M22 Pilot Devices
M22 pilot devices
Industrial-grade control and signaling
With a combination of advanced design and
enhanced functionality, the M22 line of 22 mm
IEC pushbuttons is perfect for a wide variety of
global machine control applications. M22 is ideal
for OEMs, end users and system integrators who
value front panel aesthetics, maximum flexibility
and high-quality construction.
Heavy-duty, 22 mm pilot
device line
Aesthetic design increases
perceived machine value
Broad combination of
operator styles
Common back-of-panel
Anti-rotation tab and
central nut mount for
easy installation
Conversion between
momentary and maintained
functionality is easily done
in the field
High environmental ratings to
IP69K for use in high pressure,
high temperature washdown
Secure connections for
both standard and high
vibration environments
Communication connectivity
offered via USB or RJ45
Available in silver, black
or chrome metal bezel
Aesthetic design
The attractive and ergonomic
design of M22 pilot devices
lends itself to both practical
application and appeal. The
operators are shaped to fit
the curve of the hand and
their distinctive design adds
a high perceived value to the
equipment on which they
are mounted.
Durable and safe
When safety is a high priority,
bright, clear color indication
saves lengthy explanations
and enhances machine safety.
All M22 illuminated devices
feature LED bulbs rated to
100,000 hours of continuous
operation (equal to 11.5 years).
They are vibration-proof and
come in five different colors
that match the colors of the
M22 lenses. Matching the LED
bulb color to the lens reinforces
the button’s color saturation and
helps prevent interference
from other light sources.
New metal bezel pushbutton
The M22 line now offers
pilot devices with a metal
bezel option. The new M22M
pushbutton has an elegant
chrome metal bezel that is
attractive, durable and rugged
for heavy-duty environments.
The new M22M
metal bezel pushbutton
Eaton has expanded its flagship
line of M22 pilot devices with
a metal bezel option
The new M22M maintains a low profile to keep panels
compact and adds an elegant high polish chrome finish
to front-of-panel components. M22M models are available
in a wide range of pushbutton styles with flush, extended
and mushroom buttons, potentiometers, joysticks and
selector switches.
Features and benefits
Heavy-duty metal bezel construction
Durable and corrosion-resistant devices
High compression operators that increase
tactile feel during actuation
Modular and configurable design that
complements components within the M22 line
SmartWire-DT connectivity options
For more information, visit:
EATON M22 pilot devices
Front panel aesthetics, maximum
flexibility and high-quality construction
Highly flexible
Pushbuttons and selector
switches are designed with a
simple slide lever that allows
for field conversion from
maintained to momentary or
vice versa. A simple lever or
coding adapter can change the
status of your device, giving
you more flexibility in the field
and less inventory costs at the
Convenient and secure installation
Visit www.eaton.com/M22
for easy-to-follow video
tutorials on this
innovative feature.
The entire line mounts in a
standard 22 mm notched hole,
which is the best assurance
against rotation during
installation and long-term use.
The anti-rotation tab and central
nut mounting on each operator
facilitates installation, even
when the front and back of
the panel are not accessible
Flush with Guard Ring
Momentary (dedicated)
Momentary (dedicated)
Momentary (dedicated)
Maintained or momentary (field convertible)
Maintained or momentary (field convertible)
Maintained or momentary (field convertible)
Illuminated and non-illuminated
Illuminated and non-illuminated
Illuminated and non-illuminated
Thumb Grip
Illuminated and non-illuminated
Two- and three-position
Two-, three- and four-position
Two-, three- and four-position
Maintained or momentary (field convertible)
Maintained or momentary (field convertible)
Maintained or momentary (field convertible)
Standard or conical lens, LED
EATON M22 pilot devices
Continuous or pulsed tone option
All front elements are rated to a minimum
IP66 environmental rating, protecting against
high seas, sprayed water, oil and dirt. Many
standard operators have more stringent IP67
and IP69K ratings, protecting from submersion
and high-pressure/high-temperature washdown
Extensive range for many applications
In addition to a wide array of standard operators, the M22 has special buttons for special
applications. Multi-button operators, joysticks, potentiometers and alarm modules are
part of this comprehensive line. The Eaton M22 series even includes USB and RJ45
connections for communication directly from a panel.
Foot and Palm Switches
These oversized operators
measure almost 4 inches across
and are perfectly suited for
applications requiring repetitive
or non-traditional methods of
human interface such as
the knee or the foot.
They are also ideal for
commercial applications such
as handicapped entrances.
Oversized knob available
Joystick Operator
Multi-Button Non-Illuminated
Extended Reset Actuator
Two- and four-way
Flush or extended
Illuminated and non-illuminated
Bulkhead Interface
For USB and RJ45 connections
Mushroom Head Actuators
Momentary (dedicated)
Maintained or momentary (field convertible)
Broad selection of
Emergency Stops
The M22 line includes 35 mm, 45 mm and 60 mm Emergency Stop buttons with internationally
accepted ‘twist-to-release’ functionality. All are available in both keyed and non-keyed versions;
illuminated and non-illuminated. A unique lighting ring is available for very high visibility applications
where rapid and sure emergency stop activation is critical.
Mechanical Indication
E-Stop with
Miniature Enclosure
Lighted LED Ring
Contact Blocks
Connect an E-Stop actuator to
the body of our Limit Switch for
a miniature, corrosion-resistant
enclosure. The unit is rated to
IP66 and serves the same duty
as a standard E-Stop enclosure,
but without the larger size.
Dual contact block
configuration that
monitors both the
actuation of the
operator and
the connectivity
of the contact block
to the operator.
EATON M22 pilot devices
Designed for SmartWire-DT
The M22 line is designed to work with the new Eaton
SmartWire-DT panel wiring system, which significantly
reduces the time it takes to wire and commission complex
control panels. The addition of a simple crimp-on connector
module to each pilot device makes M22 an integral part of
the panel control scheme.
Wide variety of accessories
The M22 line also has a broad and useful range of accessories
including various enclosures rated as high as IP69K. A large array
of legend plates is also available for quick identification of function.
Master lamp test contact blocks, various diaphragms, shrouds and
plugs add even more functionality to this complete line.
Plugs, Diaphragms
and Shrouds
Telescopic Clips
E-Stop Guard Rings
Contact Blocks
Mounting Ring Tool
Blanking Plugs
Legend Plates
Contact Block Dust Covers
Adapter Ring for 30 mm Holes
LED Resistor and Test Elements
DIN Rail Mounting Adapter
Three bezel options designed
to suit your aesthetic requirements
M22 series of pushbuttons are available in attractive nylon
black or silver and chrome metal bezel. With three bezel
options to pick from, M22 pilot devices offer flexibility in
enhancing aesthetics in front-of-panel components.
Conduit Nut (Cable Guard)
EATON M22 pilot devices
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