Uetendorf,
including the motor.
The machines comply with the CE-regulations.
Tabletop version
In-Counter version
For lower demanding bar operation
we recommend the competitive Rotor
BarBlenders, for commercial kitchens
the blenders Rotor Gastronom GT
or Rotor Gastronom GK (CE) with
4 l jars.
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Catering equipment manufacturer
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CH-3661 Uetendorf
• By opening the plastic cover the motor stops immediately.
•A protective switch prevents the motor from overloading and overheating.
•Rugged main switch.
•The blender conforms to the international IEC standards, also fulfilling the
requirements of the NSF (food-hygiene).
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