e-shop user guide - pgb

e-shop user guide - pgb
e-shop user guide
e-shop user guide
The purpose of this user guide is to propose and demonstrate the new version of the e-commerce, in a correct way.
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1. Login
On the screen, to your right, click in the navigation bar on “e-shop”.
On the screen, to your right, click in the navigation bar on “customers”.
Enter your username and password.
2. Home screen
This screens shows the basic functions:
Provides opportunities for additional functions such as importing scanner data, view orders, etc.
Provides opportunities for additional functions such as login out, using Team viewer, etc.
Provides the ability to check and order your desired items.
The “search” function provides the opportunity to search via specific terms in order to get product information.
In addition, the buttons
offer a number of features :
Import from scanner : Import your scanned articles
Import from file : Copy-paste the items you want and import them into your shopping cart
Favorite demands : Save your favorite articles
Orders : Information about your orders
Shipments: Information about your shipment, eg.: info on your package or pallet
Back Orders : See wether your goods are in back order (BO) or can be delivered
Mediabank : images of the different products, brand logo’s, etc.
Team Viewer : Allows pgb-experts to remotely connect to your computer (Live assistance)
E-commerce Manual : Download the e-shop user guide.
E-mail : Send a mail to pgb-services
Change password : Change your e-shop password
Log off : Leave the e-shop
3. Placing orders
Click on one of the navigation menus or enter a search term
There are different ways to search for the items you want to include in your order. A more detailed
explanation will follow.
3.1 Search for articles based on their product group
Within the e-shop you will find the different products that we distribute. In order to keep it as clear and
simple as possible, we established different search criteria for each product group.
3.1.1 Hexagon head screws (Fixations)
Entering the selection
A first selection is on the level of product. Via the navigation
structure you can choose between the different chapters.
Then choose the desired product group within the main
group. There you can choose between the different types of
Afterwards you can see all the different types within the
selected subgroup.
When you have selected a type, then choose one last time
for the product with the desired finish.
After this last choice you will be able to view the product
Adding products to your basket
Number of pages with results.
The number of results shown per page.
This allows you put the results in ascending or
descending order.
Additional information on the selected item,
such as technical drawings and characteristics.
You can adjust the
display to your
needs. See
“advanced settings”.
Adds the selected item to your open
application (basket/demand). You can also
click directly on the symbol next to the article
Double-click to assign your own article number
to his reference.
Shows the stock situation. If the amount is
between brackets (…), this means that the
goods are already in the warehouse but not yet
available for sale.
Adding articles to your open application:
Select the desired number of products and press enter or click confirm. You will see your net price for
each item as well as a picture. The experience shows that this is a very safe method. You have the
choice to order a quantity or a number of packages.
Fill in the required
number or simply
work with the arrow
keys on your
Content of the basket (demand)
The last 5 added
articles will appear in a
pop-up window.
You can always click on the basket to check whether all the items have been added, with the wright
You will see immediately the overall value of the order and your free delivery amount. If this amount has
not been reached, you can supplement with eg. Stock items.
Adjust the order quantity
Delete articles from your open application or basket
Delete the entire list of articles from the basket.
Shows the stock situation :
- green: Sufficient stock available for delivery
- red: No stock or insufficient stock
Add to saved application (To be found under “My tools”
Opens a printable pdf
Export your open application in Excel
You can leave your articles in you basket, whitout ordering them, until you reach your amount for free
shipment or you can order your articles and agree with the costs of freight.
If your application is complete, click the
However, when you still have expired invoices, the application cannot be converted
into an order and you will receive the following message:
”There are problems with your account, please contact us + indication of the direct
phone number”
Place order via open application
Follow the on-screen instructions and enter your reference and any comments you might have.
You will get an overview of the value of your order and the granted discount for ordering online.
You can decide whether you will come and pick up the order or that they be extradited.
You can decide yourself whether deliverable back-orders must be included in the order, yet the backorders are also daily monitored by us.
Then click on
You will receive a confirmation in PDF format and an e-mail with your order (only if you entered your
email address)
You can follow your order via the ‘Orders’ screen (See below)
Note : The ordering process is similar to the following groups :
Hexagon head bolts
Socket screws
Selfdrilling/tapping screws
Machine screws
Wood screws
Various head forms
Screws without head
Pins and Rivets
3.1.2 Anchors
Choose the type you want.
