Captiva PowerLED and PWM Dimmer Instructions

Captiva PowerLED and PWM Dimmer Instructions
Captiva PowerLED and PWM Dimmer Instructions
The Captiva PowerLED is an attractive recessed spot with adjustable inner
“eyeball” making the pivoting center perfect to accent artwork, use as a wall
wash, or for general illumination. A fully-functional LED eyeball directs light just
where you need it without compromising overall lumen output. Captiva is an
ideal selection for sloped ceilings commonly found above companionways; the
light may be directed straight down preventing temporary “blinding” as one steps
down to lower living quarters. Captiva’s frosted lens aperture is pleasing to the
eye, eliminating any harsh “hot spots” and making the Captiva the premiere LED
product of choice. A built-in dimmer interface allows for effortless touch-control
dimming using our Captiva PowerLED PWM Dimmer.
Imtra PowerLED Installation
Before beginning, please read these instructions. Verify the ship’s voltage and
obtain the appropriate tools necessary to complete the installation. The wire type
and circuit protection used in the installation of these products should be selected
in accordance with any applicable regulatory standards and codes in order to
provide each unit with its rated power consumption. Using a DVM or oscilloscope,
verify the power at each unit has the correct voltage. Imtra PowerLED products
operate with input voltage of 10-30VDC from breaker panel supplied by ship’s
batteries. Ensure the breaker is turned off before beginning the installation.
Each of these products is designed to dissipate heat generated within the LED
circuit through its integral heatsink/housing. It is important that the unit not be
wrapped in insulation and that it be exposed to open airspace above the ship’s
“headliner”. This allows for proper convection along the unit’s cooling fins and
will assure a junction temperature that will result in maximum life of the LED
• Avoid covering LED fixtures with insulation,
foam or other materials that will prevent
convection or conduction cooling.
• Provide ½” minimum
above fixture.
Ingress Protection
The Captiva PowerLED
has an IP Rating (Ingress
to protect it from ingress of foreign materials and substances that could cause
premature failure. This rating is for “exposed” areas of the fixture, and is not
applicable to the concealed part of the fixtures (i.e. behind the mounting surface).
The space where the fixture is installed must be free from water intrusion.
• Do not submerge lights in water
• Do not install fixtures in compartments that may fill with water
• Ensure proper drainage of areas where fixtures are mounted
• Do not recess fixtures into areas where water may accumulate.
The Captiva PowerLED has three lead wires. The red (pos.) and black (neg.) lines
are for power. The white wire is for the dimmer interface and is to be connected
to the “DIM - out” signal from the Imtra dimmer. If dimming is not to be used, the
“dim” line should be capped and stowed.
*Note: Power provided to the Captiva PowerLED must not go through conventional
dimmers which would affect voltage input. Power must come directly from power
source (i.e. battery, DC power supply).
Limited Warranty
Imtra warrants the light-emitting LSA (LED spotlight assembly) component of
our IML PowerLED spot lights & fixtures for 5 years from the date of purchase. If
the LSA should cease to function within 5 years, return the complete spot light
assembly to Imtra for repair or replacement.
This warranty does not apply to damage resulting from actions of the user such
as misuse, improper wiring/installation, operation outside of specification,
improper maintenance or repair, unauthorized modification, lightning strike or
damage from a power surge.
Wire Color
Positive Lead
Negative Lead
Dim (+)
The trim ring (bezel) of the IML Power LED spot lights are warranted for either
two years (stainless steel or powder coated) or one year (gold or satin-nickel)
depending on the finish of the fixture.
Imtra specifically disclaims any implied warranties or merchantability or fitness
for a specific purpose and will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or
consequential damages. Imtra’s total liability is limited to repair or replacement
of the product.
The warranty set forth above is inclusive and no other warranty, whether written
or oral, is expressed or implied.
Installation Recommendations
Thermal Management
Imtra PowerLED products are designed for extremely long lifetimes (in excess of
35,000 hours of use), which for most boat owners, could exceed the time of boat
ownership. With any power LED based product, thermal management provisions
of the fixture (good design practices) and how it is installed are key to achieving
this long life.
If it should become necessary to return a fixture for service during or beyond
the warranty period, please refer to Imtra’s standard Return Policy as detailed
on Imtra’s website ( or call Imtra customer service at (508) 9957000.
No returns are accepted without a Return Authorization (RA) number.
• Allow for some volume of airspace around fixture to allow convective mechanism to work.
• Provide some airflow in overhead ceiling compartments.
03/2014 v1.00
PWM Dimmer Installation (2 options)
Figure 1 - Imtra PWM Dimmer Wiring Designation
Option 1 (recommended):
Captiva may be dimmed using Imtra’s PowerLED PWM Dimmer module
(P/N ILIM80110). Other powerLED models may also be combined within
the circuit, using this same dimmer. For installation of Imtra PWM
Dimmer, refer to Figure 1 (dimmer wire designation) and Figure 2
(dimming schematic)
Input voltage range is 10-30VDC. The red and black lines are for power.
The Dim-Out (white wire) of the dimmer connects to the Dim-In (white
wire) from Captiva. The grey Dim (-) wire of the dimmer is not used for
Captiva and should be capped off.
Each dimmer supports up to 30 Captivas and/or any combination of
Imtra PowerLED down lights.
Wire Color
Positive Lead
Negative Lead
Dim (+)
Dim (-)
User Input (switch -)
User Input (switch +)
* Not used for Captiva
Imtra PWM Dimming Schematic (one-wire)
For multiple LED units, always connect your wiring using a parallel
circuit to assure each device receives the same voltage.
The dimmer is compatible with any normally-open momentary
pushbutton switch (closure type) control device.
It is recommended that the dimmer module be located within 30’ of
the first control switch (i.e. the yellow and green control wires). This
minimizes the possibility of electromagnetic interference.
Wire the yellow and green wires across this type of switch. The dimmer
supports a 3-way on/off control feature whereby a second (or more)
switch can be used to turn on or off the IML PowerLED.
Figure 2 – Wiring Diagram for
Dimming Multiple Captiva and/or other
These additional momentary pushbutton switches may be wired in
parallel to the yellow and green control lines.
Option 2:
Older versions of Captiva could only be used with the Captiva PowerLED
Dimmer (P/N ILIM80102). If you have this dimmer, it may also be used
with newer versions of Captiva. However you may not combine other
PowerLED models within the same circuit if using this dimmer.
Figure 3 - Captiva Dimmer Wiring Designation
For installation of the Captiva PWM Dimmer, refer to Figure 3 (dimmer
wire designation) and Figure 4 (dimming schematic).
Input voltage range is 10-30VDC. The red and black wires grouped with
the white wire are for power. The Dim-Out (white wire) of the dimmer
connects to the Dim-In (white wire) from the Captiva fixture.
Wire Color
Positive Lead
Negative Lead
Each Dimmer supports up to 50 Captiva PowerLED units.
Dim (+)
The dimmer is compatible with any normally-open momentary
pushbutton switch (closure type) control device.
User Input (switch +)
User Input (switch -)
Refer to above for dimmer location recommendation and for detail on
switch options.
Captiva Dimming Schematic
Dimmer Module
30 Samuel Barnet Boulevard
New Bedford, MA 02745 USA
Telephone: (508) 995-7000
Voltage Supply
(battery, converter, etc.)
Figure 4 – Wiring Diagram for
Dimming Multiple Captiva fixtures
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