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Portable Display
SpeedCheck™ portable displays are very practical
for day-to-day use. Typically used for short-term
needs, such as responding to school zone speeding
problems, neighborhood complaints, pedestrian
safety needs, construction zones, special events
and weather concerns.
SpeedCheck portable displays are:
Trunk mount
powered with
Car Battery
Hassle Free - The portable units can easily fit in
the trunk of a car and are installed within
minutes. The one-piece display is lightweight at
30 lbs. for easy set-up and take-down.
Very cost effective - You can purchase two
portable displays for the cost of one
SPEEDCHECK trailer-mounted display.
Up to 7 days of operation - you have enough
power for up to a week of daily operation.
Stand mount
powered with
battery pack
Application Example: Protecting Maintenance Crews
City [of Portland] uses signs to slow motorists near roadside work
zones. After reviewing several products, in spring 2004, [Dave]
Fullan decided to begin using signs that monitor car speed by
radar and display the speed digitally.
“The signs set off the motorists' radar detectors, so they think
there may be police enforcement in the area,” says Crew
Supervisor Dave Johnson.
“So slowing often begins long before they even see the signs,
which slows everyone else down significantly. In other cases,
drivers don't realize how fast they are going until they see their
posted speed. The signs work as an effective reminder of the
posted limit.”
SpeedCheck is an Information Display Company Product
10950 SW 5th Avenue Suite-330 Beaverton, Oregon 97005
FAX: 503.626.3417
Portable Display
Trunk Mount with suction cup legs
Trunk and stand-alone kit
Flashing violation alert
Flashing violation alert
SpeedCheck portable 1820 display
SpeedCheck portable 1820 display
Trunk-mount legs
25 foot power cable with 12V plug
Air-release suction cup feet
Battery Box with built-in charger
25 foot power cable with 12V plug
Adjustable mounting Bracket
Collapsible stand with leg locks
Additional features:
• Upgrade to approach-only radar
• Scheduler: set on/off times and display functions by time of day or day of week
• Traffic Analyzer: collects date, time, speed for over 200,000 vehicles
• Sign Controller: wireless remote configuration of speed settings and access to speed
data records
Battery Pack / Charger – includes a built-in
charger; does not include a battery. A 12V
80AH deep-cycle (trolling) battery is
recommended for 7-10 days of operating
time between charges.
(Available at any automotive supply outlet)
Charge Time - will depend on the amount
of usage. For one day of use, it will take a
few hours, for one week of use it will take
24-30 hours to fully charge the battery.
31" x 22 3/4" x 5"; (79 x
58 x 13 cm)
Flip-up Sign:
31" x 19"; (79 x 48 cm)
30 Lbs. (14 kg.)
Digit Height:
18" (46 cm)
Construction: Heavy (11 Gauge)
Welded Aluminum,
Stainless Steel
10 - 16 volts DC
SpeedCheck is an Information Display Company Product
10950 SW 5th Avenue Suite-330 Beaverton, Oregon 97005
Low power - 24.150
GHz (K-band)
FAX: 503.626.3417
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