Gaseous Fuel Generator Set PSI 8.8 Engine Series

Gaseous Fuel Generator Set PSI 8.8 Engine Series
Gaseous Fuel Generator Set
PSI 8.8 Engine Series
 Specification Sheet
Model GFPA EPA SI NSPS Certified
KW(KVA) @ 0.8 P.F.
10:1 (note 1)
10:1 (note 2)
60 HZ-1800 RPM
150 (188)
140 (175)
Natural Gas Rating
LP Rating
NOTE: This engine is EPA certified and must be operated as outlined in the supplied O&M manual
Fuel Application Guide
Compression Ratio
Dry Processed Natural Gas
Propane (HD-5)
All gases such as field gas, digester and sewage gas will require
an analysis of the specified gas and pre-approval from PSI.
Consult your Cummins Distributor for details.
The Cummins NPower GF-series commercial generator set is a
fully integrated power generation system providing optimum
performance, reliability, and versatility for stationary standby
A primary feature of the GF GenSet is strong motor-starting
capability and fast recovery from transient load changes. The
torque-matched system includes a heavy-duty PSI 4-cycle spark
ignited engine, an AC alternator with high motor-starting kVA
capacity, and an electronic voltage regulator with three phase
sensing for precise regulation under steady-state or transient
loads. The GF GenSet accepts 100% of the nameplate standby
rating in one step. *
The standard PowerCommand® digital electronic control is an
integrated system that combines engine and alternator controls
for high reliability and optimum GenSet performance.
Optional weather-protective housings and coolant heaters shield
the generator set from extreme operating conditions.
Environmental concerns are addressed by low exhaust emission
engines, sound-attenuated housings, and exhaust silencers. A
wide range of options, accessories, and services are available,
allowing configuration to your specific power generation needs.
Every production unit is factory tested at rated load and
power factor. This testing includes demonstration of
rated power and single-step rated load pickup. Cummins
NPower manufacturing facilities include quality
standards, emphasizing our commitment to high quality
in the design, manufacture, and support of our products.
The generator is CSA certified. The PowerCommand
control is UL508 Listed.
All Cummins NPower generator sets are backed by a
comprehensive warranty program and supported by a
worldwide network of 170 distributors and service
branches to assist with warranty, service, parts, and
planned maintenance support.
PSI Heavy-Duty Engine - Rugged 4-cycle industrial
spark ignited engine delivers reliable power, low
emissions, and fast response to load changes.
Alternator - Several alternator sizes offer selectable
motor-starting capability with low reactance 2/3 pitch
windings, low waveform distortion with non-linear loads,
fault-clearing short-circuit capability, and class H
insulation. The alternator electrical insulation system is
UL1446 Recognized.
Control Systems - The PowerCommand electronic
control is standard equipment and provides total genset
system integration, including automatic remote
starting/stopping, precise voltage regulation, alarm and
status message display, AmpSentry protection, output
metering, auto-shutdown at fault detection, and NFPA
110 compliance. PowerCommand control is Listed to
Cooling System - Standard cooling package provides
reliable running at the rated power level, at up to 104 F
ambient temperature.
Housings - Optional weather-protective housings are
Certifications - Generators are designed, manufactured,
tested, and certified to relevant UL, NFPA, ISO, IEC, and
CSA standards.
Warranty and Service - Backed by a comprehensive
warranty and worldwide distributor service network.
*Adequate fuel pressure and volume must be provided.
Engines must be equipped with a functioning jacket water
© 2012 l Cummins NPower LLC l Specifications subject to change without notice
CNP-GFPA Cert (10/12)
Generator Set
The general specifications provide representative configuration details. Consult the outline drawing for installation design.
Specifications – General
See outline drawing for installation design specifications.
Unit Width, in (mm)
Unit Height, in (mm)
Unit Length, in (mm)
Unit Dry Weight, lb (kg)
40.00” (Open Set)
60.30” (Open Set)
94.30” (Open Set)
Rated Speed, rpm
Voltage Regulation, No Load to Full Load
Random Voltage Variation
Frequency Regulation
Random Frequency Variation
Radio Frequency Interference
Optional PMG excitation operates in compliance with BS800 and
VDE level G and N. Addition of RFI protection kit allows operation
per MIL-STD-461 and VDE level K.
