Smart Wireless RGB/RGBW LED Remote control (RGBW-RF-4Z)

Smart Wireless RGB/RGBW LED Remote control (RGBW-RF-4Z)
Smart Wireless RGB/RGBW LED Remote control
This remote control can be used with RGB or RGBW LED Strips in configuration for
up to 4 zones that can be controlled individually using only one remote.
Every zone requires a separate RGB / RGBW wireless LED controller (model number
RGBW‐ RX01) and can consist of unlimited number of receivers which will auto synchronise between them using a “master/slave” concept.
Every “master” RGB / RGBW wireless controller is assigned to one of the 4 zones
available on the remote, slave LED controllers get in sync automatically through
wireless radio signal and the result is a complete and precise colour synchronization between all controllers of each zone.
Every wireless RGB / RGBW LED controller can be assigned to be controlled by a
maximum of 8 remote controls simultaneously.
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Learning (Matching) ‐ Pairing a remote with LED controller
1. Install 3 x “AAA” size batteries on the remote control. 2. Connect the LED Strips and external power supply with the LED controller.
3. Power on the remote using on/off button 4. Press momentarily the learning button located on the LED controller. 5. Touch pairing ZONE button located on the remote control (1 to 4). 6. Touch on the remote control colour wheel (any colour) 7. If pairing is successful LED Strip connected will blink once immediately after
step 6. Note: Steps 3 to 6 should be done within a few seconds. Remove/Delete Pairing between remote and controller
In case that you need to remove/delete the pairing, simply hold learning button
for more than 5 sec. Blinking of the LED Strips means that pairing is not removed
and the controller will then switch on all 4 output channels.
Zone & Colour Wheel
Select zone number/s as an example 1 & 3, then touch on any colour on the colour
wheel and the corresponding colour will be created through the corresponding LED
Dimming/control of the RGB & White colours
“Brightness dim down and up” buttons as shown above will be used to control the
brightness of any RGB mixed colour (short or long press).
White colour in case of RGBW Strips is not dimmable though that buttons; The
4th channel (White) brightness can be adjusted using “W” button. Short press of
“W” button will switch on/off the white colour and long press of the same button
will control brightness up/down.
Keep it pressed and will dim the “W channel” either 0 to 100% or reverse 100 to
0%; If you stop pressing at any level then will be stored in “W” memory. Next
time you repeat same process the button will do the reverse action on dimming
(either 0 to 100% or reverse 100 to 0%). So the same button is used to switch off/on the
white colour (quick touch) but also to adjust “W” brightness (long press).
White colour produced by RGB mixing (W+ button)
RGB colours can produce also warm, natural or cool white colours but not as pure
as when using a single white colour LED strip.
This smart remote control can simulate the 3 basic white colours (WW/NW/CW) using
Red Green & Blue (RGB). The mixing is stored and done seamlessly just by using
“W+” button on the remote. Every press of W+ button will cycle through warm,
natural and cool white colours (mixed using the RGB channels only).
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Switching completely OFF the RGB colours
Fast double click of “W+” button will switch OFF all RGB colours, this is very useful
when RGBW Strips are installed and we want to close the RGB colours and use the
4th White channels of White!
Built‐in Colour changing modes
Remote comes with 10 preprogramed built‐in colour changing modes that can be
accessed by “Running/Speed” button as shown above on the picture details of the
remote button.
This button is also dual function, can control the mode but also speed of the chasing colours.
Short press of the button will enable the 1st colour changing mode, second short
press will pause/freeze the mode and short pressing again will enable the 2nd
colour changing mode, repeating the process will mean going through all 10
modes and after “black‐out” mode will again activate the 1st colour changing
Long press during any colour changing mode is active will increase the speed of
the mode, second long press will decrease the speed of the same mode.
Programming the memory (Save & Recall buttons)
You can save and recall your favourite scenes or even chases using “S1/2/3” buttons.
To do so, select zones from 1 to 4, use the colour wheel to create your favourite
scene or select any chase. You can also switch off the RGB if you prefer (using W+
double click) and activate only the White (4th channel) or any combination of colours/chase you wish.
When you create your favourite scene/chase, “long press” S1/2 or 3 (about 3 sec)
and the scene will be saved
You can then recall same scene at any time by “short pressing” on the same button.
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