3 mm `ata - David Link

3 mm `ata - David Link
ct to change without prior notification
C21( )
C19( )
C21D( ) C24D(‘ }
C3D( )
C7D( )
25sheets 25sheets 25sheets 25sheets 25sheets 25sheets
21, fixed 19, fixed 21, all 24, all 21,3 21,7
selectable | selectable | selectable | selectable
450sheets 450sheets 450sheets | 450sheets | 450sheets | 450sheets
360mm 360mm 360mm 360mm 360mm 360mm
(14”) (14”) (14”) (147) (147) (147)
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Window ———
Edge Guide Channel
Control Knob
Binding Handle Binding Mechanism
*Punch Selector is optional. It's only available for
Waste Tray
NIBO models C3D, C7D, C21D, C24D.
1eral Safeguards
ing system on a secure, stable work table to prevent it from
| injury and damage to the unit.
ning the final document.
over be punched with some paper
Choosing the Right Size of Plastic Comb
The NIBO comb binding system is equipped with a built-in Comb Size Selector.
: It helps you choose the right size of plastic contb for your booklet.
Pull out the Comb Size Selector. Pull up its tab, insert your booklet, release the tab.
You will find the indicated size of plastic comb for your need.
After you finish, return the Comb Size Selector to its original position.(Fig. 1)
Inserting and Opening Plastic Comb
The NIBO comb binding system is equipped with a separate comb opening
mechanism. It allows you to collate your punched sheets on the comb while
continuing to punch the pages, thus increasing your productivity and preventing from
any collating mistake.
Put the plastic comb of suitable size into the Binding Mechanism with the open side
facing upward. Pull the Binding Handle toward you to open and secure the comb
as required. (Fig. 2)
Edge Alignment
The Micro Edge Guide allows pages of various sizes to be accurately aligned for the
best punching results.
Turn the knob for the Edge Guide until it stops at the required position. (Fig. 3)
Test punching a scrap sheet and re-adjust the Edge Guide as necessary.
ching Handle in the UPRIGHT start position, align sheets or covers and
dge to be bound into the Punching Channel and ensure they are aligned
O and yours, we recommend you punch max.
Margin Depth Control
The NIBO comb binding system is equipped with a Margin Control Knob for
improved document reading and paper strength.
The Margin Control Knob can be turned either clockwise or counter-clockwise
to suit the size of document being bound. (Fig. 6) Generally a small margin
depth is required for small comb sizes and a larger margin depth is recommended
for larger comb sizes.
Recommended setting:
Depth 2: 6mm, 8mm(1/4", 5/16") Depth 3: 10mm-12mm((3/8" - 1/2")
Depth 4: 14mm-18mm(9/16"- 3/4") Depth 5: 20mm and over (7/8" and over)
Take out the punched sheets from the Punching Channel and position them vertically
in the open comb. Locate the punched holes over the open comb fingers and rotate
the sheets forward onto the comb. (Fig. 7)
When all the punched sheets are loaded onto the plastic comb, release the Binding
Handle to its original position to close the plastic comb completely.
You can now remove the bound booklet and enjoy your finished work. (Fig. 8)
Emptying the Waste Tray |
The NIBO binding system is equipped with a Waste Window to help you check
the waste volume inside the Waste Tray.(Fig. 9)
To clear waste, pull out the Waste Tray from the front side of the machine and empty
it.(Fig. 10) For best results, empty the tray regularly.
Thanks for purchasing the paper shredder.
In order to use them propriately,Please
read the operation manual carefully and
keep it for reference.
David Link
DL-3538 Paper shredder
Operation manual
Exterior structure function:
\ Paper in throat
CD/CC in throat
Power /Stop/ REV + —
Safe touch +—
Clear Window AS
for easy emptying
wastebasket »————— all р
Model DL-3538
Auto-stop by touching the slot Yes
In throat quantity 2
Shred size(mm) 4X20
Shred capacity(A4/709) <b
CD/CC shred size(piece) 3~4
CD/CC shred capacity(PCS) 1
Noise level(dB) <55
Average shred speed(mpm) 2.6
Overheat protect Yes
Throat width(mm) 220
Bin capacity(liters) | 15
Machine size(mm) “ 330X185X385
Net weight(kg) 5.8
Power consumption(W) 150
№ Safe Touch-case security system, (China only) Protection against accidental injury
during paper shredding
E Silence World leading noise control system,noise level is only 55 decibels;
E Over Loading Protection Automatic cut-off and reverse efects paper out of cutters in
case of paper overload;
NM Over Heating Protection Auto-stop when over heating due to extended run time;
H 2-in throats,one for paper and one for CD shredding.
Operation and safety guide:
1.Please check whether the actual voltage is in accordance with rating voltage of machine
before using.
2.The machine is installment-free. User only need to plug into the socket, then press the
power switch, the machine be ready for working if the green lamp lights.
3.The saft-touch indicate light on, and the machine stop working when people touch the
side pieces of conductor of the feeder; whereas the saft-touch indicate light off, and the
machine back to normal.
4.The shredding capacity at a time should be under the rated capaciy so as to prolong the
machine's life-span and overload is not allowed.
5.The machine auto-reverse when feeding over the max shred capacity. At This time,
please clear the papers, then the machine reverts to work normally.
6.The over-heat indicate light on and will stop working automatically when the machine
shreddes continuiously for a period of time. And will back to ready status when the
tempreture is down.
7.The machine assembles the equipment of catoptric infrared sensor, itis verysensitive
to light. Therefore, don't let strong light into the throat.
8.Don't shred cloth, plastic, hard metal etc,Don't roll the clothes, tie, hair into the throat.
9.Before clean the machine cabinet, please turn off the power, then wipe the machine
housing with soft wet cloth with soap water or cleanout solution. Don't let the solution into
the machine and can't use bleaching powder or gas or diluted solution to clean.
10.Please do not let the children approach, touch or use the machine.
11.The full light will on when the receptacle is full. And please dump the scrap immediately.
12.please pull out the plug before dumping the trash, and clean the scrip from the receptacle
by moving the machine cover directely.(this machine is characterised a cover and housing
apart design structure, and has specific safty switch. The machine will power off and stop
working when the cover and the housing apart)And make sure the machine cover back to
the right posision; otherwise, it may not be able to work normally.
13.The cutter group of machine is very sharp. To avoid causing accidental hurt, non-
professional person doesn't disassemble the machine for maintaining. Please contact
related service department or your dealer in case of malfunction.
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