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Fire Alarm Aspirating
Sensing Technology
The FAAST range
FAAST 8100e
Next Generation
Aspiration Detection
Detection for
Challenging Environments
3 in 1 Design, Configuration
and Monitoring
FAAST Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing
Technology® is a new Very Early Warning
Fire Detection solution with ground breaking
immunity to false alarms.
FAAST LT extends detection coverage into
areas where standard detection methods
are prone to failure or false alarm, or where
maintenance is difficult.
PipeIQ® – the all-in-one pipe design,
configuration and monitoring software –
guides users through system design and
provides full device configuration and
ongoing system monitoring. PipeIQ® is
included free of charge with FAAST devices.
False alarm immunity with very early warning,
achieving sensitivity of 0.0015% obs/m. Multiple sensitivity
levels available
Dual source sensing technology (blue LED & red IR
laser) to identify and eliminate nuisance particulates from
the detection equation
Unique three-stage filtration includes an aerospacedesigned and patented wing filter to prevent particles
larger than 20 microns from entering the detection
chamber, a replaceable filter to remove particles which
have escaped and multi-angle and multi-wavelength
optics to filter nuisance particles
Internet / IP connectivity enables remote monitoring
and management of the full system from anywhere in the
world through internet browser, smart phone or mobile
device. The detector can also e-mail status notifications to
multiple addresses
All-in-one Pipe IQ software provides an integrated
solution for pipe network layout, system configuration and
Field-proven laser smoke detection providing sensitivity
up to 0.06% obs/m
Achieve full management and control from the panel
Ultrasonic airflow monitoring to reliably detect blocked
sampling pipes in changing environmental conditions
Fast and easy configuration and maintenance in areas
where maintenance is costly or challenging
All-in-one Pipe IQ LT software provides an integrated
solution for pipe network layout, system configuration and
Create simple pipe designs in only a couple of minutes
using Pipe Wizard
Use the Pipe by Pipe Design tool for more complex pipe
networks requiring full customization
Real-time event monitoring and configuration via device’s
onboard Ethernet connection
Access to full current, live device status and historic logs
Provides flexible trend graphs, reports and data storage
Translates device status into graphical format for analysis
(model dependent)
Incorporates a full built-in help guide for quick and easy
Using PipeIQ®, a designer can complete the pipe network
layout, verify hole sizes and sensitivity and obtain a Bill of
Material and Layout Report.
FAAST Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology®
FAAST Delivers
FAAST puts you in control
When very early
warning fire
detection is
The Information You Need
To Protect Your Most Critical
Business Assets
FAAST has one focus. To protect people,
mission critical facilities and high value
assets by sensing the faintest traces of
smoke, in a wide range of challenging
FAAST is a ground breaking
aspirating solution designed
to deliver highly accurate and
discreet early warning fire
Using unique dual vision technology
and intuitive features that allow access
to data from anywhere in the world, the
product outperforms other aspirating
systems on the market.
Intuitive Data
Dual Vision. One Focus.
FAAST provides you with the data you need to manage
your environment. It includes 5 alarm levels, 10 pre-alarm
particulate levels and a 10-level airflow pendulum which
verifies that air is flowing effectively through the pipe
network. It also includes a full range of fault indications.
All of this information can be read quickly and easily on the
device’s intuitive integral display* or through a variety of
remote devices.
FAAST’s dual vision sensing technology uses a blue
LED to detect a wide variety of fires with extremely low
concentrations of smoke and an infrared laser to identify
nuisances (like dust) which can cause false alarms and
downtime. Advanced algorithms interpret signals from both
sources to meet one single focus — to protect your facility,
people and assets with the earliest and most accurate
smoke detection available.
*Multiple language cards available. See Ordering Information.
Dual Vision.
One Focus
Stay Connected
Quick Set-Up
If there is a situation at your facility, you need to know about
it instantly. FAAST’s unique onboard Ethernet interface
enables you to monitor the detector from any Internet
browser, smart phone or mobile device with VPN capability.
