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Installation Process
Power-ball in sito
A typical third world family uses less then 22.5 litres of
water per day. A typical western family uses more than
450 litres.
According to the UN, 20% of the world’s population
face severe water shortages and this figure is expected
to rise to 30% by 2025.
Rotate anti-clockwise
and pull up to remove
“When the well is dry, we learn the
worth of water.” Benjamin Franklin
green clean odour free
waterless urinal
incorporating water warrior technology
Locate ball on housing
shaft and a half turn
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Why use Power-Ball?
Summary - Installation Process
The Power-Ball system
is a revolutionary
development in waterless
urinal technology.
It is designed and engineered to allow the end
user to realistically maintain their own systems.
Leading to substantial on going monetary and
environmental savings.
Maintenance Program
Power-Ball - Insert the ball onto Ball Housing shaft and half turn clockwise to lock
2. Ball Housing - Insert the unit complete with the Power-Ball
into the 1.5” collar
3. 1.5” Collar - The collar is used to house and seal the Hygiene Seal 3.
in the waste outlet
4. Hygiene Seal - Ensure the seal is sitting on the ridge of the waste outlet before inserting the collar.
5. Waste Outlet - Seal the waste outlet in the urinal bowl with a
suitable sealing compound. Recommended use of Plumbers Mait for an optimum seal.
6. Adjustable Inlet & Rubber Seal - Insert rubber seal between the 7. Trap Housing - Ensure back-nuts are tightened to avoid seepage.
8. Flexible Hose - Use the seals of the trap housing to connect the 2.
waste outlet and the inlet. Using the adjustable inlet to create a suitable fall on the common line.
units together and hand tighten. BSP fitting can be removed to cut the flexible to size for the common line and reconnected
Contents Include:
1. Replacement Power-Balls
2. Replacement Hygiene Seal
3. Spray Bottle
4. Sachet Cleaner
Note: Designed as a fully integrated quarterly maintenance pack
9. Tap hole cover - Insert into urinal sparge hole to create a tidy finish Key benifits
l Eliminates urinal odours
and tighten up the back-nut.
Note: The above process gives a recommended summary of the installation procedure. There are
variable methods of installation, dependant on the scenarios encountered when attending site.
Cleaning Regime
Installation Support Helpline: 0800 783 4883
1. Pour 3
measures of
cleaner into the
spray bottle
l Saves water
l Saves energy
l Reduces blockages
l Improves hygiene
5. Wipe away
excess with
a cloth
l Eradicates urinal flooding
2. Fill the
spray bottle
with water
l Eliminates the need for harmful chemicals
l Improves the user’s washroom experience
l Helps you to help the environment
4. Spray
around the
urinal bowl with
dliuted cleaning
3. Remove all
debris from
the urinal
l Huge savings on new-build
l Anti-vandal system
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