Rating Definitions
Standby Rating based on: Applicable for supplying emergency power for the duration of normal power interruption. No
sustained overload capability is available for this rating. (Equivalent to Fuel Stop Power in accordance with ISO3046, AS2789,
DIN6271 and BS5514). Nominally rated.
Site Derating Factors
Engine power available up to 1,200’ at ambient temperatures up to 77°F. Above 1,200’ derate at 2.5% per 1000 ft, and 1.5%
per 10°F above 77°F.
1) Data represents gross engine performance capabilities obtained and corrected in accordance with SAEJ1349 conditions of 29.61 in. Hg.(100KPa) barometric pressure
[300 ft. (91m) altitude], 77ºF (25ºC) inlet air temperature, and 0.30 in Hg.(100KPa) water vapor pressure using dry processed natural gas fuel with 905 BTU per standard
cubic foot (33.72 ki/l) lower heating value. Deration may be required due to altitude, temperature or type of fuel. Consult your local Cummins Distributor for details.
Standard Carburetor – IMPCO Make
Low Pressure Dry Processed Natural Gas – (905 BTU/ft.² L.H.V.)
Running Pressure to Carburetor (After Regulation) – in. H20 (mm H20) ……………………………………………………………………………………………. 7-11” WC
Running Pressure to Optional Engine Mounted Regulator ~ in. H20 (mm H20) …………………………………………………………………………………………..10”-20” WC
Minimum Gas Supply Pipe Size @ Engine – in. (mm)……………………………………………………………………………………………………..……………………1.25” NPT
The preceding pipe sizes are only suggestions and piping may vary with temperatures, distance from fuel supply and application of local codes. Gas must be available at
adequate volume and pressure for engine at the regulator.
© 2012 l Cummins NPower LLC l Specifications subject to change without notice
CNP-GFPA Cert (10/12)
PSI heavy-duty spark ignited engines use advanced combustion technology for reliable and stable power, low emissions, and
fast response to sudden load changes.
Electronic governing is standard for applications requiring constant (isochronous) frequency regulation such as Uninterruptible
Power Supply (UPS) systems, non-linear loads, or sensitive electronic loads. Optional coolant heaters are recommended for
all emergency standby installations or for any application requiring fast load acceptance after start-up.
Specifications – Engine
Base Engine
Displacement in (L)
Overspeed Limit, rpm
Regenerative Power, kW
Cylinder Block Configuration
Cranking Current
Battery Charging Alternator
Starting Voltage
Lube Oil Filter Types
Standard Cooling System
537 (8.8L)
Cast iron
550 amps at ambient temperature of 32°F (0°C)
75 amps
12-volt, negative ground
Single spin-on canister-combination full flow with bypass
104 F ambient radiator
Fuel Consumption
Heat Rejection to Coolant*
Heat Rejection to Room
Coolant Capacity (with radiator)*
Coolant Flow Rate*
Maximum Coolant Friction Head
Maximum Coolant Static Head
Radiator Fan Load
Combustion Air
Maximum Air Cleaner Restriction
Alternator Cooling Air
Radiator Cooling Air
Maximum Restriction at
225 L/sec
In H2O
330 mm H2O
.514 cu m/min
9,203 L/sec
in H2O
1.87 mm Hg
Radiator Discharge (static)
Gas Flow (Full Load)
Gas Temperature
Maximum Back Pressure
677 ° C
In Hg
50.8 mm Hg
181 kWm
1,384 kPa
6.58 m/sec
Gross Engine Power Output
Piston Speed
© 2012 l Cummins NPower LLC l Specifications subject to change without notice
CNP-GFPA Cert (10/12)
Several alternators are available for application flexibility based on the required motor-starting kVA and other requirements.
Larger alternator sizes have lower temperature rise for longer life of the alternator insulation system. In addition, larger
alternator sizes can provide a cost-effective use of engine power in across-the-line motor-starting applications and can be
used to minimize voltage waveform distortion caused by non-linear loads.
Single-bearing alternators couple directly to the engine flywheel with flexible discs for drivetrain reliability and durability. No
gear reducers or speed changers are used. Two-thirds pitch windings eliminate third-order harmonic content of the AC
voltage waveform and provide the standardization desired for paralleling of generator sets. The standard excitation system is
a self (shunt) excited system with the voltage regulator powered directly from the generator set output.