You can also configure the detector to deliver e-mail status
updates to appropriate personnel. This means you will be
advised of whatever you need to know to protect your facility
— no matter where you are.
FAAST’s all-in-one system configuration and monitoring
software, PipeIQ®, guides you through initial pipe layout
and system configuration. Once the system is installed, it
enables ongoing configuration and system monitoring from
anywhere in the world, via the Internet, using FAAST’s
onboard Ethernet connection. The PipeIQ® software is
included with FAAST.
FAAST Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology®
Key Features
Detection as precise as 0.0015 %/m obs.
Five alarm levels and two sensitivity modes provide
application flexibility
PipeIQ® software provides intuitive system layout,
configuration and monitoring all in one package
Integral Ethernet interface enables remote monitoring and
e-mail status updates
Fault indictors provide a broad spectrum of events
Unique air flow pendulum graph verifies pipe network
Particulate graph displays subtle environmental changes
for early problem indications
Dual flow detection including both ultrasonic and
electronic sensing for pipe and chamber air flow
A single device protects up to 2,000 square metres
Advanced detection algorithms reject common nuisance
Patented particle separator and fieldreplaceable filter
remove contaminants from the system
Fire detection for the toughest
FAAST LT delivers a flexible
solution for applications
where standard detection
methods are prone to failure
or false alarm.
Designed with the installer and end
user in mind, the device serves a
wide variety of applications where
maintenance is difficult, other smoke
detection methods are inappropriate
due to harsh environments, or areas
where aesthetics matters.
Stay Connected
If there is a situation at your facility, you need to know about
it instantly. FAAST’s unique onboard Ethernet interface
enables you to monitor the detector from anywhere.
FAAST Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology®
Beyond standard methods
of detection
FAAST Applications
Quick Set-Up
FAAST LT’s main focus is applications where standard
detection is not appropriate due to harsh environments,
difficult access, tamper proofing or complex spaces.
PipeIQ® LT the all-in-one system design and configuration
software, guides you through initial pipe layout and system
configuration. Once the system is installed, it enables
ongoing configuration and system monitoring via a USB
Great Indoors
FAAST LT is a reliable and flexible solution for large public
areas like shopping centres, airports, or stadia where
evacuations are complex. It is also ideal for warehouses
where access and maintenance is difficult and standard
detection is not appropriate. The device allows access to
these areas, reducing the cost of maintenance. FAAST LT
also provides an alternative to beam detection where smoke
stratification may occur.
Restricted Access
For areas such as prisons and public spaces where devices
can be tampered with, FAAST LT can be installed outside
of the protected area while air sampling points are located
discreetly within.
Extreme Environments
FAAST LT is suitable for areas such as cold storage facilities
or spaces with high-airflow, and environmental conditions
outside the tolerance of typical fire detection technologies.
The device can be installed in a temperate, easy-to-access
location while sampling points are in the extreme environment.
For different detection strategies choose from single,
dual channel or co-operative detectors
A single device protects up to 2,000 m2
High sensitivity laser optics
Microprocessor controlled laser based optics
delivering highest stability
Ultrasonic flow detection for pipe flow measurement
PipeIQ LT software provides intuitive system layout
and configuration, all in one package
Unique air flow pendulum graph verifies pipe network
USB interface
Fault indictors provide a broad spectrum of events
IP65 rating
Dual channel units have two completely independent
chambers with individual fans, filters, sensors and
Efficient maintenance – filters and optics
Technology for the Toughest
FAAST LT combines proven aspirating detection
technologies and technical design excellence to deliver
reliable smoke detection for the toughest environments.The
device includes high sensitivity laser detectors, ultrasonic
flow sensors, protected electronics and fully independent
chambers to enable the device to reach the highest
sensitivity required for Class C applications, up to 2000m2
and Class A applications up to 150m2.
