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Table of Contents Caution: A
Equipment damage hazard
Do not operate the cooling
Thermostat Quick Reference 2
Thermostat Operation 3 system if the outdoor
Programming 4 temperature is below 50°F (10°C)
Warranty Registration 6 to prevent possible compressor
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Getting to know your thermostat
(1) Leo |
| System operation
| | | indicators: ON will NOTE: The compressor delay
| Days of the display when the feature is active if ON is
я | + | | week and time COOL or HEAT is on. flashing. The compressor will
(6) Program (5) | not turn on until the 5 minute
| | delay has elapsed.
Displays the user
selectable setpoint
Hold/Run temperature.
rn es HOLD is displayed when
Ce | thermostat program is
ON AUTO COOL OFF HEAT | | permanently overridden.
(3) Indicates the Programmable
current room Time Periods: Low Battery Indicator:
a temperature. This thermostat has
: Replace batteries when
4 programmable time
| ; indicator is shown.
(4) periods per day.
Wake, Leave, Return, Sleep
1 A
Fan Switch
System Switch ( N
Easy Change Battery Door The low battery indicator is displayed
Setpoint Buttons when the AA battery power is low. If
the user fails to replace the battery
User Buttons within 21 days, the thermostat
display will only show the low battery
Universal Private Label Badge indicator as a final warning before the
thermostat becomes inoperable.
Battery door information
Use the finger bevel on
the lower portion of the
side of the thermostat to
open the easy access
battery door.
Refer to your Operating Manual for — Select HEAT, OFF, or COOL as needed.
programming and operating instructions. ; Select FAN ON for continuous operation
A copy can be downloaded at the j ADE о or FAN AUTO to cycle fan with system.
— manufacturer website. EN
Insert 2 AA Alkaline
batteries (included).
Replace AA Bateries When the low battery indicator shows in display.
Simple operating instructions are
found on the back of the battery door. O
Easy to use controls
(1) LCD Display:
See page 2 for details about this display
read out and icons.
(2) Fan Switch:
Select ON or AUTO .ON will run
the fan continuously. AUTO will cycle
the fan on only when the heating or
cooling system is on.
(3) System Switch:
Selects the operation mode of your
HVAC system. SelectindEAT turns
on the heat mode. SelectindOOL
turns on the air conditioning mode.
Selecting OFF turns both heating
and cooling off.
When the battery icon №7}
appears replace your AA
batteries immediately. Failure
to do so may result in your
heating & cooling system
becoming inoperable.
Easy Change Battery Door:
Access door to change the batteries,
or read the simple operating instructions.
Temperature Setpoint Buttons:
Press the+ or - buttons to select the
desired room temperature.
User Buttons:
Use these buttons to set up your
programming options. Refer to the
next page for instructions.
Set Time
Follow the steps below to set the current time:
1. Press TIME
2. Day of the week will be flashing.
Use the + Jor L= key to select the current day of the week.
3. Press TIME
4. The current hour is flashing.
Use the orL= | key to select the current hour. When using 12-hour time, make sure
the correct a.m. or p.m. choice is selected.
5. Press TIME
6. Minutes are now flashing.
Use the L + lorL - | key to select current minutes.
7. Press HOLD/RUN when completed.
Set Program Schedule
To customize your program schedule, follow these steps
Weekday: Saturday:
1. Select HEAT or COOL from the system switch. 9. Repeat steps 4 through 7 for
Note: You have to program heat and cool each Saturday WAKE time period,
separately. for Saturday LEAVE time
period, for Saturday RETURN
2. Press PROGRAM time period, and for Saturday
SLEEP time period.
3. Monday-Friday is displayed and WAKE is shown.
You are now programming the wake time period for the
weekday setting. Sunday:
4. Time is flashing. Use the | + Jor|_- | key to make 10. Repeat steps 4 through 7 for
your time selection for the weekday WAKE time period. Sunday WAKE time period,
for Sunday LEAVE time
5. Press PROGRAM period, for Sunday RETURN
time period, and for Sunday
6. The setpoint temperature is flashing. Use the or SLEEP time period.
key to make your setpoint selection for the weekday
wake period.
7. Press PROGRAM
8. Repeat steps 4 through 7 for weekday LEAVE time
period, for weekday RETURN time period, and for
weekday SLEEP time period.
Filter Change Reminder Temporary and Permanent Hold Feature
If your installing contractor has configured Temporary hold: The thermostat will flash
the thermostat to remind you when the air HOLD on the left of your screen when you
filter needs changed, you will see FILT in the press the or [ key. If you do nothing
display when your air filter needs changed.
FILT will be shown in the display after your
system has run long enough to require an air
filter change.
the temperature will remain at this
setpoint temporarily until the next program
period begins. Your program setpoint will
then replace your temporary setpoint.
Resetting the filter change reminder: When Permanent hold: If you press HOLD/RUN
FILT reminder is displayed, you should you will see HOLD/RUN appear below the
change your air filter and reset the reminder setpoint temperature in the display.
by holding down the second button from the The thermostat will now permanently stay at
top left side of the thermostat for 3 seconds. this setpoint and can be adjusted using the
or | - |] keys.
To return to program: Press HOLD/RUN to
exit either temporary or permanent hold.
Hold down PROGRAM and TIME
for 3 seconds to reset filter reminder.
( >
Warranty Registration:
Your new thermostat has a 5 year limited warranty. You must register your warranty
within 60 days of installation. You can register your new thermostat in 2 ways.
(1) Go to our website, select warranty registration and fill out a short registration form.
= or =
(2) Complete the form below and mail it to the address shown.
N 7
Warranty Registration:
Name: Thermostat Model:
Address: Date Installed:
Complete form and mail to:
Thermostat Warranty Registration
State: 1111 S. Glenstone
Zip: Suite 2-100
Springfield, MO 65804
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