Smoke Detector - SK00
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Smoke Detector - SK00
Smoke Detector
Monitoring for developing smoke is an essential
aspect in the security and safety of any facility. AKCP
has designed a smoke sensor specifically for use with
its sensorProbe and securityProbe product line.
These smoke detectors are easy to install and
configure and can be used in conjunction with all
other of AKCP’s alerting features. As with other AKCP
sensors, this device has it’s own SNMP OID for
monitoring across a network, and integration with
third party Network Management Systems.
Smoke Detector - SK00
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Smoke Detector’s Main Features
Accurate, cost effective Smoke Detector
On/Off alarm signal of Smoke Detected
LED indicates the status of Smoke Detector
Low profile design for ceiling mounting for
maximum smoke detection.
• Sensor type - open/closed contact switch
• Up to 2 Smoke Detector Sensors per
sensorProbe2, and 8 per sensorProbe8 /
• Includes disconnect alarm that checks that
the sensor is securely plugged into the
• The smoke detector can also be attached to
dry contacts of a X20 or X60 unit.
• With 9V battery as backup the sensor /
securityProbe will still work as a smoke
detector on its own.
Technical Specifications
Dry Contact Output : 0.045mA
Detector Type : Photoelectric Chamber, detects particles of smoke in the chamber
Power Source : 9VDC
Suitable for installation to BS 5839 pt 6 Grade F
Powered by sensor/securityProbe unit and/or 9V Battery
Standby Current : 15mAmp max
Alarm Current : 30mAmp max
Loud piercing 85db alarm at 3m
Ambient Humidity : 10% - 90%
Sensitivity to Smoke : 3% - 6% Obs/m
Extension : 30 meters/100 feet using standard CAT5E LAN cable
Full function test button
Alarm auto-reset
Insect resistant chamber
Missing battery lockout
Smoke Detector - SK00
Battery lifetime:
Zinc Carbon battery: approx. 1 year
Alkaline Energizer: approx. 4 years
Lithium battery: approx. 10 years
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