SPM Instrument T30 Advanced Machine Condition

SPM Instrument T30 Advanced Machine Condition
Machine Condition Monitoring
[Tester T30 with Condmaster®Pro]
Strategic monitoring – control your costs
Avoid unplanned
Monitor your
plant stoppers
Early warning
maintains profit
Efficient and profitable production
[protect it!]
The Tester T30 is a hand-held instrument for periodic machine condition
monitoring. It is applied by leading industries all over the world for early fault
detection, to avoid production losses through unplanned downtime, and to
reduce the overall costs for maintenance.
The Tester T30 uses all three leading condition monitoring methods. On each
machine you can select the combination of measurements that best meets your
technical requirements:
Shock pulse measurement on rolling bearings supplies data on bearing damage,
lubrication condition and the effects of alignment and load. In many applications, the bearings are the only machine elements which need monitoring.
Vibration severity measurement is the ISO recommended method for general
condition monitoring. It detects the most common mechanical faults, such as
unbalance, structural weakness, and loose parts.
Vibration monitoring with spectrum analysis allows you to target individual
fault symptoms and get a machine specific condition evaluation.
In addition, the Tester T30 measures rotational speed and temperature.
You can use the instrument for spot checks, for large scale data collection, and for
long-time recording on a single measuring point. The Tester T30 is available in
three versions: Basic, Logger and Expert. At all levels, the measuring results are
automatically evaluated and displayed against a green - yellow - red condition
scale, highlighting all potential trouble spots. By calibrating and adjusting limit
values, you can tune the automatic evaluation process with great precision and
get an immediate, reliable diagnosis.
The Basic version requires manual recording of measuring results. Logger and
Expert communicate with the SPM software Condmaster®Pro. This fifth generation program downloads measuring rounds from the PC to the T30, and uploads
the measuring results for trend evaluation and data presentation.
What do you need to know?
[One instrument, many answers]
Condition monitoring is a money saver and in many cases
a necessary safety precaution. The aim is to detect developing faults before they become a problem. This becomes
ever more important as the production pace increases and
unmanned operation is getting more common.
The latest labour-saving technique: contact-free ID
tags load the instrument with all measuring point
data and also save the latest measuring results. Aerials for RF transponders are built into the Logger
and Expert versions of the T30.
Special transducers for shock pulses and vibration
assure accurate measurements. On measuring points
that are unaccessible during normal operation, the
transducers are permanently installed and connected to measuring terminals.
The signals generally used to diagnose machine condition
are shocks and vibrations. There are different ways of
processing these signals. Make a strategic choice and
employ the most cost-efficient method that provides a
correct condition evaluation in a given technical situation.
The T30 offers you all the options. With our EVAM®
method, you have a powerful tool for vibration spectrum
analysis whenever that is needed.
Measuring ISO vibration severity is an easy way to
detect most machine faults except bearing problems, and
for these you have the SPM method, still unsurpassed in
accuracy and reliability.
The Tester T30 has many extra functions. You can measure
rotational and peripheral speed. You can measure the
temperature of solids and liquids. You can record the
readings of dials and meters. You can save written comments to the T30 and attach them to the measurement.
For up to 50 hours, you can make a continuous
recording of shock values, vibration, and temperature or
rpm. You can put memory tags on your measuring points,
loaded with all measuring instructions and the results of
the last measurement.
You get evaluated condition readings, immediately. An
arrow on the display points at a green - yellow - red
condition scale. While still on the spot, you can investigate
the causes of any measuring result in the red or yellow
zone. That saves time and money.
Speed data are necessary for condition evaluation,
and monitoring the machine temperature often supplies valuable information. T30 uses temperature
probes for solids and liquids. Speed is measured by
contact, or optically from a safe distance.
Take out insurance – it pays
Contact free measuring point identification
with CondIDTM tags
LCD screen, 4 x 16 characters,
with automatic backlight
Instant condition evaluation on
green - yellow - red
Memory for 500
typical measuring
Continuous recording of shock
pulses, vibration plus speed or
temperature for up to 50 hours
Fast data logging:
download measuring
round, upload results
to PC
Saves up to 11 results
per point, plus the top
200 spectrum lines
and a comment
Sealed membrane
keypad for selection and
Battery life typical
5000 measurements
version available
Shock pulse
transducers: handheld probe,
adapter probe,
Probes for temperature and
speed. Connection to PC
Vibrations transducers: hand-held, attached
by magnet, permanently installed
and easy
Reliable information – stay on top
Perfect overview
with your own
location pictures
Alarms highlighted
in easy to grasp
colour code
Machine specific
evaluation of
vibration records
Full control with on-line condition data
[the best program of its kind]
Condmaster®Pro is SPM's universal condition monitoring
program, used for hand-held data loggers as well as on-line
systems. It operates under all 32-bit Windows versions and
uses SQL Server as a database handler.