Alternator Application Notes
Separately Excited Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) System - This option uses an integral PMG to supply power to
the voltage regulator. A PMG system generally has better motor-starting performance, lower voltage dip upon load
application, and better immunity from problems with harmonics in the main alternator output induced by non-linear loads. This
option is recommended for use in applications that have large transient loads, sensitive electronic loads (especially UPS
applications), harmonic content, or that require sustained short-circuit current (sustained 3-phase short circuit current at
approximately 3 times rated for 10 seconds).
Alternator Sizes - On any given model, various alternator sizes are available to meet individual application needs. Alternator
sizes are differentiated by maximum winding temperature rise, at the generator set standby or prime rating, when operated in
a 40oC ambient environment. Available temperature rises range from 80oC to 150oC. Not all temperature rise selections are
available on all models. Lower temperature rise is accomplished using larger alternators at lower current density. Lower
temperature rise alternators have higher motor-starting kVA, lower voltage dip upon load application, and they are generally
recommended to limit voltage distortion and heating due to harmonics induced by non-linear loads.
Alternator Space Heater - is recommended to inhibit condensation.
Available Output Voltages
Three Phase Reconnectable
Single Phase Non-Reconnectable
Three Phase Non-Reconnectable
[ ] 120/208
[ ] 120/240
[ ] 220/380
[ ] 127/220
[ ] 139/240
[ ] 120/240
[ ] 240/416
[ ] 254/440
[ ] 277/480
© 2012 l Cummins NPower LLC l Specifications subject to change without notice
CNP-GFPA Cert (10/12)
[ ] 347/600
Specifications – Alternator
Insulation System
Standard Temperature Rise
Exciter Type
Phase Rotation
Alternator Cooling
AC Waveform Total Harmonic Distortion
Brushless, 4-pole, drip-proof revolving field
2/3 pitch
Direct-coupled by flexible disc
Class H per NEMA MG1-1.65
125 C standby
A (U), B (V), C (W)
Direct-drive centrifugal blower
<5% total no load to full linear load
<3% for any single harmonic
<50 per NEMA MG1-22.43.
Telephone Influence Factor (TIF)
Telephone Harmonic Factor (THF)
80° C Alternator Voltage Ranges Motor Starting Maximum KVA (90% Sustained Voltage) Alternator Data Sheet Numbers Full Load Current (Amps @ Standby Rating) 120/208 Thru 139/240 240/416 Thru 277/480 105° C Alternator 277/480 347/600
Broad Range 480 600 120/240,1Ph 120/208V 625 520 120/208 Thru 139/240 240/416 Thru 277/480 125° C Alternator 277/480
347/600 Broad Range 480 600 563 663 564 663 ADS210 127/220 492 120/208 Thru 139/240 240/416 Thru 277/480 277/480
Broad Range 480 600 516 607 516 607 516 607 516 607 ADS209 ADS209 ADS209 ADS209 ADS209 139/240 220/380 240/416 254/440 277/480 347/600 451 284 260 246 225 180 © 2012 l Cummins NPower LLC l Specifications subject to change without notice
CNP-GFPA Cert (10/12)
Control System
PowerCommand Control
AC Protection
Over current warning and shutdown
Over and under voltage shutdown
Over and under frequency shutdown
Over excitation (loss of sensing) fault
Field overload
The PowerCommand Control is an integrated generator set control system providing voltage
regulation, engine protection, operator interface and isochronous governing (optional). Major
features include:
Line-to-line and line-to-neutral AC volts
3-phase AC current
Total kVa
Battery monitoring and testing features and smart starting control system.
Standard PCCNet interface to devices such as remote annunciator for NFPA 110
Control boards potted for environmental protection.
Control suitable for operation in ambient temperatures from -40 °C to +70 °C (-40 °F to
+158 °F) and altitudes to 5000 meters (13,000 feet).
Prototype tested; UL, CSA, and CE compliant.
InPower PC-based service tool available for detailed diagnostics.
