Characteristics of the tractor to pull the Delfino

Characteristics of the tractor to pull the Delfino
Characteristics of the tractor to pull the Delfino plough of the Vallerani System
Depending on the characteristics of the soil and the type of processing carried out with the
special ploughs of the Vallerani System, a double traction wheel tractor is needed.
The power required varies from 190 HP to 300 HP.
The tractor must be fitted with:
6 spline PTO and 1000 r.p.m.
Mono-polar socket 12 VDC
3 couples of hydraulic auxiliary double effect distributors
Three point linkage, category 2 or 3N
Maximum ballast: both in front and on rear wheels (total weight must achieve 10
If it is planned to work sloping land (possible up to 25%) it is important to have hubs
to enlarge the track
The tractor (without plough) must achieve a minimum weight of 10 Tons (achieved
also through the ballast).
If the tractor is lighter, during ploughing the wheels can spin on the ground or be lifted
from the soil. So the tractor and the plough won’t work well and the tires wear out very
The long field experience has shown that the “air operated trailer brakes” that can
be taken as an accessory to the tractor is very useful for both: servicing of the tractor
and the plough and solving problems related to tires drilling.
To ensure continuity of work we recommend to order the amount of spare parts needed for
the planned hectares of work for each year. This amount is based on expected labour, soil
characteristics, care and diligence (see list). However at the purchase of the tractor we
recommend an amount equal to about 5% of its cost.
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