Then choose the quality of workmanship. (zn = galvanized,
Filling in the code. If you don’t know the article code by heart
or have doubts whether it is the right code, click the
magnifying glass. This permits you to enter part of the code
or enables you to search via key words.
Fill in the diameter and length (optional)
Fill in the drill diameter and fixture thickness (optional).
3.1.3 Tools
On the pictures above you will see that you will have to choose the desired product first.
Then you choose the type of product.
Afterwards choose the desired version of the product and eventually order it.
You can determine which version (type) and, if available, what
quality you want.
3.1.4 Drills and bits
On the pictures above you will see that you will have to choose the desired product first.
Then you choose the type of product.
Afterwards choose the desired version of the product and eventually order it.
You can determine the diameter and length.
3.2 Quick search
Search for articles via EAN-number
Fill in the EAN-number and press the enter button or click the
Search for articles via article code
Fill in the article code or your own article reference and press the enter button or click the
Search for articles via key words
Fill in one or more key words or click the
Search for articles via pgb / EN/ DIN or ISO - code
Fill in the pgb-code and press the enter button or click the
Fill in the EN-code and press the enter button or click the
Fill in the DIN-number and press the enter button or click the
Fill in the ISO-number and press the enter button or click the
3.3 Import scanned articles
Via ‘My tools’  ‘Import from scanner’ allows you to sync your scanned items in the e-shop.
At first, you will be asked to approve a certificate.  allow
Attention: When using Windows Vista, the “Vista scanner Driver” file must first be installed.
Once the scanner is in the docking station or connected via USB cable, the scanner will automatically
connect to the e-shop. (If the JAVA version is up to date)
Afterwards, you will be able to send or delete your scans. Furthermore, you can update your scanner.
The latter happens only when the scanner software is lost or if the item file on the scanner has become
After these steps, you can check your articles and proceed to place your order.
3.4 Import from file (External source)
Via ‘My tools’  ‘Import from file’ you can import your items from an external file in the e-shop. For
example, from a text file, Excel, etc.
Copy the articles and paste them into the field provided. Every item is followed by a number, separated
by a tab. You can also put in the equivalent number of products in one package. You can also put in the
amount of units you want, but it must be followed by a capital ‘E’ separated by a tab.
This means that there are 2 possibilities :
Article code <tab> number of pieces
Article code <tab> number of units <tab> E
As you can see, after the import, the articles are now added to the basket.
3.5 Favourit demands
In this window you can see your ‘favourit demands’ and ‘Open inquiries’.
4. Manage your orders
View the content of your order
Cancel your order. An e-mail will be sent to the office to
inform them about your cancellation.
The number of product lines in your order (= amount of
articles you ordered)
The status of the order:
New / ready for dispatch / sent / credit note
5. Manage your delivery
View the content of your order
Our reference
Your reference
Amount of packages
You can view additional information on packages or pallets per order, view the details of your shipment,
and details about the packaging.
All this information can be exported to Excel, you just have to click the
6. Manage your Back-Orders
In this overview you can see the status of all the products that are in backorder. A product that is
indicated with the red icon
is not available for delivery. When the product becomes available for
delivery, meaning that it is available from our stock, the icon will change from red
to green
You can decide for yourself whether you want these goods to be delivered with your next shipment,
even though they are daily monitored by our sales and purchase department.
When a quantity is between brackets ‘(...)’ , then the goods are at pgb-Europe. The goods are not yet
available for shipment, even though it means that they will be ready very soon.
Articles followed by this symbol ‘
be asked for at any time.
’, are available articles that are specially reserved for you. They can
Advanced settings
1.1 Adjust columns to your needs
You can adjust the order of columns that are displayed to your own needs. Simply by dragging and
dropping the columns where you want them to be.
1.2 Adding / deleting columns from tables
You can also add columns to the tables. Choose ‘add columns’ and select the column(s) you want to add to the table.
Click the add-button and the columns will be added to the table. You can also drag and drop them at the position you
want them to be.
1.3 Breadcrumbs
In order to get back to one of the previous screens you have visited, you can easily use the breadcrumbs. The
breadcrumbs are available at every page, when you have started your search via the navigational structure.
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