HD IP Camera Quick Installation Guide

HD IP Camera Quick Installation Guide
HD IP Camera Quick Installation Guide
Our Package includes the
------ 1*Camera
------ 1*Power adapter
------ 1*CD
------ 1*Quick installation guide
------ 1*Bracket
Our brand new camera is a high resolution camera designed for homeuse.It could be added to many other platforms supporting ONVIF , but our
CMS (see CD) should be the recommended central management software
with best compatibility . (we do not guarantee a fully function if you add it
into other software)
Our camera comes with the newest P2P (peer to peer) technology . You
only need to input the serial number (UID) or scan the bar code to greatly
simplify the set up . The UID usually locates on the label at the bottom of
the camera.
(2) Search tool can find camera
IP address and port number; you
also use it to modify camera’s IP
address; (note: you can only
modify the port number in IE)
(3) Select the camera to modify if
the camera IP address doesn’t
match gateway (the router IP).(If
gateway is, your
camera IP should be 192.168.1.X
(4) Open IE, run “http://camera IP:
http port “to view the camera in IE
(default user name is “admin” and
password is “admin”), Find http
port using search tool (default http
port is 80), and you can modify it in
IE, for example, a good address
could be:
Note: consult your router manufacture if you do not know the gateway for
your router.
3 Use iPad / iPhone / Android to view video
(1) Search and download P2P CAM264 at
app store (android market or apple app
(2) Run P2P CAM264 in your device.
1. Camera Overview
1. WIFI antenna
2. Audio out: connect to speaker
3. Cable RJ45: connect with RJ45
Ethernet cable
4. TF card slot
5. Alarm: connect to alarm
6. Power: connect to power adapter
7. Microphone
2. Camera Installation
A. Install the Camera
(1) Connect the camera to the router using the provided ethernet cable;
(you need to set up wired connection before you use wifi)
(3) Tap “add camera” to configure your IP
camera; you can configure by “auto ways” and
“manual ways”
Auto ways: Click “QRcode” ,
and scan the bar code at
the bottom of camera. If you
find a red line at the screen,
please aim to the bar code
for two seconds, and you
will hear beep when the
phone automatically adds in
the UID.
Manual ways: Click “Add”, manually input UID code (20 digits serial code).
(4) Name the camera password “888888”.
Click save to finish configuration.
(2) Connect the camera to the power using the provided power adapter.
(3) Green LED solid on means power is good; flashing yellow LED means
cable is well connected.
(5) All saved camera info
will be displayed in the
home screen; you can
initiate the view through
taping those online
Note: use the original power adapter to avoid damage.
B. View with Internet Explorer
(1) Open CD with computer; find and run “search tool”;
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