Ease of Installation and Maintenance
FAAST LT is designed for efficient installation and
maintenance. You do not have to worry about additional items
such as brackets or relays since all of this is provided with
the unit as standard. Sensors and filters are easily accessible
for routine maintenance and an intuitive fault pendulum
display allows rapid problem identification and solving.
Discreet Detection
When aesthetics matter, such as in museums, churches or
mansions, FAAST LT provides a flexible, discreet smoke
detection solution that is nearly invisible to the public. At the
same time, it provides early smoke detection giving more
time to protect high-value items from fire.
Mission Critical *
For environments such as small server rooms, where only
a couple of detection points are required and the loss
of downtime is extremely important, FAAST is the ideal
solution. It provides early smoke detection to help facilities
stay up and running 24/7 and prevents unnecessary
activation of suppression systems.
Single Channel
Dual Channel
*For larger mission critical applications consider using our FAAST product.
FAAST Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology®
Tec Specification
Tec Specification
The FAAST Solution
for Aspirating Detection
The FAAST LT Solution
for Aspirating Detection
Physical Specification
Physical Specification
(including inlets and outlets)
Maximum Single Pipe
33.7 cm
33 cm
12.7 cm
Cable Access
2.54 cm cable entry holes on top and bottom of unit
Wire Gauge
0.5-2.0mm (12-24 AWG)
Maximum Single Pipe Length
Maximum Total Branched Pipe Length
Maximum Air Inlet Holes
36 holes
Maximum Total Branched
Pipe Length
Maximum Air Inlet Holes
Network Outside Pipe Diameter
25 mm
Coverage Area
up to 2000m2
Internal Pipe Diameter
15-21 mm
Sensitivity Range
0.07% obs/m
Sensitivity Range
Sounder outputs
1 per channel
Event Log
0.0015 %/m. obs – 20.5 %/m. obscuration
8 Changeover contacts, 3 AMP, programmable latching or
18,000 events stored
Communication Network
Ethernet monitoring, 6 E-mail address alerts
Terminal blocks: power supply,
relays, sounder outputs, external
input; USB port; buttons (test,
reset, disable)
Shipping Weight
5.26kg includes packing material
Electrical Specification’s
External Supply Voltage
18-30 VDC
Remote Reset Time
External monitor must be pulled low for a minimum of 100 ms
Power Reset
1 sec.
Avg. Operating Current
500 mA @ 24 VDC
650 mA – All relays active, all alarm levels displayed. Voltage @ 24 VDC
Maximum Current Draw
650 mA Voltage at 18 VDC
160m per channel
Smoke Sensor (s)
Optical laser point type
External Supply Voltage
18.5-31.5 V
Remote Reset Time
Power Reset
Avg. Operating Current
1 Channel Device: 170mA @
24 VDC (excluding sounders) 2
Channel Device: 270mA @ 24
VDC (excluding sounders)
Max. Average Operating
1 Channel Device: 360mA @
24 VDC (excluding sounders) 2
Channel Device: 570mA @ 24
VDC (excluding sounders)
Relay Contact Ratings
2.0 A @ 30 VDC, 0.5 A @ 30 VAC
Operating Temperature
Optical laser point type
Humidity Range
10% to 93% (non condensing)
IP Rating
18 per channel
Standard USB cable for Type B
USB connection
Replaceable filter
Fan control
10 programmable speeds
Electrical Specification’s
Product Variants
1 Channel 1
1 Channel 2
2 Channel 2
Environmental Specification’s
Operating Temperature
0°C to 38°C
Sampled Air Temperature
-20°C to 60°C
Humidity Range
10 to 95% (non-condensing)
IP Rating
Coverage Area
Up to 2000sq. m
Air Movement
0-1,219 m/min. (20m s-1)
FAAST Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology®
Tel: +44 (0) 116 246 2000
Fax: +44 (0) 116 246 2300
140 Waterside Road
Hamilton Industrial Park
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