Purely administrative data is kept at a minimum - you
can set up one measuring point for as many as 9 different
monitoring tasks, including two free value, user defined
measuring functions. You work with your familiar administrative machine data and simply instruct Condmaster®Pro
to accept your name and number formats.
The expert knowledge needed to evaluate machine condition is integrated in the program: an extensive bearing
catalogue, lubricant data, bearing life calculation, the SPM
evaluation rules, the ISO limit values, mathematical models
for spectrum analysis and fault symptom detection, and
much more.
You define the alarm conditions and set up measuring
rounds and measuring intervals. Time planning and other
administrative routines connected with measuring, lubricating and other maintenance activities are assisted by the
You only activate the measuring functions you need,
and automatically blank out all others. Thus, you can work
exclusively with hand-held instruments or combine these
with the CMS System for on-line condition monitoring.
A perfect tool for efficient maintenance
The Condmaster®Pro graphics functions make it easy to
follow condition development. Comparing the diagrams
for different measured quantities pinpoints the cause of
faults, allows estimates regarding the urgency of repairs,
and thus efficient maintenance during planned machine
Your main tool for fast fault detection is the alarm list. It
is generated on the basis of automatically applied evaluation rules. These you can modify by setting your own
alarm limits. After completing a measuring round you
can download the alarm list to the T30 and re-check all
measuring points with high values.
For required input data, you get instructive menus, default
values and on-line help texts. You have copy and edit
functions to save time when you register machines and
measuring points.
The most powerful part is EVAM® – Evaluated Vibration
Analysis Method. It is much more than the normal spectrum analysing product. In addition to 5 general condition
parameters, you can select fault symptoms for special
analysis and work with machine specific evaluation criteria.
As always, SPM puts the emphasis on the main requirements of industrial condition monitoring: fast and easy
fault detection through automatic data evaluation.
An Evam® spectrum highlights the selected fault symptom and displays its velocity value in relation to overall
machine vibration.
Some hard facts
Condition monitoring demands more than smart
instruments and computer programs. You have to work
in an industrial environment and cope with heat, noise,
oil, chemicals, and your machines are neither built nor
located to give you accessible measuring points.
SPM has solved these environment problems in all
branches of industry. We can offer you all the necessary
equipment, from remote measuring points for handheld instruments to full-scale automatic monitoring
systems, and worldwide technical support and service.
Technical data for Tester T30
It grows on you . . .
Shock pulse (SPM® dBm/dBc)
Measuring range:
– 9 to 99 dBsv
1 dBsv
± 1 dBsv
More basic functions than ever, and more additional
features. Choose what you need now. You can deselect
measuring functions by choosing only those accessories
you want to use.
You can easily upgrade, at any time.
Vibration severity (ISO 10816)
Measuring range:
0.5 to 49.9 mm/s RMS
0.1 mm/s
± (0.2 mm/s + 2% of reading)
Frequency range:
3 to 1000 Hz
Vibration analysis (EVAM®)
Number of samples:
1024 / 2048
FFT result:
400 / 800 spectrum lines
Frequency range:
3 to5000 Hz
Lines displayed:
15 highest, toggle Hz / cpm
Lines saved:
1 to 200 highest
Speed measurement
Measuring range:
Measuring distance:
Measuring techniques
and other features
Shock pulse, dBm/dBc
Vibration severity, ISO 10816
Temperature measurement
Speed, contact and optical
Continuous reading
Transducer line test
10 to 19 999 rpm optical
max. 0.6 m
1 rpm
± (1 rev. + 0.1% of reading)
Temperature measurement
Measuring range:
–20 to +350 °C
1 °C
Instrument specifications
Temperature range:
0 to +50 °C
Power supply:
6 x 1.5 V LR6 alkaline cells
Battery life:
power down 1 year, or 5000
readings, or 50 hours recording
Instrument size:
255 x 105 x 60 mm
0.85 kg
Casing / cover:
ABS / polyurethane
sealed membrane
LCD, 4x16 characters, LED backlight
typical 500, max. 999 points
Backup, memory/clock: approx. 24 hours
Battery test
Time and date display
Version ID display
Language selection
Automatic display light
Automatic idle, power off
Ex-proof design available
Data logging with Condmaster®Pro
Measuring point recognition
Long-time recording
Free value recording
Comment recording
Check point reminder
Vibration spectrum
Evaluated vibration analysis
Tester T30
Basic Logger Expert
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Sweden. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft, Inc.
Ex-proof design available
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