GBC® eWire

GBC® eWire
GBC® eWire™
Technology Brief
GBC eWire
Print, Punch and Bind All Inline
The first fully automated inline binding system
using traditional twin-loop wire binding eliminates
the need for manual binding. The GBC eWire runs
inline with selected Xerox® printers and the GBC
AdvancedPunch™ Pro, so your books are produced
seamlessly – from printing to punching to a
finished wire-bound book.
The GBC eWire is the first fully inline mechanical binding system for
creating twin loop wire-bound booklets. This unique solution combining
the GBC AdvancedPunch Pro and GBC eWire eliminates separate
punching, collating and binding operations so you can initiate a fully
automated workflow with just the touch of a button. And your shop
can create professionally bound documents as quickly and easily as
they can be printed. Whether you’re producing high-end proposals for
professional bids, corporate manuals or general booklets for healthcare,
real estate or legal applications, wire binding provides strong, durable
documents combined with an attractive and professional appearance.
•Combines printing, punching, collating and twin-loop binding into
one integrated process
•Seamlessly connects with a variety of Xerox® production and light
production presses and the GBC AdvancedPunch Pro
•Produces wire-bound applications such as calendars and books
in common sizes including letter and A4
•Provides attractive layflat output for ease of use
•Operates at rated print engine speed for most paper sizes
•Binds a variety of sheet sizes and weights up to 300 gsm
•Enhances your shop’s offerings by enabling seamless production
of wire-bound documents at the touch of a button
•Creates booklets, reports, directories, educational workbooks
and manuals, plus specialty books including cookbooks and
children’s books
•Saves significant time over offline production and reduces labour
costs with an efficient, inline workflow
•Reduces touchpoints and saves on tangled wires and waste
associated with pre-cut wire and cartons
•Twin-loop supply spool can be loaded and unloaded with ease
GBC eWire™
Print, Punch and Bind All Inline
Power Requirements
Punched Sheet Configurations
•115 VAC, 60 Hz
•230 VAC, 50 Hz
Paper Size
Punched Edge
Number of Holes
A4 (297 mm x 210 mm)
•890 mm width
•1,040 mm height
•740 mm depth
Continuous wire spool
Spool Size
390 mm x 166 mm
(diameter x width)
•226 kg
Black, silver, white
Paper Type
Twin-Loop Wire
per spool)
Six wire sizes, 3:1 pitch (3 loops per inch)
•Supports coated and uncoated stocks
A4 books: 34 loops
(Loops and Book Count +/-3%)
Paper Weights
•75-300 gsm
Element Size
Books per Spool (letter)
Max. Document
Thickness (mm)
522 books (7-30 sheets)
325 books (31-50 sheets)
256 books (51-60 sheets)
Bound Book Size
184 books (61-70 sheets)
•7-80 sheets 75 gsm
136 books (71-80 sheets)
Paper Size (min/max)
•Bypass mode up to 330 mm x 488 mm
Note: Sheet capacity based on 75 gsm paper; subtract 8-10 sheets to accommodate
For the eWire to receive and bind punched sheets, the GBC
AdvancedPunch™ Pro with an eWire die set is required in the
total configuration.
Please consult your Xerox Representative for additional information
regarding configurations and supplies.
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