Engine Protection
Alternator Data
Overspeed shutdown
Low oil pressure warning and shutdown
High coolant temperature warning and
Low coolant level warning or shutdown
Low coolant temperature warning
High, low and weak battery voltage
Fail to start (overcrank) shutdown
Fail to crank shutdown
Redundant start disconnect
Cranking lockout
Sensor failure indication
Low fuel level warning or shutdown
Fuel-in-rupture-basin warning or shutdown
Engine Data
Other Data
DC voltage
Lube oil pressure
Coolant temperature
Engine speed
Digital Voltage Regulation
Operator / Display Panel
 Manual off switch
 Alpha-numeric display with pushbutton access
for viewing engine and alternator data and
providing setup, controls and adjustments
(English or international symbols)
 LED lamps indicating genset running, not in
auto, common warning, common shutdown,
manual run mode and remote start
 Suitable for operation in ambient temperatures
from -20 C to +70 C
 Bargraph display (optional)
Integrated digital electronic voltage
2-phase line-to-line sensing
Configurable torque matching
Genset model data
Start attempts, starts, running hours
Fault history
RS485 Modbus interface
Data logging and fault simulation (requires
InPower service tool)
Control Functions
Time delay start and cooldown
Cycle cranking
PCCNet interface
(2) Configurable inputs
(2) Configurable outputs
Remote emergency stop
 Glow plug control (some models)
 Auxiliary output relays (2)
 PMG alternator excitation
 120/240 V, 100 W anti-condensation heater  PowerCommand iWatch web server for remote
monitoring and alarm notification (loose)
 Remote annunciator with (3) configurable
inputs and (4) configurable outputs
 Auxiliary, configurable signal inputs (8) and
configurable relay outputs (8)
 Remote operator panel
 Digital governing
© 2012 l Cummins NPower LLC l Specifications subject to change without notice
CNP-GFPA Cert (10/12)
 AC output analog meters (bargraph)
- Color-coded graphical display of:
- 3-phase AC voltage
- 3-phase current
- Frequency
- kVa
Generator Set Options
[ ] 120/240 V, W coolant heaters
[ ] 120/240 V, W lube oil heater
Exhaust System
[ ] GenSet mounted muffler
[ ] Heavy duty exhaust elbow
[ ] Slip on exhaust connection
Cooling System
[ ] Heat exchanger cooling
Fuel System
[ ] Flexible fuel connector
[ ] Fuel strainer
[ ] 105oC rise alternator
[ ] 125oC rise alternator
[ ] 120/240 V, 100 W anti-condensation
[ ] Single phase
Generator Set
[ ] AC entrance box
[ ] Batteries
[ ] Battery charger
[ ] Export box packaging
[ ] Main line circuit breaker
[ ] PowerCommand Network
Communication Module (NCM)
[ ] Stage 1 housing w/silencer
[ ] Stage II housing w/silencer
[ ] Remote annunciator panel
[ ] Spring isolators
[ ] Weather protective enclosure with
[ ] 2 year standby warranty
[ ] 5 year standby warranty
Available Products and Services
A wide range of products and services is available to match your power generation system requirements. Cummins Power
Generation products and services include:
Diesel and Spark-Ignited Generator Sets
Transfer Switches
Bypass Switches
Parallel Load Transfer Equipment
Digital Paralleling Switchgear
PowerCommand Network and Software
Distributor Application Support
Planned Maintenance Agreements
© 2012 l Cummins NPower LLC l Specifications subject to change without notice
CNP-GFPA Cert (10/12)
All components and subsystems are covered by an express limited one-year warranty. Other optional and extended factory
warranties and local distributor maintenance agreements are available. Contact your distributor/dealer for more information.
CSA - This generator is CSA certified to product class 4215-01.
PTS - The Prototype Test Support (PTS) program verifies the performance integrity of the generator set
design. Products bearing the PTS symbol have been subjected to demanding tests in accordance to
NFPA 110 to verify the design integrity and performance under both normal and abnormal operating
conditions including short circuit, endurance, temperature rise, torsional vibration, and transient
response, including full load pickup.
See your distributor for more information
Cummins NPower LLC
875 Lawrence Drive
DePere, WI 54115
Fax: 920.337.9746
Cummins and PowerCommand are registered trademarks of Cummins Inc.
AmpSentry is a trademark of Cummins Inc.
LonWorks is a registered trademark of Echelon
Important: Backfeed to a utility system can cause electrocution and/or property damage. Do not connect generator sets to any building
electrical system except through an approved device or after building main switch is open.
© 2012 l Cummins NPower LLC l Specifications subject to change without notice
CNP-GFPA Cert (10/12)
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