Datasheet Sentinel Sonar Processor

Datasheet Sentinel Sonar Processor
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Sentinel Sonar Processor
The Sentinel Sonar Processor is used
to perform signal and data
processing on the raw sonar data
received via the Sonar Cable from
the Sonar Head. In any Sentinel
System deployment, one Sentinel
Sonar Processor is required for each
Sonar Head.
Raw hydrophone data is received,
via Ethernet, at the Sonar Power
Distribution Unit (PDU). The internal
router then redirects this traffic to the
Sentinel Processing Unit (SPU) that
has had its role set as Signal
Processor (SP). The SP receives the
raw hydrophone data and performs
correlation/pulse compression and
beamforming processes to produce
both a full-resolution ping matrix and
the required raw data display
images. Using the internal router the
ping matrix is transferred to the SPU
that has had its role set as Automatic
Detection and Tracking Processor
(ADT). The ADT receives the ping
matrix and performs an advanced
detection process followed by
tracking and classification processes,
the resulting track data is then output
to the internal router, where, along
with the display images and any
system status messages, it is made
available to the Command
The Sentinel Processing Units (SPU’s)
are completely interchangeable, with
the full suite of Sentinel software
installed on every processor and the
role determined at run time by a
coded USB dongle, this approach
significantly reduces spares keeping
requirements and increases ease of
maintenance and upgrade.
The PDU accepts 115/230 V 50/60
Hz AC input and provides a
switched output for the two SPU’s,
protected by a residual current
device circuit breaker with a further,
separately switched output for sonar
power, protected by a secondary
earth-leakage protection device. As
an additional safety measure when
in air the Sonar Head casing can be
connected to the supply ground via a
third PDU switch
Sonar Cable Reel signal and power
connections are provided via IP65
immersion and salt spray proof
connectors and the entire unit is
packed in a shock and weather
resistant enclosure, suitable for air
SPU’s are configured to start the
Sentinel applications automatically
on power-up allowing the system to
be started without a monitor or
keyboard connected.
Key Features
• Ruggedised COTS Based
• Sonar Processor contains 2 SPU’s
(620-0051) and 1 PDU
• Standard 19”/482.6mm IEC
60297 Rack Mounting
• Performs Correlation, Beamforming
and Tracking Processes
• Receives control and configuration
data from Command Workstation
• Exports Track, Status and Display
Image data to Command
• Switchable Power Input,
115/230 V
Sonardyne Global Headquarters
T. +44 (0) 1252 872288
F. +44 (0) 1252 876100
Sentinel Sonar Processor
PDU Front
PDU Rear
SPU Front
SPU Rear
Power Supply
Dimensions (LxWxH)
Relative Humidity
Type 8161-002-001
Manual Switched AC input voltage 115-230V, 50-60 Hz, 3/6A
0º to 35º C (32º to 95ºF)
-40º to 65º C (-40º to 149º F)
20% - 80% (non-condensing)
10G acceleration peak to peak
5-17Hz, 0.1” double amplitude displacement
17-640Hz, 1.5G acceleration peak to peak
384mm (15.1”) x 482mm (18.9”) x 88mm (3.4”)
Specifications subject to change without notice - 03/2010
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