USB Relay Datasheet

USB Relay Datasheet
Structure Monitoring Technology
BiG USB Relay Datasheet
BiG USB Relay Datasheet
General Description
SMTs Building Intelligence Gateway (BiG) is
designed to receive monitored data from both wired
CAN based units and wireless data loggers. BiG
features built in alarm processing routines allowing
received data to be converted, compensated and
compared against pre-programmed thresholds.
Triggered alarms can be associated with a variety of
actions including sending email, alphanumeric page
messages, running an external software program,
displaying a pop-up message and by controlling
relay alarm contacts.
Relay alarm contacts can be used to trigger signals
to building management systems (BMS), trigger
external buzzers, visual alerts or even actuate shut
off valves. The relay can also be used to remotely
toggle or reset something if required.
USB 2.0/1.1 Compatible
USB Port Powered, no external power supply required
4 latching SPDT relays – each configurable as Normally
Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC) as required
Up to 10 units per system, for a total of 40 relays
Initial relay states can be programmed in BiG
*Based on available USB ports.
Interface to building management and alarm systems.
Activation of audible or visible alarms.
Actuation of compatible electronic solenoids, valves,
and other equipment.
For BMS systems requiring detailed alarm information
the SMT BACnet CAS Gateway is recommended.
Typical Application
SMT Research Ltd. – 158-628 East Kent Ave South, Vancouver, BC V5X 0B2 – Tel: 778.373.2071 – Fax: 204.480.8579
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Structure Monitoring Technology
BiG USB Relay Datasheet
Electrical Specifications
Configuration with BiG
Relay Type
4 latching SPDT, each
configurable as A-x NO, B-x NC
or A-x NC, B-x NO as required
The Building Intelligence Gateway (BiG) can be used
to set the initial state of the DLP-IOR4 relays upon
start-up. To define the current state of the relays,
select the Relay tab under the settings menu.
3 screw type per relay:
A – Common – B
See the BiG manual for more information and
configuration instructions.
Power Loss
Retains last state
Contact Ratings
60W, 250VA
Max Switching Voltage
220VDC, 250VAC
Max Switching Current
Max Carrying Current
Operating Temperature
0ºC to 70ºC
Wired USB 2.0/1.1 mode per Quad Relay
Note: The two sets of contacts for each relay are
connected in parallel.
Mechanical Dimensions in Inches (mm)
Figure 1. Initial relay configuration state screen in BiG
To define a relay action, select the Targets… menu
under View.
to add a new Target,
name the target and then select
action. Select Relay.
to select an
You will then be prompted to select the appropriate
COM port, relay output and actions to be performed
upon an Alarm Trigger and an Alarm Cleared signal.
Unplug from the host PC before connecting to the
Observe static precautions to prevent damage to the
DLP-IOR4 module.
Upon inserting the DLP-IOR4 relay into a USB port in
BiG, Windows will automatically perform a search and
install the required drivers. In the event that Windows
does not perform this search, the following driver can
be downloaded and installed: CDM (Combined Driver
Model Version 2.8.24) Windows Drivers.
Figure 2. Configure relay action in BiG
SMT Research Ltd. – 158-628 East Kent Ave South, Vancouver, BC V5X 0B2 – Tel: 778.373.2071 – Fax: 204.480.8579
Website: www.smtresearch. ca Email: RS-1066 Rev A
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