The Connection Café
The Connection Café
The Connection Cafe • 600 6th Ave • Des Moines, IA • 50309
The Connection Café serves lunch to the homeless and low-income population.
Volunteers are needed to help put lunches together and serve them. There is also the
opportunity to interact with individuals being served during lunch time.
Volunteer Opportunities
You can provide, prepare and/or serve meals. You can help on a one-time basis or we
can look into getting you on the regular schedule. You can come and serve on your lunch
break or help out in some other way
Monday - Friday
2 Volunteers per day
11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. (help with noon meal at café,
interview volunteers and guests)
Various times Monday – Friday: Workshops for the guests (job related areas,
applications, interviewing skills, job basics, gardening, crafts, health related, budgeting,
cooking, parenting, or other creative ideas)
Rob Hoover
[email protected]
Tiffany Nguyen
(641) 628-5424
[email protected]
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