HI SEC SMART Access Control Terminal

HI SEC SMART Access Control Terminal
Access Control Terminal
Product Overview
The Access Control System
is a high security stand-alone
or networked system.
The SMART Access Control
Terminals can be
implemented as stand alone
equipment or as an
integrated unit in large
systems such as ThorGuard
or Thor.
Due to the distributed
intelligence concept the
SMART terminal will continue
to work if the communication is interrupted giving you full
access whether integrated or stand alone.
The terminal provides a large variety of functionality such as
Card database with up to 65,000 active cards, 250 personal
groups, full door control via connected I/O modules
(wireless, push buttons, external readers etc), creation of
door rules, anti pass back etc.
When programming the unit, this can be done locally on the
terminal using the keypad and display or via the
management software.
The housing of the SMART Terminal is hard plastic with
IP45. Combined with the 32 character backlit display it is
suitable for both in and outdoor use.
Reading Technologies
Integrated Systems
The Access Control System is fully integrate able with the
ThorGuard and THOR Intrusion Alarm System.
The SMART terminal acts as a reader for the Access Control
System and as a Remote Keypad for the intrusion alarm
system simultaneously.
The full integration is based on direct communication on the
RS485 system bus, providing a stable environment
preventing false alarms.
Programming and Maintenance
All programming and maintenance can be carried out
directly from the SMART Terminal or using PC based
configuration and management software. The user friendly
software operates on Windows® environment.
Standard Features
• Stand alone or unlimited numbers of SMART
terminals in network based systems
• Terminal with keypad and display for system or
person specific messages
• Built-in reading technology for 125 MHz proximity or
• Dual door functionality: Can control one or two doors
with one or two readers
• Full integration with ThorGuard or THOR intrusion
alarm system
The SMART terminal, can be delivered in several versions
although in the same housing and with the same features.
• Anti pass back with in and out rules, person
counting, car park functionality and others
With the reader built into the SMART Terminal, it will work
with Proximity or Mifare Cards / Tags.
• Lift control, Bank lobby functionality, inter locking
doors, random search and other features
All terminals have an interface for external reader function. A
competitively priced SMART terminal only with keypad and
external reader interface is also available.
• PC based configuration and management software
operating on Windows® environment
Networked Systems
Unlimited number of SMART terminals can be connected in
a global system via modem or TCP/IP connection.
One local network supports up to 900 SMART terminals
using the RS485 system bus technology.
The network consists of system busses where each system
bus supports up to 32 units like SMART terminals, bridges,
intrusion central unit and other interfaces. It is possible to
extend the RS485 using various communication
• Millions of cards supported with 65,000 active cards
• 16,000 free format cards
• 16,000 wireless units for door opening
• 250 access groups using 50 week programs in each
• Door control by week programs, access rules, toggle
function or remotely from management system
technologies like TCP/IP, modem and fiber optics etc.
HI SEC International A/S
Marielundvej 16, DK-2730 Herlev
Phone: +45 44 50 78 00
Website: www.hisec.com
Access Control Terminal
Technical Data
• Unlimited number of Terminals/
900 per network
Card database:
• Millions of cards/ up to 65,000
active cards per network
• h=18.0,w= 10.0,d=3.5
Supply Voltage:
• 9 -30V DC
IP-class (IEC):
• HID Proximity: IP45
Holiday programming:
• 25 holiday periods per year
• Mifare Proximity: IP45
Week program:
• 50 week programs with up to 8
time zones per day
Power Consumption:
• At 12VDC: Typ./Max.
Global Anti Pass-back:
• Up to 16 zones per RS 485 bus
Lift Control:
• 30 floors
Event Log:
• 2,300 Events per Terminal
PIN-Code digit:
• 4 or 6 digits
Door Monitoring:
• Door held
• Terminal for Ext. Reader: IP45
Normal condition 50/80mA
- w/backlight on 90/145mA
- w/heat element on 200/220mA
Part No.: 811103 / HSM ACHP
Access Control Terminal with
built-in HID Proximity Reader
Part No.: 811102 / HSM ACMS
Access Control Terminal with built
in Mifare Sector Reader
Part No.: 811201 / SSM ACMC
Access Control Terminal with
built-in Mifare
Chip ID no. Reader
Part No.: 811100 / HSM ERC
Access Control Terminal for
External Reader
• At 24V DC: Typ./Max.
Normal condition: 30/50mA
- w/backlight on: 50/80mA
- w/heat element on:
Heat element switch temp.:
• 5 to 10°C
• Door forced
Temperature range:
• Without heating: -5 to 60°C
• PIN-Code misuse
• 12V DC w/heating: -15 to 60°C
• Duress code entered
• 24V DC w/heating: -25 to 60°C
Door Control:
• Activation of door 1-99 sec
Humidity (operating):
• 0 - 96% non-condensing
• Opening to warning 1-99 sec
Storage temperature:
• -20 to 60°C
• Duration of warning 0-99 sec
• Time to enter PIN-Code 1-99
• No. of PIN-Code errors 1-99 no
Input/Output Control
• Each terminal can control up to
30 inputs and 30 outputs via
S-ART (input/output module)
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HI SEC International A/S
Marielundvej 16, DK-2730 Herlev
Phone: +45 44 50 78 00
Website: www.hisec.com
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