Troubleshooting guide with AIRVO2

Troubleshooting guide with AIRVO2
Paediatric Acute Respiratory Intervention Studies (PARIS II)
guide with AIRVO2
Selecting correct
Optiflow Junior: max flow of
Paediatric Green
Optiflow+ Adult
Small Orange
Medium Blue
Maintain a leak at the nares so as not to fill or fully obstruct the nares. Ensure a
clear gap is visible around each nare.
Orange traffic light
Disinfection Status
How to disinfect AIRVO2
Selecting correct mode
How to set L/min
An Orange traffic light on machine start up means the AIRVO 2 has not been
cleaned and disinfected since last use. You must disinfect the machine prior to
use. A green light means it is safe to use. Disinfection will take 55 mins.
Do this after each patient use:
• Remove all consumables using PPE from AIRVO2 and discard
• Attach red disinfection tubing (attached to the AIRVO2 pole) to
• Switch machine on
• Machine will sense disinfection tubing and automatically disinfect for
55 minutes.
• The display screen will show the time in minutes until completion.
Once complete a 'tick’ symbol will be displayed
• MUST switch machine off at on/off button prior to unplugging from
wall. Otherwise it will alarm.
To change between junior and adult setting hold the ‘MODE’ button
for 5
Junior mode: (a bird and butterfly are displayed) delivers flows of 2-25 L/min.
Adult Mode: delivers flows of 10-60L/min
Refer to lanyard cards to work out correct L/minute for specific patient
weight (eg. 20kg child = 35L/min)
twice (the first press will give you the
Press the ‘MODE’ button
humidification temperature and the second press will give you
Press and hold the up and down arrows together for 5 seconds to
release the lock.
Once current L/min is flashing, increase or decrease the L/minute
displayed using the up and down arrows.
Once correct L/minute is displayed, press ‘MODE’ button again to lock.
Unable to increase FiO2
Unable to decrease Oxygen
Machine alarming ‘Check for
Machine alarm – ‘Cannot
reach target flow’
Check correct position of nasal cannula to ensure no occlusion exists,
which includes secretions and/or positioning at nares.
• FiO2 is manually increased using Oxygen flow meter on the wall
• Actual Oxygen being delivered to the patient is shown on the display
screen (eg. FiO2 of 30 % may be 2 L/minute of flow-see over page).
• It’s important to observe the AIRVO2 display screen FiO2 when
increasing the Oxygen on the flow meter to achieve the FiO2 required
to maintain SpO2.
NOTE: If FiO2 is not increasing and you have 15L of wall O2 being delivered,
consider changing to a 0-70L flow meter.
• Check correct position of nasal cannula to ensure no occlusion exists,
which includes secretions and/or positioning at nares.
• Decrease Oxygen at wall flow meter whilst observing the FiO2 displayed
on screen. With each small decrease, you will see the FiO2 decrease on
the AIRVO2 display screen.
• ROOM AIR = 21 % FiO2 (Fraction of inspired Oxygen)
• Check correct size and placement of nasal cannula
• Check there are no kinks in the nasal cannula or the circuit tubing.
• Clear nasal cannula of secretions
• Check that the display screen is in the correct mode for weight and flow
required for the patient (refer to lanyard card)
• If ‘flow obstruction’ or ‘cannot reach target flow’ displays on Airvo2
screen – do NOT press the Mode button as this resets the flow to a
lesser value. Press alarm silence and remove nasal cannula from nares
and reposition. Clear any visible secretions. Check Airvo2 tubing from
wall to machine and then to patient for kinks. Then recheck the Airvo2
screen is displaying the correct flow for your patient and not a reduced
Higher FiO2 requirements
The standard High Flow therapy set up for AIRVO 2TM has two wall flow meters (0-15 and 0-70 Litres/min
maximal flow). Dependent on the required FiO2 and the flow rate specific for the patient, the wall flow meter
that allows for greater flow rates up to 70 Litres/min must be used to achieve the desired FiO2. See table
Flow rate child
receives is:
Flow meter required to
achieve 50% FiO2
0-15 L/min
0-70 L/min
flow meter
flow meter
Flow meter required to achieve
51-60% FiO2
0-15 L/min
0-70 L/min flow
flow meter
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