operating instruction - SkyScan Atomic Clocks

operating instruction - SkyScan Atomic Clocks
Atomic Analog/Digital Wall Clock
Model 27011-SKYSCAN
Instruction Manual
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is located in Fort Collins, Colorado. The NIST continuously
broadcasts the time signal (WWVB, 60 KHz) which can be received anywhere in the continental United States where long
wave (AM) radio reception is possible. The signal can reach approximately 2,000 miles. However, due to the nature of the
Earth’s atmosphere, reception is very limited during the daylight hours. This clock will search for the Atomic signal every
night when reception is optimal.
The WWVB radio station delivers its signal from the NIST Atomic Clock in Boulder Colorado
All radio-receivers of the atomic clock may be subject to certain interferences. Interferences can be caused for example by
a thunderstorm or metallic elements in buildings (such as-windows with a metal frame). Also, domestic appliances, as well
as TV sets and PCs, can interfere with the reception.
If your clock cannot receive the WWVB Atomic signal, change the location of the clock near a window
 Atomic digital clock
 Automatic synchronized analog hands and LCD panel
 Automatic DST function. (Daylight saving time)
 User selectable 4 time zones (PST, MST, CST, EST)
 Perpetual calendar
 Moon phase
 Low battery indicator
The clock uses one “AA” battery. To install or replace the battery, please follow these steps:
1) Remove the battery compartment cover.
2) Place 1 AA battery into the compartment as indicated by the polarity (+, -).
3) Replace the battery cover.
After powering on, the digital clock will be fully displayed and then enter the initial startup mode. The default time is 12:00
AM and the date is 1-1-2005. At the same time wherever the clock hands may be, the hands will automatically synchronize
with the default time of 12:00 AM. After synchronization, the clock will begin to look for the WWVB radio signal.
 The digital clock will start to search for the WWVB signal after synchronization.
 In optimal conditions, the correct time can be displayed within 3 to 10 minutes.
 The flashing icon
indicates that your SkyScan clock is searching. While the clock is searching for the WWVB
signal, the other buttons do not function; Press the “Set/Wave” button to stop reception manually.
 The “WAVE OK” icon will display when the WWVB signal is received successfully.
1) The clock will automatically update its time everyday at 1:00AM. If the clock does not receive the WWVB signal, it
will try every hour until successful.
2) Reception can start at any other time by pressing the “Set/Wave” button.
It is recommended to put the Atomic clock near a window. Please move the clock to another location if difficulty in signal
reception is encountered.
The clock receives the time signals via its built-in antenna and adjusts automatically.
 In normal mode, press the “Mode” button to choose the time display mode, the date display mode, or rotate between
the two. (See below).
 LCD options. When the panel is rotating between the time and date displays, the icon
will display on the screen.
 Slide the switch to choose the time zone.
 Slide the switch to Daylight-saving Time on or off. The DST switch should always be on, unless you leave in an area
that does not observe daylight-saving time such as Arizona.
 In the normal time mode, press and hold the “Mode” button to enter the setting mode. The setting order is time then
 First the hour starts to flash. Press the “Set/Wave” button until the correct hour is selected.
 Press the “Mode” button to confirm the hour and the minutes start to flash.
 Press the “Set/Wave” button until the correct minute is selected.
 Press the “Mode” button to confirm the minutes and the year starts to flash.
 Press the “Set/Wave” button until the correct year is selected.
 Press the “Mode” button to confirm the year and the month starts to flash.
 Press the “Set/Wave” button until the correct month is selected.
 Press the “Mode” button to confirm the month and the date starts to flash.
 Press the “Set/Wave” button until the correct date is selected.
 Press the “Mode” button to confirm the date and exit the setting mode.
If you leave the display with flashing digits for 10 seconds without performing any operation, the clock will automatically
save all data you have inputted up to that point and exit from the setting mode.
5 seconds after setting the time, the clock hands will automatically adjust to the reset time.
The moon phase icon displays eight phases of the moon:
If the battery icon is displayed on the screen, it indicates that the battery is low and needs to be replaced.
Also, the second hand will move every 2 seconds.
This product is warranted to be free of defects in manufacturing for 1 year after purchase. This clock is discontinued and no
longer eligible for the manufacturer’s warranty. Defective clocks should be returned to the place of retail purchase.
For best performance, batteries should be replaced at least once a year to maintain the best running accuracy. Ensure that
the batteries used are new and the correct size.
Please help in the preservation of the environment and return used batteries to an authorized depot.
Made In China
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